Better Farming Tools

  • I'm sure Red51 has better plans, etc on his list. I'm only adding this just because of how tedious it is, and how I unintentionally "yelled" at a user on Steam forums years ago desiring the same thing. I didn't mean to, we however both desired the same thing. We both desire a tool allowing planting in a grid format, even mass farming. Have a tool to harvest in bigger chunks and to plant in bigger chunks. I'm sure Red51 has plans to add in combiners, etc, in his own little touch.

    - Image for Mass-harvesting (too much to gather; 1 at a time).

    - Seeds & saplings to plant, one at a time.

    I'm sure we'll get harvesters, hopefully NPCs. I hope something is considered for mass-farming.

    (Been sitting on this thread for a good few weeks now (17 days over, I guess)

  • Maybe we could train the sheep to mow the grass or lawn to make work easier? :thinking:^^

    Sure, they should 1-up the Minecraft sheep by targeting tall grass.

    I know you're joking, you're making me desire NPC companions, even hirable villagers to work in your farms to obtain food goods. Once we gain settlements there may be a chance we can outsource all our food, except for fish. I would love to do all the fishing myself. :D

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