• Not really a new idea when you take a look at it from a Minecraft mod standpoint, and ARK. I guess even originally the Jurassic Park movie also from the 90's. I wanted to suggest adding fossils into the game, once everything is done of course, for us to mess around with fossils. To collect, to sculpt, and to possibly even bring back to life. Yes, I'm going there.

    I believe it would be interesting to occasionally dig up fossils from various biomes around the RW realm to use as museum pieces, even to tediously bring back to life only through dungeon loot & modern era technology. It be interesting to make a zoo, a Jurassic island, and etc...The typical silliness, with us actually learning from our mistakes this time.

    Why? To ride them as mounts, as an Easteregg type thing, to add small features onto the many, and to extend the fun of Rising World in the late-game. Looking at both the Minecraft mod & the ARK game has me being highly interested in them. I wouldn't hold it against Red if he said no while leaving it to mods. This is just something to add onto the fun of things while still making them quite 'rare' and exotic. Something that would hurt when you lose these dinos, or something to display next to the custom statues I tried suggesting to Red51.

    The fun of it all coming across random digging to then unearth fossils when mining for ore to then display, to extract DNA from them when you're high tech enough, and to raise them from an egg from a baby stage to their adult stage. When they die, they die and you have to restart the process...I guess 'cloning' them back into existence while keeping them rare.

    - TL;DR:

    • Skeleton displays (Animal Crossing: New Leaf style & Pixelmon mod vibe)
    • To bring back to life (Pixelmon, Minecraft dinosaur mod, & ARK)
    • To add extra little fun on the side during the late game for modern age and at the very top of the 'end game' content (ARK & Pixelmon mod vibe)
    • Still very rare that losing a living dinosaur would hurt, yet you can still hunt with them, raise them, and explore with them when you run the fossil DNA through a computer.

    I guess it's more of a mod thing.

  • hmmmmm interesting idea. i would love to be mining or what-have-you, and come across some of these little critters. haa! They could even be beautiful colours to make them more sought after, and appealing. This would also make them look much more attractive in the museum or gallery. haa! A delightful idea friend! I think Red and the folks should definately at least consider this seriously. haa!

  • Having these fossils would be a nice decorational bonus, especially to those that enjoy complaining Minecraft should have had this in vanilla. At the least, I wouldn't mind seriously suggesting this on a fun note that it should be purely decoration in that ACNL manner. Just gather the bones up, clean them up, plaster & copy to replicate them for other museum uses, and stick them together in a museum somewhere. Should be neat. The decoration part should be taken seriously.

    The part that should be taken comically being how you can revive them using lost dungeon technology to bring back a 'rare' dino, even as a mount. Not expecting it, just that it 'might' be fun in the late game of things.

    I'm a resource hoarder & a collector so I'd love to collect more things in this game. I'd love to proudly display whatever loot I get.

  • @ ArcticuKitsu- I'm a collector too. Hoarder of the worst kind! Chests jam packed with absolutely nothing useful. I need to learn that just because i can collect something in this game, i don't have to. haaaa!
    I'm a bit like Jessie Cox on the Skyrim let's play. i walk along with a really solid idea in my mind thinking, "right! This is going to be a really epic build and i'm going to add lo.....ooooooh! Flowers!" then, wheni'm finished, i have no space for the blocks to create the epic build i had in mind, and, when thinking about what i was going to build i go....,".....oh!.." Haa!
    I have no place to complain about MineCraft................because i've never played it. haaa! I've wanted to. Made plans to try it and give it a chance, but............something came along............??? haaaa!

  • (Off-topic: I do recommend playing Minecraft vanilla, just that you'll have to keep an open mind. It is indeed empty in home decoration (yet is nicely populated world wise) still because Mojang prefers to be sloppy, yet it's still great fun. The best part of Minecraft is when you play with your friends, and just your friends on anything. I had my fun in deep survival & mods. When you don't tense up like a spoiled lemming tantrum child then Minecraft can be so much fun with people sadly tensing up like a spoiled lemming child copying other people's opinions. Rising World is the next step, or 5, above Minecraft so I'm having high hopes. Rising World is basically "Feed The Beast", but Skyrim to me in it's nice own high-quality manner.)


    That's exactly it! I hoard anything that pops into my inventory that I need to chest "EVERYTHING!" for that it shall become useful eventually. Dirt, grass, leaves, coal, mushrooms, seeds, and etc. Anything I could pick up would be chested because it had value in my Empire. Amusingly enough, so did dirt. I needed LOADS of dirt to fill in the swamp & desert in both V1 & V3 versions. Dirt is precious. Everything is! I needed to erect a storage building (look in my 'Arcticu City' thread in the media subforum and you'll see this three-part building on the bottom-right in the second posting of attachments)....That building was going to store all the resources on the map throughout the years. That's what I'm going to find myself doing in Rising World.

    Now add this onto the desire to collect & display, and you'll see why I want fossils to dig up, clean, and build into skeleton displays heh. Not something for me either. It's for the other also. Thanks to Minecraft's modding & the Arks: Evolved Survival I now want to ride around on Raptors also in the very late game. Something stupid but something fun we should be able to do for the hell of it.

  • Alright, just to keep this fresh, though not wanting to spam..... I'm seeing more and more screenshots and influences spreading around on the collector side of things.

    Being able to find random fossils and such underground to display in your home, or even a dedicated museum. Vanilla Minecraft is also tapping into this (after modding had done it before) where you can display old relics such as urns, pots & etc.

    If the link breaks I also have images in attachments. I don't want to be annoying, or anything....... Just wanting to share this while its still in front of me so I don't lose it. The charm of these survival games is also displaying your findings, something other 'chill' games have implemented in one manner or another. What I love best about proper indie games and Japanese games is the whole collectors side of things by filling out the gallery mode and archive mode. That's when you know a game is good.

    I miss playing Star Wars Galaxies (MMO) which allowed me to display fish, among other various entities of the resource, material, and biological kind.

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