An ominous feeling

  • So I noticed a few weeks back then when you get close to hell, a little ways above the hellstone layer, that you start to hear a heartbeat. This addition seems to be new (possibly snuck in with the second to latest update). It's a good idea as is an indicator that something bad is near. A long time ago when we were talking about how to find dungeons, I suggested a kind of ominous sound, similar to in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, that lets you know danger is near. I'm not sure if this was the inspiration behind the heartbeat sound near hell but it certainly is an effective tool. Perhaps something like this can be implemented to help us locate dungeons if one happens to be behind a wall of a dungeon. I think Red hinted that dungeons will have discover-able entrances and not quite obscure as the strongholds in Minecraft. Still, it would be nice to have some kind of indicator. I was thinking of a "evil detector" that works similar to the ore detector but honestly, I like the idea of implementing the heartbeat sound for when you are close. If the sound is directional, maybe it will help us locate the general direction and we can start mining towards it.

  • True, that's the intention behind the heartbeat. It actually accelerates the closer you get to hell* :)
    It's also somewhat realistic as you'd start to hear your bodily sounds much more intensely in a high-pressure, underground environment.

    Don't worry, there will be terrifying audio for foes both under and above ground :D

    *but doesn't stop yet when you die, maybe that's a feature, too?

  • I was unaware of this affect as you go underground. But I have personally observed it when I go to work at the office and all the crazy stuff happens. I love the attention to realism. Perhaps one day there will be an office in hell. I figure it would be an opportunity for us IT guys to prepare for the afterlife! :thumbsup:

    Maybe the heartbeat after you die in hell is a feature. I imagine that if I respawned after being in such a scary place then i would take a while to calm down. Hell, it takes me a few hours to calm down after driving home.

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