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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    actualluy I'm making EffNet its loosely based on Vornet, so if you want to butt heads and collaborate its up to you.

    got a repo for the source code? And if your making a rip of VorNet then i guess i can stop deving and let you take over the name. I do have alot to do with opensim.

    Welcome back Chrisx84 IDK what happend before as i was away at that time but trust me a lot of users realy missed you including me, when ever you feel like leaving us please do have a chat to me before you flee ill talk you out of it lol anyway awesome to see you back :-D

    deal, add me back on steam homie.

    ty all for the kind words, sorry for rage quitting like i did.
    I come today to make you all very happy.

    I am working on the java version of VorNet.
    Only thing that wont be in the java version is the area trigger thingy i did sorry.
    I do that in hopes that someone else would make something like that for all servers.

    Anyways came to say that and im sorry for my behavior. Off to code for me.

    Due to people spreading lies about me to cause drama i have decided to clean out my steam friends list, delete the vornet repository, delete the website, uninstall rising world and leave the community for good.
    good luck with the game.
    time for me to peace out to get a better life.

    i see whats wrong, its in your file
    change the following

    info_group: Level1
    info_chatsuffix: (Level1)
    info_shownametag: true


    group: Level1
    nametagsuffix: (Level1)
    shownametag: true

    and restart the server. always restart after making changes to all files.

    need to set the players to that group
    open console and do setplayergroup theirname Level1

    Example: setplayergroup Chrisx84 Level1

    Also gotta set it in the config as the default group, Since your first level permission file is Level1.permissions the first L always has to be capital in both the console command and in the config

    Open and change

    Mhh... I barely have fps problems. I still think AMD is the culprit.

    oh for sure. AMD is the worse video card to have. Nvidia really knows how to make video cards.
    Like i said before the only time i get crappy fps is in the forest biome on a Nvidia GTX 750 but i think why the forest lags me is because my card is only a 1 GB ram.

    hope u dont think i work for red because i don't.
    as for your fps issue, mine drop to when theres alot of trees in my camera view such as a forest and i got a GTX 750.
    If you dont want fps lag then all i can suggest is paying out the butt for a high end gaming video card.
    If you cant afford one then just do what i do and put up with the crappy fps.

    Json is not a markup language but then again neither is xml.

    I hope that some journal access will come eventually to the api. I imagine we will be writing scripts to auto update the journal content (new missions, hand-drawn map, saved screenshots, and personal notes).

    be great to be able to do custom quests

    I will gladly leave the creation of mods to the coders. What I meant earlier was contacting the mod devs, and staff over at Curse. These guys really know what they are doing. When the new API is released they will look into it. A few modders from Curse and the Minecraft Forums are interested in this new API and how much flexibility it can add for modding. The decision for rewriting their mods much like Team CoFH and several others say it's not likely to add technical mods until some type of energy is added to the game. Personally I have no problem with anyone making mods, in fact I encourage it. @Chrisx84 I am willing to bet would be among the first to make a windmill move of it's own accord using the animations added by this new API. @Miwarre I can see enhancing her GPS mod to do a multitude of things, maybe add beacons through use of animations and other technical aspects. No longer will you need to get lost if a beacon from 10,000 blocks away can display your home coords in the distance. Portals can be enhanced to take you to a flat dimension basically stitching 2 separate worlds. One for Mining, and one for building, having fun and enjoying the game. I messaged the makers of Buildcraft and they said the same thing as TeamCoFH the game needs a power source before they can start on anything. I for one am really looking forward to trying out everyone's mods. I'll even do show casings on them :)

    thnx for thinking i can make a windmill move but im actually leaving all the movement to someone else who dares to take the challenge. im just looking forward to being able to copy and paste blocks with world edit like we can do in minecraft with their world edit system.

    I was afraid you all would say its a syntax error :( Heres the journal.xml

    Btw why xml and not json for the server notes?

    she posted for me because i havn't posted about the issue yet as im still trying to figure out what went wrong.
    the journal.xml is on the server and the server has restarted multiple times but the journal.xml still wont load up in game and im trying to figure out why but any help from you red would be great.
    i used and gave kensi a copy of the journal.xml you posted in another topic thread so i am still abit puzzeled as to why it wont load.

    hi i'm the dumb(beep) who made vornet and i'm about to say something that all of you was not expecting me to say.

    I love and prefer the barter system more than money system

    There i said it. Screenshot it if you want because i won't say that again.

    Why did i just say that knowing it could hurt VorNet?
    Well look at how greedy people have become in real life and price of everything keeps going up.
    I live poor, i work for peanuts and will most likely die with a zero balance in my bank.
    That's the way i rather live because life is about having fun and enjoying life, not how much money you can collect before you die.
    Yea it be nice to be able to HAVE a high end gaming PC with 6 monitors but i don't need it.
    What i need is food and a roof over my head for when it rains and a warm bed for the winter time.
    That's all my native ancestors did before the british came to Canada and they enjoyed life.

    As for this game having a money system. I think that should be a option for server owners, i will always have money in VorNet and as always everything in my system is optional and configurable but i prefer a "i'll give you copper for iron" kind of system.

    well character models first over the java api. Sorry but im tired of seeing the face of my ex all the time in the game xD
    no joke, the default character for us right now looks like my ex bf.

    Ok so where your server is, the whole folder structure should look like this.

    • cache
    • lib
    • Logs
    • permissions
    • scripts

      • admin-tools-master
      • AreaProtection

        • Groups
        • listener

          • commandListener.lua
          • playerListener.lua

        • areapro.lua
        • definition.xml

    • Worlds
    • server.jar

    So just copy everything from the AreaProtection2.0 zip file (after unzipping it) and put the main AP folder as i have demonstrated above into your server.

    ya i am. the who where theres a maze, graveyard and parkour that im featured in is called LEVELUP and was filmed probably like a month ago. I remember those two and that day, totally was a shocker to find out the two noobs was actually yogcast. Im seriously sitting at my desk kicking my own butt right now. Duncan has always been my fav.