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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)
  • If you want to disable collisions in flymode and if you're using permissions on your server, you can set "noclipping" (in the "general" category) to true (either in the default.json, or the particular group permission).

    If you're not using permissions, you can alternatively add the line "Permissions_OverrideNoClipping=True" to the server.properties file ;)

  • thank you. just what I wanted to know. Can Admin just be set up to be able to fly through the world since there is a problem with the admin and group admin settings? I feel the ability for admin would be good for setting underground claims.


    I set

    "noclipping": true,

    in my admin.json file and it does not work for admin permissions even if you makeadmin or if you setplayergroup again

    I also added


    to the end of my server.properties files and that does not work either.

  • Oh... it seems the game does not respect the noclipping permission, instead it just uses the clientside "No Clipping" setting... sorry for the confusion! :saint: So if you want to disable collisions in flymode, you could enable it in the "Miscellaneous" settings (alternatively type "noclip" into console). Unfortunately this cannot be disabled through permissions atm, but we will fix that with the next update!

  • is there a way to restrict the noclip command from the default permission group?

    The command is just executed on the client (it's basically the same as setting the no clip option in the settings menu), so there is no way to prevent players from executing it.

    However, the "noclipping" permission was meant to prevent people from enabling no clipping, but as mentioned, it doesn't work atm :saint:

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