strange vidio bug

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  • I made a small moon at max build altitude (1088 meters), it looks like this

    as you move away you start to see streaks all the way to the ground

    you move even farther away and it looks like this

    and as I said before it goes all the way to the ground

    It is also visible from the ground.

    when you stand under it on the ground you can see it normally.

    I think this also happens in single player. I thought you would like to know.

  • This is caused by the LOD chunks (i.e. distant chunks, depending on the view distance settings): For reasons of performance, they can only represent a heightmap, i.e. no cliffs or overhangs - similar to LOD chunks in the Java version.

    However, sometimes the LOD chunks don't represent the terrain properly (this is causing the issues mentioned by Groovaholic ), and in general, this algorithm still needs some improvements (so flying islands or the moon in your case do not result in those streaks) ;)

  • Thanks red51, This is not disrupting things other then it looks bad. It was something I thought you should look at. It is not quite the same as @Groovaholic is describing, but it has to do with long range rendering like you say. I also experience what @Groovaholic is showing. I see you are aware of the problem and intend on fixing it so I am not worried about it. :) Thanks for responding and shedding some light on the problem.

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