• Hello every one,

    Sorry for my ineptitude, I am an electrical Tech and not much of a programmer. I do know some of what it takes to write code, so I am very grateful for those of you that are writing the plugins. Having said that... Has anyone tried to fix the issue with water yet. Even if it were to find the lowest point in an unbroken stream. I think that it would be awesome to have steams and rivers and waterfalls.

    I hope I am not stepping on any ones toes here.

    Hallo zusammen,
    Entschuldigung für meine Unfähigkeit, ich bin ein Elektrotechniker und kein großer Programmierer. Ich weiß, was es braucht, um Code zu schreiben, daher bin ich denen von Ihnen, die die Plugins schreiben, sehr dankbar. Abgesehen davon ... Hat jemand schon versucht, das Problem mit Wasser zu beheben. Auch wenn es den tiefsten Punkt in einem ununterbrochenen Bach finden sollte. Ich denke, es wäre großartig, Dämpfe und Flüsse und Wasserfälle zu haben.

    Ich hoffe, ich trete hier keinem auf die Zehen.

    P.S. translation performed by google translate.. I really hope that it was translated correctly.:D

  • Rivers etc will come later in the game. It is planned, but we probably have to wait a bit more until it is implemented into the game.

    In the roadmap you can check what is in work/planned/postponed/etc :) For me, very impressing :D


  • its nothing to "fix" as its not broken ;)

    in java there won´t be any update anymore. for unity flowing water is planned but it will be quite some time until it will arrive. until then we will probably get the same static water as in java.

    the problem with water is simply that real flowing water would require each single drop to be calculated over and over again. size, precision, movment, etc. red51 has mentioned something with millions of single drops for just a small pond.

    that would be too much for any current hardware.

    therefore for the moment we have to live with that jelly-water. the flowing water that we will get will be a compromise solution i assume. take minecraft-water as example. i have no deeper knowledge about this but thats how i imagine it for rising world as well.

  • I agree Withe Avanar, calculating each drop would be nearly impossible but using a blocks (or in this situation Blobs) of water might be a better solution. Obviously it will not be exactly like real water but a close approximation. I am glad that it is being considered.

    Thank you all for your responses.

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