Farming Life in Another World

  • I'm loving this anime. If I was playing Minecraft I would be trying to replicate the buildings there, instead I migrated over to Rising World so I'll try building whatever it gives me over in Rising World. It's a very charming anime, if obviously aimed at 'harem', it's however as wholesome as you can get. I'm sharing this Anime here because I'm getting lots of Rising World vibes from it, especially with the world map, and floor plans it provides. Even with how people have been vulgar, arrogant, egoistic, and etc in the Rising World I still want to share the Anime happiness, my own, and to just have fun in Rising World while other people compensate for their idiocies in weird ways.


    Farming Life in Another World:

    After having been given a tough life meant for a sinner, he's been given a redo on his life by being given another chance. He's been given three wishes, all relating to farming. He simply wants to live a happy life, hence the Anime having a loose harem vibe to it. Peaceful, tranquil.


    How it started:

    Find a place to make a base, and what better way than to have a landmark being a giant tree. Make a little cave inside the tree, dig for water, make a pillar, and expands into daily necessity needs. Toilet, orchard, etc.

    - Toilet (I've built walls in this style before).

    - First Home Hut, later given to some mating wolves.



    - How it's going:

    From basic shelter to slightly more advanced buildings still in the Medieval Era type technology.

    Left: Elf House on the left, River further to the left (off image);

    Center: farming area, main living area.

    Right: Orchard & Dog area, & Toilet ???


    'Elf House''

    I'm loving the blueprints they provide allowing me to make use of them in Rising World. Once the modding API is ready I'm also hoping I can import external models as their own NPCs allowing me to have Elves, Booth models of various characters (even ones I already own), and other characters. Even other objects and materials.

    Floor Plan on the 'Elf House'. First floor contains storage on either hands, the second flooring contains their rooms in a hostel type manner.


    In a world that loves being egoistical, or being anti-social, or finding ways to guilt trip, berate people I'm loving this anime for how wholesome it is. I'm sure people can connect this with Harvest Moon, Minecraft, Kingdom, Medieval Engineer, or other farming & building games. When I see these maps & floor plans I see Rising World, and I'm eager to have them placed in my world; Building them from the floorplans provided. I hope we can also obtain NPC Companions, even ones you can import using external models to then have fun in your own world (View 'Tower Unite' NPC feature, and other games using VRM). If anybody wants to have their own take on these "simple" builds then be my guest, surprise me. Show me your style. I'll try to post as much as I can from this Anime, it has many Medieval Era builds that call out to me. I can't wait to get cracking on what I see to have my own touch to it.

    Yes, I admit this Anime may be "too lewd" for some "innocent" folks on here, this is aimed at people who have lost touch in a world filled with fake politics, crazy activism gaslighting people, negativity, idiocy, and people who forgot tradition in general. People seek genuine social interaction, something this Anime shows deep well with how social we are. We are social species, we MUST converse with others, something we're refusing to do more and more as time goes on with "everything is your fault". We are doing everything we can in our world to berate, put down, and be a piece of turd to one another, hence all these growing Isekai genres (some milking the genre) showing flaws of our current society forgetting our roots. I love this anime, and I love how it reminds us to connect with our primal instincts and traditions while also just being our true selves, not our online vulgar selves. When things get too complicated it's always best to go back to the basics, even Nintendo basic fun and entertainment in games. With everything so fake these days it's always good to to go back to the basics with nature, something this Anime reminds people of. The amount of arrogance and egoism I see in the Rising World community, even from regulars, shows that "other people need to touch grass". I've done my fair share of it during my Vancouver trip in July 2022, and even when I had to shovel snow many times. I'm even thankful Red51 shall consider more animal mounts, even Moose mounts.

    As for Rising World itself, I'm waiting for 'Traveling Merchants', and all sorts of NPC types so I can have a lively world. Every game has to play on its own to allow the players to play the other half of the game. It needs to be immersive. I've noted - [My Rising World plans here] - For those curious, some of which even aligns with what this Anime has shown. Every floor plan I see in this Anime I'll try injecting into my world. :monocle:

    Give me all your floor plans!

  • Loving this Anime. Keeps giving me that mixed Minecraft-Rising World vibes on establishing a base of operations, having people join you, and just providing. Finding a nice way to supply that demand. I love how I can get that anime's vibe in Rising World, or shall get bits and pieces with each upcoming update. Each episode of that anime is like an update in Rising World.

    Before (without water reservoir):

    After (with new water reservoir):

    Rice! And the interior altered (without tables) inside the Elf House. View the main posting for the references.

    I genuinely can't wait for when we get NPCs, especially the companion types that can help you farm, mine, combat, terraform, etc. I really REALLY need a terraforming helper. I'll treat them well, even provide them food. I wish we can have companion NPCs so badly, especially when making roadways.

    New map with new progress.

    Japanese styled bath house (floor plan).


    Looks fairly easy to do. I can plop this down into my village side of my settlement once I'm ready. I'll have everything minus the chimney.


    Rising World side:

    My progress on the 'Elf House'.

    - Front (Also WIP with expected alterations.)

    Do note that the stairs are still a placeholder until I settle everything in. I made makeshift stair landings needing a way to get up and down without scaffoldings. This project itself made me poke Red51 for scaffoldings, he said he would "try". I genuinely need scaffoldings, and he shall provide. This project, as simple as it appears, is far more tedious and painstaking than it appears. I had to redo and revert so many times it was a frustrating time trying to get it as accurately as possible. It won't be perfect, it shall be close. The constant changes and tweaks to make it appear faithful is frustrating, if rewarding once correct.

    And I'm genuinely pissed off at the folks on the Rising World Steam forums spamming out videos pretending like they own the joint. One video a day, people need to be more neutral (Vortac and Weem way), and actually be more humble. Times change, and this is why I just want things as honest as they can be. People are pissed off with me and I find that a "them" problem. I'm as honest as they come, and people sadly have skeletons in their closets they need to sort out. We need more people who are "neutral" and "humble". The things people have mocked & denied me on the Steam forums are now being considered by Red51, and I'm sharing this story in other gaming circles at how vulgar people have been. One person laughed at me, I still get the final laugh out of this. Their ego shall be their down fall while I potentially may obtain features one way or another. People in the outside circle praising Red51 more and more. :monocle: Thank you Red51, sorry you have to put up with so much shit. You're awesome and I'll keep trying to make room for my future projects, especially from this anime. I need to pay homage and respect to my escapism for keeping me alive and intellectual in this negative era. :nerd:<3

  • Farming In Another World - Episode 5:

    More floor plans goodies to work with! WOOO!~ And then some other stuff that seems fitting for Rising World. Nice. The bigger building is an enlarged version with more rooms, and even some improvements.

    - Floor 1 -

    ( Bottom left and right are tables, Middle left is main character's room, top left is cellar. Top is eating area, and top right is kitchen. Right side leads out to a BBQ eating area.)

    - Living area

    (Living areas: Left side contains character rooms, hallway, and a "lovey dovey room", something that was "hinted" at yet ignored. Right side is also rooms, if unnoted (???)

    Funny thing is I now have another building type I can spam my worlds with. I think I'll build these more loosely in my world from now on. Thanks, 'Farming Life in Another World'! You're awesome :nerd:

    Oh, and a forge anybody can use and build.

    Relating this over to Rising World is a fun process. I wonder what other sorts of buildings I'll see to make use in Rising World. :monocle:

  • Ive been watching this as it comes out. Its simple and tropey but still enjoyable enough. The light novels arnt quite as wholesome as he`s pretty much doing a lot of the girls.

    Glad at least one person enjoys this. I've finished watching the latest episode last night, yet saddened they stopped sharing floor plans for me to use in Rising World.

    Episode 8 was noted that one of their "babies" should have made an appearance by now, more so in episode 9. Who knows if they shuffled things around. Main character had to even strip after losing a gambling game to three dragons. All the girls wanted to see him strip his boxers.

    At least we have this?

    Everything is expanding smoothly. I agree mangas tend to be naughtier.

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