Big Collection of 'How-To' Video Tutorials

  • I've been getting great suggestions from everybody and I've been putting them to use. While I'm learning these new things myself, I hit the record button to share it all with you. I'll post each one here, just to bump the thread with a new video.

    But, to get you started, here you go:

  • These are really helpful videos!

    I'm a total noob, and mostly just want to play in creative. I am finding it hard to find (and memorize the keyboard cmds for any of the building tools. I'm also not able to find a list here. I can see the ones listed in the settings, but those aren't complete. Do you have a list or know where we can find one?

    I thought I knew, for example, how to move the crafting benches. But now I cannot remember the right cmd to pick them up! I can't find anything on that here in the forums. Search doesn't seem to work very well. Or I don't know what to search for!

    Thanks again. I subscribed to your Youtube, have watched a lot already. :thumbsup:

  • Thanks! I finally realized that you have to HOLD the F key while it "picks up" the bench—not just tap it. Having fun. I may compile a list of CMDs. Would it help anyone to have them here?

    BTW—II'm a Mac User. I know... but I like them. F1 and F2 don't work for me. By default those keys open the Spotlight search (sys level cmd). I have disabled that, but I still can't get the cool "help" screen to come up with F1. The one shown in the video with the colorful keyboard instructions. If any other Macusers are around and have a tip I'd appreciate it.

    I should probably re-map the "drop" key away from the Q. I constantly hit that one by mistake.

  • Thank You for the help it has answered many questions I had. It seems I'd better get to chopping those tree's down. :thumbup:

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