Custom Music in Singleplayer/Servers

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    • Custom Music in Singleplayer/Servers

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      I would like to suggest a way to import/upload custom music in either OGG format or MIDI format or simply an online radio. I also have a few ways this could be implemented:
      1. Local Music, Jukebox
      2. Server Radio,
      3. New music player located in either Journal or as a utility, and if a utility new item: music cassette (more iconic for mixtape than a CD)
      4. If MIDI, be able to insert it into a piano
      5. Or just support custom playlists from radio websites like Pandora without the need to import audio files.

      1. A jukebox could be added that people could hear only when they are a certain distance or closer to it. The distance, max uploads, and max file size can be set in the permissions file. When you interact with the jukebox, a GUI pops up with a few things to note:
        1. One tab to select the music to play. On the left it has categories, and on the right it has the audio in the selected category. On the bottom it has the buttons (from left to right): Shuffle On/Off, Play All/1, Play/Pause, Stop, and Loop (Loops either the 1 song or category depending on the second button)
        2. Another tab to import/upload music. This looks similar to the custom image GUI. On the left you have: A category drop-down menu, a filter, a button that says "Upload Audio", a button that says "Delete Audio", and a button that says "Set Category..." On the right you have 2 arrows left and right, and in the middle of those arrows you can either have no image, an icon which is the same for all audio, or the name of the audio file. You'll also have a "Use Audio" button underneath.
      2. A server radio that the owner sets up with his/her own audio files. A server can have its own radio stations that users can choose to tune in to or turn off. If a player wants a specific song, they can't upload it but they can request it. The Journal can be the place where you can select the station that you want to tune in to or turn off. Of course, keeping to the idea of a radio, a player can't change the music, and who can change the music of one of the stations is set in the config (Nobody-0, Just Owner-1,Admins-2).
      3. The music player can either be just a GUI which everyone starts with in their journal, or a utility that people can craft. If it is a utility, there are a few things that can be done. For example, say you don't want everybody importing music, just certain groups (ie. admins) Then somehow (either through permissions or plugin) only admins can craft the music player or put the music player in their inventory. of course if the owner decides to allow everyone to use the music player, they can either allow them to upload audio with restrictions or not. If a player CAN use a music player, but CAN NOT upload music, how do they play music? Well an item that can hold audio such as a cassette tape, or disc can also be added so that admins can give the item to the player (max seconds OR max number of files per item is set by owner).
      4. For the above 3, I was mostly talking about OGG file format, but if its MIDI, there should be a way to make the piano play it. A piano could also have different sounds as well such as an organ, bright, digital sounding, etc. As for the upload method, just left click the piano and a similar menu as mentioned in #1 comes up. It's like a self-playing piano.
      5. Finally, server owners can set up an online radio playlist. and have it play in their server similar to #2 but without the need of audio files from either the owner or players.

      Some of these are better for singleplayer, while others can be better for multiplayer servers.
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    • Good topic and a nice poll. I like the idea of being able to play your own music, whether it's via a server-side radio station or using an in-game constructed music player. My only issue is the file format. You mention OGG and MIDI, but of course, there's also the popular MP3 format. I'd even recommend attempting to add MOD sound file support if possible.

      However, the one problem with this idea is copyright. Sure, if you wish to play music in a single player game, that's fine because it's yours, but as soon as you create a video and post it on YouTube, you risk getting your ass served with a DMCA warning, and most likely your account will be locked. As a matter of fact, running a server-side radio station or streaming paid radio services for all your players to listen to would also mean a violation of the DMCA, and in the case of the radio services, could also have your account suspended or terminated due to a violation of their terms.

      The solution to the copyright problem would be royalty-free music like so many people use in their YouTube videos. The idea is to not get players into trouble.

      Personally, I already have the capabilities to create a playlist in iTunes that I can play while in-game, and there is no hiccup to the music. AC/DC and Rising World go well together.

      However, I wonder if a plugin could be made to perform some of these features with maybe a small built-in GUI front-end, or maybe as a playlist file, or by accessing music players like iTunes.
    • Nice ideas. I see I'm not the only one itching for music in game that I have to once again bring up the following:

      1) NPC Musicans: This is something more immersive where you can have NPCs recruited & trained(survival) or even dropped in & trained (creative) to read sheet music you put together for them to read so they can play music for everybody. The music you put together would allow them to play it out, even going further than Minecraft's redstone blocks. This is as close as you can also get skipping copyright because of no vocals, just instruments. We already have a piano, yet more could be done.

      2) Live Radio: Simply have a device tune into actual radio stations across the world to play in Rising World, some even added in by default while possibly even checking for dead links. You can use Euro Truck Sim 2 & American Truck SIm for inspiration here. This could work for any WW2 era radios & higher within the game's variety.

      3) Player Radio: For those that have played Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas, 4, & even 5 would know that players can make a custom folder to import their music to play when in a vehicle. Just pop in the music, and play. Cruise through the streets, through missions that it would behave in a jukebox manner in Rising World. Just pick & choose what song to play, and it would play.

      4) Silent Hunter 3 (.ogg): This submarine war sim had me convert my .mp3 tracks into .ogg that it would simply behave as #3, yet more of what OP mentioned. You would however have to go into you submarine's gramophone to play a gramaphone version of it. Treat it as you would.


      As for copyright.....As long as it stays in Rising World it should be fine. People can choose & do whatever they want, as long as it stays in that instanced world. When people make videos they'll have to use careful editing to snip the "infected" scene out to add in something more "generically boring" into the mix. If possible, it be interesting and highly helpful for those that make youtube videos to keep pushing forward on things by doing server tours without being held back by people's various tastes in music, or even trolling loop tracks. Even an option to mute player's music if it becomes too abusive on the server, something you see commonly on Roblox (I tried that game briefly).

      I'd be open to have a MP3 device that our player could listen to, and just us. That, as well as a stationary jukebox for home, cantina (Star Wars), saloon, pub, among any other resting type area. Even a radio variation we could insert into vehicles so we could listen to whatever we want, among others. I guess for medieval era it would simply stick to sheet music, thus the #1 idea I mentioned above with NPCs hired to do their thing. I was mocked & insulted that people treated the whole idea as clowns, yet I'm still pushing that idea forward.


      [The Poll]

      Thing is, I support all these options. Even the option for TV & Computer to read from Youtube. I like the idea of a local Jukebox (piano effect), even a live radio, mobile MP3 player, and such. It' makes it far too difficult because I would love to see Rising World's limits pushed as far as possible. That's what making a game is: pushing things to their limit.

      I guess I'll go for a jukebox because it allows you to listen to things locally with friends (home use & such), as well as an online radio to attach on MP3 devices and such. Stuff like (electronic music), and etc. Again, look at #2 for ETS2 & ATS with how you can get a playlist to listen to various styles of music, or even having it feed into your music folder on whatever destination.
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