• My suggestion is a tool that will allow in a simple click on a construction element, to modify the texture, the color and/or the texture scale. It would take some UI to specify the value you want.

    This tool would be extremely useful when you want to edit the color or texture of many parts, to create some color variant of a flower (or anything else), you will have to recolor about 100 parts for my roses.

    it would also be very useful for repairing bluprint imported from java. The result of several conversions are perfect, but some bigger buildings need some love and it would be nice to have several tools in the hotbar to quickly fix different elements while progressing in the build

  • Actually this is planned :) This will be a separate edit tool in creative mode. Basically it will work a bit like the current edit console command, but instead of just editing a single element, you will be able to modify multiple construction elements simultaneously (e.g. change their texture, color etc).

    The UI for this is already partly implemented: For example, when typing "edit texture" while looking at a construction element, this brings up a texture dialog. In the upcoming creative mode tool, the same dialog will show up, where you can select the texture you want to replace (left side) and the new texture (right side) with optional color.

    This way it will be quite easy to modify bigger structures without having to edit every single element manually ^^

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