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  • Hello Guys

    I wonder if there is some script to teleport where I can create points in my world, and teleport players, only restricted the use of Admins?.
    For example I am developing a server that is growing in an orderly manner but stop the player ' s, more "wise guys" created a prison with cells, and when those behaving badly on the server I can teleport you to prison with time, instead of Kicka it. .. or give a Ban ... Would be attractive and cool the way "kind" to punish some players.

    Note it would be possible to block the command in the console goto #spawn? because it would not make sense to have this script with this command active. :)
    I saw that there is a script here on the forum that I'm using but for me it is not clear how to use because instead of you type something like:/teleport (nome_local) you must enter the number always a local order created.

    To be sure, we'd have a script like this, something like the commands below:
    /teleportset [place name] creates the point for transport
    /teleport [place name] goes to the point created.
    Thank you and sorry my bad English!

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