Steam Deck + Rising World

  • WOOOO!

    Steam surprisingly announced the (Steampal) device as 'Steam Deck'. Nice! It seems its fairly affordable in three various packages. Standard, medium, and high end with internal SSD. I'm going to go middle route just so I can play Rising World on it, among other games. I can't always rely on my PC, nor can I play games into the late hours as I used to. It be quieter, handle humid weather, etc while my PC howls like a monster. It would wake people up, and I can't VR as I used to, as much as I loved boasting about that. VR is still awesome, but that is beside the point.

    If things go well, it'll be my own Christmas present.

    With this device it shall be interesting to see how Rising World shall be tuned to this. It should run these games no problem (as devs & IGN have said), and it can even be tweaked to your liking. You can use Steam workshops, you can insert external mods, and you can do whatever you want with this gadget. This shall be fun. 8)

    Check the specs:

    If you can't play it on PC, you can play it on this device now. I'm in! I know I could buy a new PC but I just can't. It would take up space, I can't splurge freely. This is a two for one, and it'll allow me to play Rising World among other games :monocle: Just like the Switch, it has gyros allowing us to mine with a pickaxe by nudging the device in a direction. Precision mining ftw heh. It should hopefully allow me to fight bandits and aim properly by aiming the device, using the pads for mouse control, etc. Nothing beats the PC, I however still need this for Rising World, and I bet others do also. Not everybody is rich. I can't openly replace my PC or else I'd be hung (people helping me in my 2020 situation).

    I want to hear Red51's thoughts on this to see how he views this. How he may or may not have to lightly tune things to make things work even better on the Steam Pal device. Its a far bigger beast than the Nintendo Switch ever will be. As much as I love the Switch, it just doesn't do what it should and this fills in that void.


    (On second thought I moved it into discussions because it relates to using this device for Rising World while also not being "news" for the new update. Sorry for the confusion and obnoxiousness.)

  • i saw this yesterday. already got 2 pre ordered

    Not sure how you're able to order 2, unless you've done it through two separate accounts. Scalpers and all. Also, congrats.


    I also just reserved mine. Says it'll be out Q2 2022 for me. We'll see. I was working so I couldn't get mine in earlier.

    Also, silly Mino is silly. Alright....... I placed it there because we were going to play Rising World on it. I'm just going to shrug and move on, I had too much stress to argue about this. I'm half laughing at this. I love how I also deleted the 'rumour' one to place this "up there". I'm not gonna fight this one, I'm too exhausted for that.... I'm just gonna say one more thing and move on.

    I just want my Steam Deck. Seems like I'll be waiting ages for it now waiting till Q2 2022.... I better not. I want mine in December. I'm also worried it may go to my old address, not my current one....... Trying to figure out how to properly access Steam billing, even if I already placed the deposit.

  • yes my wife got one and i got one. i hope it will get her into gaming more.

    Nice. That makes more sense. Well, here is to hoping we shall obtain ours properly in December to have fun. :monocle:

    Seeing how the Switch made things highly accessible I can see it being more of a case with the Steam Deck. It should allow your wife to become more of a gamer, even if its 2-8 hours, or however long her games last on it. If not for games, can use it to put anything else on it. Good luck, and have fun.


    Also, to anybody reading into my Mino moving the thread bit just view it as "drunk humour", but not really. I was having fun in my tired and stressed manner, nothing more.


    I honestly can't wait for the Steam Deck now. I know I have my PC, I know it runs Rising World (while howling), I can't rely on my PC during the nights. If I want to chill at night I need this Steam Deck as to not wake people up with how loud these demanding games run. Who knows what I'll be doing around the time of December...... Maybe I can also run the stupid Train Sim with the Hamilton DLC, and such, without my computer howling. I'm going to be experimenting a lot. Lots of experimenting with Rising World and etc.

    Another friend of mine says he is going to put an emulator on it to put N64 games and such. If I can get access to Perfect Dark I'd play it on there and PC.

    I'm so hyped I can't even contain my excitement. Again, I wish it will release properly. Also, on a funny note you could technically play VR on the Steam Deck, its however not recommended because its not optimized for it. Its not their priority; Mileage will vary.

  • ive always had issues playing n64 games via emulator. not that the emulators dont work but the controls dont feel right. zelda uses the joystick so no other controller feels right to me.

    Fair enough. Coworker said he enjoyed playing the N64 games on the PC because "it was made for it" over the console stuff. I guess. Whatever we can do is to our own taste and I don't know how to reply to that.

    Guess you'll find your sweet spot for those games eventually. I just can't wait to start experimenting. I saw that it won't play the MMO mainstream games (I don't care), just as long as it plays games I'm interested in. I don't care about Apex, and all those always-online games :)

    I hope we can find our place on the Steam Deck. Hope it has screenshot and video mode.

  • I'm still hyped up for the Steam Deck. While playing my socially spawned "guilty pleasure" game called 'She Will Punish Them", I'm still desiring to have the Steam Deck. People from ResetEra are out in force witch hunting both that game and Bloody Spell because they see lewdness in it when its a downplayed thing. Both have actual gameplay in them yet are being shunned because morons want an actual Martial Law nanny state installed. Its partially because of that I want my own handheld to play these games on my own and so my computer doesn't howl at night (as noted over and over again). I want to peacefully enjoy my Steam Deck gaming sessions........


    If you have any questions you can resort to this video. I may need to rewatch this in case I missed any info.

  • Posting this video even though I hate GameXplain, for similar reasons why I hate IGN for their bloated views.


    -30 FPS is just a benchmark, games can do higher and more. They have yet to find a game that actually struggles or suffers.

    - They made sure all parts will last a long time, they however will still fail because that is life.

    - They are aware of Switch comparisons noting this is for the more "serious" crowd. The more serious gamers, though casuals could potentially still play it. You'll know within 10 seconds which device is for you, or so they noted.


    Still tracking all the news. I want to know how well Rising World shall run on it and other games. Its being speculated 'medium' graphics and settings. We shall see. Red51 also noted they haven't obtained any devkits, though may eventually obtain one if available. They want to make Rising World playable on it the best they can.

    Or, to not mince words, just read Red51's response


    Unfortunately it's still a bit difficult to give precise answers regarding Steam Deck, since there are no devkits available for us atm, but in general, it seems to be quite promising. Hardware specs are quite good for a handheld device. RAM and CPU are certainly sufficient for the new version. When it comes to the GPU though, it's a bit difficult to estimate its actual performance. It definitely meets the minimum requirements of RW, this is the only thing I can say about it at this stage.

    We will definitely keep an eye on it and try to get a devkit once they're available. Basically it is our intention to support Steam Deck, but this depends on a few other aspects (mostly on the final performance of the Steam Deck). I hope we can share more information about that in a few months ;)


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