Snow on Saplings

  • Hi
    I have joined a multiplayer server and all went well until today when I tried to plant saplings and flowers. Many tree saplings, including some flowers, have snow on them when
    they're planted. I am in a no snow biomes and the foliage looks ugly with the white spots on them. Can someone enlighten me as to why this is happening. Is it a glitch in the scripting or
    a new change in the game?

    Thanks for any explanation


  • Usually this should only happen in snow regions. However, there is currently an issue with some graphics cards resulting in some ugly flickering (between snow and regular texture), or displaying the wrong texture depending on your view angle. This bug will be solved with the next update, so maybe try it again once the update is available ;)

  • Hi red
    I think I found the problem since I am not experiencing what you are describing above. There is a snowy area beyond the property that
    I am building on and it seems that the area spreads passed the visual snow line by quite a long distance. As you can see on the attachment,
    I am planting, what seems to be on the borderline, the flowers on the left have snow, the ones on the right are normal. Perhaps the regions
    need to be re-defined with closer tolerances surrounding the BIOMES areas.

    Just a thought

  • Hi @Akeel,

    The region you are living in is one of the old parts of the world that has been hit by the biomes update.
    Some chunks were changed into different biomes while other chunks in the same area were left untouched resulting in an almost checkerboard look of biomes mixed into each other (very annoying).
    Unfortunately we cant manually re-define what biome a chunk or region has.

    Which goes to my question,
    @red51 could it be done in real-time or would that require another conversion process every time a chunk has been redefined ?
    Anyway it's just interesting to know the technical aspect of all the possibilities.


  • red51 could it be done in real-time or would that require another conversion process every time a chunk has been redefined ?

    Yes that could be done in real-time. There is not enough time to implement such a command for the upcoming update, but there will be another minor update/bugfix in the next days anyway, maybe we get a command ready until then ;)

    Also the F10 chunk repair function would be cool if it allow for a wider range of chunk fixing or even a one-time chunk fixing "conversion" process would be cool so we wont have to fly chunk per chunk fixing them on a large world.

    Well, unfortunately the F10 repair feature cause a lot of work for the server, and the bigger the affected area, the more the server has to calculate. If the area is too large, it would take a few seconds until it's done, slowing down the server, and on the other hand I'm afraid some people would think the F10 action did not work at all (since there is no instant result), and start spamming F10 for example. Or if someone else is digging in the same area at the same time, but the server needs a few seconds for the F10 cmd, it may introduce some client world desync (the server has always the "correct" world information, but some modifications may get lost or messed up on client side). I guess a conversion tool is the better approach for things like that (but on big servers this may take *a lot* of time).
    But maybe we can increase the range at least a little bit ^^

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