Comprehensive list of commands for current version?

  • Hi Folks,
    Can anyone give me a comprehensive list of the command in the game? For example, I see videos of where people take a beam, rotate it in hand. Or where a plank can be given a differing texture.

    Anyway, love the game but the lack of documentation is a bit frustrating.

    Thank you for anyhelp!

  • The rotation isn't a certain command. If you get a plank or beam from the saw bench you can use arrow keys, pgup/dn and shift / rctrl to rotate and resize.
    That's explained in the journal though and if you press F1

    The other textures you can get via command or more easy, and survival fit, via the planks and beams plugin

    Example :

    item beam (texture id) (amount required)

    Item beam 202 1

    Will give you 1 beam with texture 202

  • We've created two Steam guides some time ago about the available console commands and the items in the Java version.

    For getting a construction element with any texture, you can use the command mentioned by Avanar (or the planks 'n beams plugin) ;)

    This part works a bit better in the new version, since all construction elements are available with any texture in the crafting menu (without having to use console commands).

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