[Plugin] RP (Potions , Weapons)

  • I'm learning to code. These are just a small plugin's that are part of a larger plugin i am working on. I figured someone may like to use them.

    Potions: Crafted in the workbench

    There are currently 4 potions:

    Health Potion: adds 50 points to health thirst and hunger

    Hermes Potion: add 75 percent to your sprint speed for 2 minutes

    Day Potion: turns it day

    Night Potion: turns it night

    **Day and Night potions have a 1 hour cool down to prevent spamming

    Weapons: Crafted in the anvil

    There are currently 4 swords and 4 axes (Spears to come!)

    Currently there are 4 variants of each.

    *They are a little over powered atm but would like input for this.

    **Sorry about the icons i will be fixing them.

    Install: unzip the file and copy the Potions or Weapons folder to your plugins folder

    **not sure if they works for linux/mac os?

    will be working on cooking, decor, and economy (perhaps cross server auctions) Plugins in the near future.

  • james1bow

    Changed the title of the thread from “Potions” to “[Plugin] RP (Potions , Weapons)”.

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