(Unity) Darkened Sky Hue

  • Well, I stumbled across something strange. Not sure if it's related to me building up my viewing tower up to roughly height 200-ish, my skybox is however broken in some manner. It's always "darkened", as if in a process of lunar eclipse, or something similar.

    Skybox seems to be darker than usual.

    (This first picture also shows me failing to place blocks all in a row. It breaks in the middle and in various places after 160x blocks)

    This is where I actually noticed it..............

    The nightly skybox seems fine?

    Night sky seems fine, it's the daytime. I'm assuming it's something to do with me going up and down the ladder too much. Or I reached a certain height causing a weird mishap (200~ m). I'll fiddle with this more in a bit. I'm burnt out, even falling asleep at my keyboard.

  • Oh, that's weird :wat: Does the issue still persist after restarting the game? I haven't seen this issue before, not sure what could be causing this :thinking:

    If it happens again or if the issue still persists, maybe you could send us a report? To do that, open the console (key ~ or`) and type "report" (maybe add some notes like "sky suddenly darkened" or something like that) ^^

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