Small sailboats.

  • Greetings.

    I came up with an idea that could be useful for the game. Thought about it while playing Salt 2, which also features an islandscape world:

    Rising World could have small sailboats as early game vehicles. The reason for these is that rowboats are too slow for island traveling or ocean debraving, and RIBs will require fuel eventually. Moreover, pressing the forward key during all those travels is quite annoying.

    So, this is how these would work: They would be like the rowboat we have, but would feature a sail for its propulsion (duh) as well as a helm for control. The player would interact with the sail directly to rise ond lower it (there will be no key to control it) and them use the helm as its pilot "seat", to steer left and right. With the sail lowered, the boat would automatically go forward, no need for a throttle key for it to move. Under normal conditions, they would be a slower than the RIBs, but faster than the rowboats. However, they would be affected by the direction of the wind, so it goes slower or faster if against or toward the wind. Like the rowboat, they would have a single seat.

    (These piloting details are based on how I believe the sail vehicles will work. Of course, the sailboat should match de devs plan for sailing mechanics, so if they diverge, ignore my appointments.)

    The sailboats would be crafted like its row counterpart, but instead of rows, they would have a "sail" component, consisting of the sail and the helm. Such component would require a little more wood, as well as a decent amount of cloth for the sail. They may or not feature the store compartment, I am not sure.

    That is all about it. What do you think?

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