Latest Changelog 2014-12-03 (Steam Release)

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Now a few days have passed since the game was released on Steam! :) Also we had been very busy dealing with the huge amount of new players and providing support for the game.

    We are also sorry that the update we released together with the Steam launch was not available for the standalone yet. We are more concerned about the fact, that the old launcher was no longer able to connect to our HIVE, resulting in not being able to play the game anymore. This should be fixed now, we're really sorry for the downtime of the standalone!

    ONLY FOR NON-STEAM VERSION: Now the game should be running again! If you still can't login, please delete everything in your game folder with the exception of the "Worlds" subfolder, the "" file and the "risingworld.exe".

    Here is the full changelog of the latest update:


    Changelog 2014-12-03
    -[New] Animals: Pig, Cow, Goat (more will follow)
    -[New] Added 5 new types of flowers
    -[New] New craftingstation: Loom
    -[New] New objects: Two different thrones (wooden and stone throne)
    -[New] New weapon: Morningstar
    -[New] German language supported (unfortunately not working for standalone yet)
    -[New] Added new variation for piano (black wood)
    -[Change] Improved player, chopped tree and item sync in multiplayer
    -[Change] Changed orientation of wood textures, now they are all vertically oriented
    -[Change] Changed recipes, now you craft all kind of furniture and decoration at the sawmill, while crafting all kind of tools and equipment at the workbench
    -[Change] Removed unused entries in context menu when right-clicking on another player
    -[Change] Version is displayed in the main menu now
    -[Bugfix] Chunk generation now works framerate-independet, resulting in faster worldgeneration on most machines (especially when travelling)
    -[Bugfix] Fixed one of the "falling-through-ground"-bugs when all blocks within a chunks were destroyed
    -[Bugfix] Fixed chests not saving their content when quitting the game too quickly after a chest has been modified
    -[Bugfix] Fixed a bug related to player sync in multiplayer, causing other players appearing to lag
    -[Bugfix] Fixed a bug causing the server to save playerdata twice at the same time, which was not necessary
    -[Bugfix] Fixed a bug causing chunks not to load in some cases
    -[Bugfix] Fixed blocks removing too much grass when being placed


    Changelog Bugfix 2014-12-06
    -[Change] When creating a new account ingame (Steam only), you can now use tab correctly
    -[Change] Updated sleeping behaviour of animals
    -[Change] Changed Console key from F12 to ^ (or ` depending on keyboard layout, should be the grave key [the one next to "1"]).
    -[Bugfix] Fixed threadpoolsize (some machines seemed to run the game singlethreaded, resulting in horrible performance)
    -[Bugfix] Added a workaround when starting the game and being unable to connect to the HIVE (Steam only)
    -[Bugfix] Fixed size of thrones (they were far too big, but it was quite a funny issue^^)

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