• Do I have to create the config file ? ANSWER YES just like the example in the plugin TP directory with the JAR file

    Also if TP is off on the server does it work? (Yes to this) I really dont want people moving through walls and I need to turn off the point one

    Answered my own question with testing for others.

  • I don't really see the benefit from hiding the list of points every one is allowed to teleport to ?(
    The plugin should only create a new port list file if no one exists for the current world.

    Well it is sort of a an exploration capability for players. If they put their home or special waypoints they found then everyone would find them. It is the PVP RPG type of playing that I am promoting. The home routine kept interfering with other things and it is not like a private list of exploration of the map.

  • I like this routine and have been using it allot. Lately though the /tp list is always errors saying no such point. If I put in a /tp 12 or number a couple of times it finally resets and shows the points .. is there way to make it recognize the key word list more regularly so that new players can find the points? Maybe the use of a combined word would work like /tplist.. not sure .

  • First of all: are you using the latest version of the plugin? If not try using the updated one.
    Concerning the occuring errors: what errors do exactly occur? Is there some error message written in the console or something similar?

    It is not an error other than it will not show the list. It says point not found or something like that. It is as if it thinks list is one of the TP points by name.

  • I really don't know where your problem is coming from... Seems like you are the only one experiencing this problem. Maybe you are using a kind of non-standard keyboard layout so that you are writing "/tp list" but it does not match "/tp list" I'm comparing it to in the plugin?

  • I really don't know where your problem is coming from... Seems like you are the only one experiencing this problem. Maybe you are using a kind of non-standard keyboard layout so that you are writing "/tp list" but it does not match "/tp list" I'm comparing it to in the plugin?

    No, I use a standard US Keyboard and everyone including Germans say they have betterluck to use the numbers. I put them in the journal for reference. It is hit or miss. It could be another routine that is messing with it. I have iConomy, ABM, Area Protection, Aktivesign.cookingtimer and autolevel running. It just says that the point is not found when you type /tp list so it is not capturing that. The /tp # works everytime. It is probably in the name capture area jumps to that first prior to seeing/capturing list routine. The /tp help works everytime.

    The attached screenshot shows the error returned in the top.. No such point when you type /tp list. Less than 10% of the time it works. Sometimes if you do help first then /tp list it works. Sometimes if you type /tp <number> , running the routine then type /tp list it works. Again I suspect the routine is not parsing the list first and always independent of the actual named system routine. You might just have to do capture for list it in the nameroutine. I dont know how you are routing or capturing the split command the commands so I have not idea. Just a thought possibly /tplist as one command might be better and more reliable so it does not look like a TP point to the routine.

  • As I already mentioned, you (your server) seems to be the only one who has this problem. So it is most likely that the problem is not with my plugin but with your setup, e.g. interference with other plugins. Please try whether it is running correctly if you remove all the other plugins temporarily.

    Just in case you still think the problem is with the plugin itself: I don't know how advanced your programming skills are, but here is a bit of a Java pseudocode that demonstrates how my plugin handles the commands entered into the command line:

  • Not a programmer but intend to learn java. it spent twenty years working with programmers to make machine automation work and guide advancements. But enough on my inadequacy to tell you that the routine is not catching the list term. It finds the help just fine.

    I have seen that split command in other code and as I told you help works every time. It is the list that is not executed. The suggestion was to make it a standalone command instead but I don’t know your other structure or how you trap and jump to the list but if it jumps to to not found. It is not trapping it consistently.

    I will be glad to destroy my server to test your routine and load and unload the databases so players don’t lose their hard work. But that may take a few weeks.

    This is the testing Alpha environment and if you want to just say this is an isolated affair and your program will not function properly on every server you have every right. It is your copy right.

    It was feedback and I hope you take it as such. Sorry for the both of us if it never figures to work consistently on every commercial server.

    There should be a standard published by the developer to guide plugin devs. Maybe there is.

    In any case I published a workaround in the journal because of the inconsistency and seems people can live with the workaround so if fixing it is not important enough we can go on with our lives

  • Of course it is intended to run on every server. But it is impossible for me to test my plugin in combination with all other plugins. What I can tell you is that my plugin runs faultlessly locally on my machine as well as on all the other servers and single player machines that utilize this plugin. Therefore it is just noch senseful to push out an update which changes the syntax of the tp command (from tp list to tplist) for every single player who downloads this update just because there is one guy who has another plugin installed on his server which seems to interfere with mine.
    If you are so nuts on the tplist an believe this might fix your problem (what might indeed be true), I can send you an altered version that uses tplist instead of tp list.

    Please just look at it from my point of view: I have programmed a plugin. It is running on quite a lot of servers without any problems. Now there is that one guy for whom it is not working. There is no real error occuring. It is most likely that another of your plugins is interfering with mine. How should I fix that?
    If one of your other plugins is listening for tp commands or just for anything that contains the word list or even something totall different - I cannot stop it from doing so. Therefore you just have to try out to deactivate one plugin after another to see which one the interfering one is.

    Hint: please try installing the plugin on your local machine. You will see that in single player mode it works faultlessly. And that's because you have no other plugins installed there (assuming you have none installed on your local machine)

  • Don't worry about it. It is the old typical IT one system down or many down priority. It is your program you do what you want.

    If you are so inclined look at the sequence of when you call the List routine and see if it is before or after the command for going to the list and executing. Are you looking for named TPs before or after list call so it thinks it is a location? I have done this with two different computers from two different locations and keyboards with similar results. I do not see how another plugin would be changing the way you listen and execute on the list after your /tp wakeup. I am not inclined to do allot of work looking deeper if you are not interested and would only say dont run somebody else's routine that my users might find important. It is one big test at this point. I already have to manually edit iConomy database so that it works for my users and I can test the functionality of Aktivesigns for PatrickBronke.

    The fact that it is inconsitent points to some parsing error or routine timing in my opinion but you are the programmer and if it is not worth it .. I said I had a workaround fix in the journal that my users are happy with

    That split command routine is using space as a delimiter. Maybe the listener is passing multiple spaces and you may not using the + to catch multiple spaces. I dont know enough about it to guess at this point. So I was just suggesting since the list is a key part of how the plugin in presented to the users.

    It could be that somehow a space is being delivered after or before the "list" causing a multiple delimiters or one at the end as part of the string. I would have thought that be ignored but who knows. I try to be very deliberate next time I test it.

    Happy Memorial Day. ^^

    PS sorry I did not see the expanded code.. so forgive me for comments in that area.

  • Ok I think I just figured it out. The if else is not ignoring trailing spaces. This is an operator input type issue. Normal touch typing would be to push a space after the list. A trailing space will cause the routine to jump the /tp list line. Not sure how to use trim to do that in your command line. Sort of an ergonomic thing here. So thanks for the diligence and patience with me.

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