Failed to load Steam Service (GLE 126)

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  • Thanks for the log file! :) So it's about the dedicated server?

    Unfortunately I couldn't find this entry in the server log... where did you see that message exactly? It's a message from Steam, but it's usually not directly related to Rising World. Is there a particular issue you're experiencing with your server, or did you just see the message?

  • The "service_log.txt" is not created by the game, it's created by Steam. It's not necessarily related to the issue you're experiencing.

    I can't load multiplayer unity - 5% and it fails.

    This indicates that probably either the ports are not forwarded, or a firewall / antivirus program blocks the connection. According to the log, you've set up port 4251 for the server, so in this case, you have to forward 4250 and 4251 TCP and UDP.

    You can check if the ports are correctly forwarded and reachable on this site (make sure the server is running when performing the check):

  • If it's loads to 5% it could be your firewall, don't forget to untic the block all even unblocked tic box windows 10 has, it's in firewall settings, also do as. Red said

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    If you want to run a server how about using my AutoServerInstallers go here to download >>>RWAutoServerInstaller for Unity And Java<<<

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :thinking:


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  • looks normal port 4250 is the one that needs to be open, try using localhost <---- as your login ip address assuming the server is on the same pc as your game, does it load fully then ?

  • shouldint it look like 4250-4256 just on the one line ?

    [Rising World]


    [4250-4255 ] (1~65534)


    [Rising World]


    [4250 ] (1~65534)

    [4251 ] (1~65534)

    [4252 ] (1~65534)

    [4253 ] (1~65534)

    [4254 ] (1~65534)

    [4255 ] (1~65534)

    Every router is driffent so don't quote me on this lol

  • regardless of your router settings, you should be able to fully load onto the server using your local ip address or localhost as the ip

    if its still not loading fully then maybe something else is going on, but i always like to test this fist as this will help find what is going on.

  • i see your server in the unity list, are you able to send me the password so i can login and see if it loads for me ? message me it, or turn off the password option and restart the server

  • is your local ip address is your public address local address don't block ports because its within your own home network, but public address do get ports blocked so users cannot

    hack you, i tested your server and indeed you still have some ports blocked for your public address, so your friends cannot connect till you unblock all ports, as posted above, but the good news is we know

    now that the server works, you just need to open it up for the outside world to access it.

    when playing on your own server you also always should use your local ip address over your public address anyway, only people not in your local network use your public address

  • yes you use your own local address if you are on your home network, like at home where your server is setup IE on your own computer or another computer at your home thats connected to the same network,

    think about it as having rooms in your house, each room has a letter box- ip address that ip is called a local ip address because all the rooms are in your house, your house also has a address, this address is called your public address, people out side your house cannot see each room in your house from out side your house, they only have your house address - in this cause they have your public ip address only, to connect to your server that has a local address you need to setup port forwarding in your router, this tells the people outside witch room - address is used inside to contact you, in this case your server, your computer use's the local ip address of so in your router you unblock ports [TCP/UDP] [4250 ] [4251 ] [4252 ] [4253 ] [4254 ] [4255 ] witch looks like you have just about done

    then the router knows that if someone from outside try's to get inside your house using the same ports you have unblocked, that you are in room with the address

    not in another room/computer, as every room/computer has its own local ip address even your phones if they are connected to your wifi have a local ip address

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