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    Is there possably a way the source code could be opened up so someone else could pick up where you left off?

    I think everyone who would want to continue this project could simply decompile it. Since I have not obfuscated the code or something like that the results should also be totally usuable.

    hi there my names aly from scotland ive used your car plugin for a while now thank you for making it it was the very first plugin i ever used its great and ive learned how to add more cars and change there settings but i am unsure about the part where you mention adding options to the config.txt file ?(
    ,i wanted to experiment with the .. ( physics true/false use physics? ).. and it says add it to the config.txt file but do you mean the one for rising world itself i know where that file is its in risingworld in the steam folder ive used that before or do you mean adding a new config.txt file specificaly for in the simplecar plugin folder itself ? sorry to seem a bit dim lol could you explain wich one it is and how i should create the entry in either case thanks in advance for any help and thank you again for the plugins you have made best wishes from aly :thumbup:

    Hi, nice to hear you enjoy this plugin! Frankly speaking I am (sadly) no longer activly developing plugins due to time issues.
    Anyway, the Config.txt shall be placed in the SimpleCar plugin folder. The entries should be written to it line by line in the form property:value.
    Hope that helps.
    Best regards

    Hi community,
    I just updated the plugin to version v1.3.3.
    A button was added as a secondary option to close the /tp list GUI.
    Furthermore, a config option listenforkeyinputfalse was added as wished by @Minotorious, which, when set to false, prevents the plugin from calling player.setListenForKeyInput(false); after the list GUI was closed, in order to prevent interference with some other plugins.

    Of course it is intended to run on every server. But it is impossible for me to test my plugin in combination with all other plugins. What I can tell you is that my plugin runs faultlessly locally on my machine as well as on all the other servers and single player machines that utilize this plugin. Therefore it is just noch senseful to push out an update which changes the syntax of the tp command (from tp list to tplist) for every single player who downloads this update just because there is one guy who has another plugin installed on his server which seems to interfere with mine.
    If you are so nuts on the tplist an believe this might fix your problem (what might indeed be true), I can send you an altered version that uses tplist instead of tp list.

    Please just look at it from my point of view: I have programmed a plugin. It is running on quite a lot of servers without any problems. Now there is that one guy for whom it is not working. There is no real error occuring. It is most likely that another of your plugins is interfering with mine. How should I fix that?
    If one of your other plugins is listening for tp commands or just for anything that contains the word list or even something totall different - I cannot stop it from doing so. Therefore you just have to try out to deactivate one plugin after another to see which one the interfering one is.

    Hint: please try installing the plugin on your local machine. You will see that in single player mode it works faultlessly. And that's because you have no other plugins installed there (assuming you have none installed on your local machine)

    As I already mentioned, you (your server) seems to be the only one who has this problem. So it is most likely that the problem is not with my plugin but with your setup, e.g. interference with other plugins. Please try whether it is running correctly if you remove all the other plugins temporarily.

    Just in case you still think the problem is with the plugin itself: I don't know how advanced your programming skills are, but here is a bit of a Java pseudocode that demonstrates how my plugin handles the commands entered into the command line:

    I really don't know where your problem is coming from... Seems like you are the only one experiencing this problem. Maybe you are using a kind of non-standard keyboard layout so that you are writing "/tp list" but it does not match "/tp list" I'm comparing it to in the plugin?

    First of all: are you using the latest version of the plugin? If not try using the updated one.
    Concerning the occuring errors: what errors do exactly occur? Is there some error message written in the console or something similar?

    Anyway to make the list private instead of public?

    Also sometimes the /TP List say not port.. my server makes a list file... maybe different name

    I don't really see the benefit from hiding the list of points every one is allowed to teleport to ?(

    The plugin should only create a new port list file if no one exists for the current world.

    Ich hab das ganze Mal bei mir ausprobiert, konnte den Fehler aber nicht reproduzieren, hab aber auch nur einen lokalen Spieler, für den ich als Admin den Homepunkt gesetzt und mich dann zu dessen Homepunkt teleportiert hab... Hab auch extra nochmals den Code durchschaut, eigentlich sollte so was nicht passieren ?(

    Jedes mal, wenn ich ein Home-Punkt setzt, werde ich 1 Stock zu hoch platziert!
    Bitte Prüfen.

    Was für ein Stock meinst du? Und wann tritt der Fehler auf: beim setzen des Punktes oder beim dahin teleportieren oder bei beidem?

    Hi community,

    I updated the HomePoint plugin to version 1.0.1. It should be secure now because I switched from using the player's name to using the player's unique id for saving the HomePoints.

    It's still possible to set your home point to a specific point; Probably I will add a config file to set permissions in the future.


    I like the way this works but 2 suggestions. It needs a way to turn off the mark once you are finished and how about adding a command like /measure x,y,z:x,y,z so we can manually add the coordinates we want to measure.

    also when I set a mark and measure it. then I log out to get rid of the mark. when I log back in and press my tab button to see who is on, everything freezes, it seems. The tab screen doesn't go away and I had to hard boot my computer to get controle again.

    this happened on both my single player and my multiplayer server that is rented. had to remove for this reason. If this can be fixed I would love to reinstall the updated version. I think this could be a valuable tool.

    Just added command to remove the setted mark.

    Its totally to measure the distance between two points (see description).

    I do not experience the issue with the tab button ?( Probably you are using some other plugins which interfere with this one?

    Decided to add two new commands:

    /measure setmark
    Sets mark to players position

    /measure rmmark
    Removes mark if one was set

    New version is v1.1.2