Additional Blueprint Features "Placement Mode"

    • Additional Blueprint Features "Placement Mode"

      When you create a blueprint and make one the system for it seems rather easy and I'm not aiming for a harder way for them to be created. What I came here to suggest is an overhaul to the placement of buildings. Please follow my example to better understand.

      Example A: "Placement Mode"
      * Press F1 to access the instructions.
      * Right-click to place but not permanent "Placement Mode."
      * Use the Arrows or Numbers 2,4,6 & 8 to rotate and position the building till you feel comfortable with where it's located.
      * During this the Building should be in "Blueprint Mode" Highlighted in either Red, Blue or Green to indicate the Blueprint is in "Placement Mode."
      * Press "Enter" to Place the building and Finalize "Placement Mode."

      Currently you can only place the building and if you make a mistake you can spend nearly 2-3 hours or more tearing the structure down. It is because of this inconvenience that I suggest a "Placement Mode." One other feature that would benefit others is if signs did not carry over. The reason sign should not carry over is because the signs have a problem of popping up randomly requesting text until you remove them all.
      Anyone have any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
    • What might be easier is to add a confirmation dialogue to the existing process. Once "placed" you can walk around as you wish but a message on the bottom will remain asking you to "presss Enter to confirm or Esc to cancel" a yes/no box you click may also work but it may also take up too much of the screen and block your view of the change. My only issue with the idea of showing the objects in a certain color instead of its final form is that it still doesnt show it in its final rendered state. Showing the final form before confirmation should remove any remaining uncertainty about placement.

      Eventually it would be nice to see more mouse driven toolbars worked into the UI that are event driven. And customizable on their position (cause some of us dont like the hotbar in the top right and whatnot).
    • Well, if my suspicion is correct then once scalable blocks are implemented the blocks placement will automatically convert blocks into construction objects. So there should be no more limitation with rotation. Red could also go back and fix the issue of how block information is stored. But moving forward with blocks as construction objects might be a better solution in the long run.
    • Chrisx84 wrote:

      rotation of blocks would be great, but can already do all of that with blocks and objects (except for rotation for blocks)
      just left click the bp build first to set it and use the arrows and plus & negative buttons to move, holding shift and arrows rotates objects like tables and barrels.

      We can't move buildings around in "BluePrint Mode" What I am suggesting is an overhaul as several of the features aren't even listed in the instructions. For example as of recently I have learned that we can make "Blueprints" of objects not pertaining to blocks, planks or even beams. What this "Placement Mode" will do is: 1: Allow you to know whether you have placed the object/building as to which is not currently available in the GUI Instructions. 2: Having you be able to place but not place a building and being able to rotate the building on its X, Z Axis will give us a cleaner smooth transition between point A and Point B as to which it is placed. 3: Currently there is no way to cancel "Blueprint/ Placement Mode." Adding an option to press "Esc" to cancel the placement of such objects can reduce time deconstruction if mistakes are made.

      Some People like to play the game in survival only but want to transfer their house from a previous world. If they go to place the house is there bam, in your face rather than giving you a view distance. Having the advantage to place said object and rotate it possibly move right, left forward, backward by "Shift + Arrow Keys" can reduce the risk of big mistakes such as placing a house 90 ft. above your head. I have seen some huge mistakes with this "Blueprint Mode" and I believe it could use a bit of help rather than spending a week tearing down a floating castle that thought it would be cool to place above your head. Again Just a thought. Have a nice day, hope you all are doing great check you later :)
    • Blueprint placement is indeed rather user-hostile currently. In fact a much more usable method is already in place for plank/beam placement. (aka New Construction System) and would make sense to apply it to blueprints too.

      Most of @ArcaneDesmond suggestions are already implemented in it:

      *) [RCtrl] to turn fixed mode on/off (currently blueprint fixed mode, once turned on, cannot be turned off)
      *) Movement in 3D with [Arrows] (with configurable steps via setr/l/p)

      Rotations are not implemented in plank/beam fixed mode placement (incidentally, why?) but, as resizing might not apply to blueprints, [Shift]+[Arrows] could be used for rotations in blueprint placements.

      OR, even better: movement, sizing and rotations could (assumed to) be implemented in all modes -- free mode, grid mode, fixed mode -- for both plank/beams and blueprints and a consistent set of short-cuts could be used for all of them (I still believe that right now default short-cuts are not very consistent, see this post of mines about why this is important).

      The various modes for the various types of elements may be implemented over time, but the short-cuts could be planned to be consistent right now.


      In fact, most of what I describe above is already implemented in blueprint placement, at least for blueprints not including any block. The possibility to turn off fixed mode and a more consistent set of keyboard short-cuts would still be useful, though.
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    • @Miwarre Again I'm not sure if anyone is recognizing "Blocks Vs. Planks, Beams & Said Object.[/b]" If you make a Blueprint [/b]of a Grill sure you can move it in any direction as you please. When it comes to Houses built out of Blocks [/b]you got one option & it's to place it. What if I want my backdoor to face the lake, pond or I want a forest in my backyard? For some reason or another when you make a Blueprint[/b] it has a Cardinal Direction as one would find upon a compass. When you go to place the Blueprint [/b]Home you have no choice in the matter as to which way the house will face. Even the directions for Blueprinting [/b][/b]are a bit weird. I don't want this post to sound like I'm whining about the game as I love it as a lot of us already do. What I'm asking for is a fix so my backyard isn't going to be my front and or side yard.
    • This is why I said: "at least for blueprints not including any block".

      As @red51 pointed out in various occasions, this is a limitations with current block implementation, not with blueprints per se. I assume that, once blocks will be more freely manipulable, as announced, blueprints which include blocks will be more freely manipulable as well.
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