This game is amazing!

  • I bought this game earlier this month and I already have a lot of hours on it. It is by far the best early access game that I have ever played! I have never played an early access that had this much content, it's great!

    I found this game on steam earlier this month because I had been thinking: "There's just gotta be a game out there that is open world sandbox and has good graphics." And to my pleasant surprise, I found Rising World.

    This has already become my favorite game, and I am very excited for the future! I really hope that this game gets most or all of the content added in and finished, because in my opinion it is already the best open world sandbox game, and after looking at the future content that is planned, I'm really looking forward to more updates.

    Currently I have a singleplayer world where I found a nice big lake, and I'm building sort of a castle on a cliff above it. It's far from finished though, so no photos yet :)

    Anyway, if you've read through this entire post, thanks for reading. I just had to come on here and show my love and support for this game! I recommended it on Steam! :D

  • Have to agree here. Bought it recently upon getting the news that Landmark is being shut down and searching for a replacement. I just wish I had found this sooner as making stuff with planks and boards is so much more user friendly than "micro voxels" and the associated irritation of seeing something nice become a mutated blob upon rotation. Have not built much yet, partly because I don't know what kind of structure I want to make first, partly because I am trying to work out how to further my road system so as I can make decent bends, inclines and flyovers.... but mainly because I now find myself tinkering in Photoshop and Blender all the time in order to make a bunch of posters for use when I actually have some walls/billboards to put them on.. Hey, what's a town without graffiti, grunge and in your face advertisements of a dubious nature! Between this and tearing my hair out trying to do various supposedly simple things in Blender I can see I am going to be very well entertained!

  • Yup, that's what Rising World is! It's an awesome game only going to get better with each update. It's not just the stuff we have now, but also the stuff that's coming that makes this far more awesome. A nice 'Minecraft + Skyrim' type comparison. :love:

    I'm loving the planks also, as with the 'planks & beams' plugin. I just wish that plugin also showed IDs, or tapped into the ID reading part.

    I'm mainly looking forward to when horses come with how we'll be able to customize them. Them, plus trains, vehicles, among others. Even the way we smelt is unique & worthwhile here. You can in smaller or bigger chunks, even eventually going into modern era industrial once we get there. I'm seeing even hardware related setting options for headphones, among others that 1-ups Minecraft on everything. It's glorious. Everything that Rising World does 1-ups Minecraft in that same zone.

    More biomes to come, more goodies, more greatness. I just love this game itching for more updates to release. :love: I"m constantly experimenting with my builds to see how to be less Minecrafty, and more unique. Trying to take advantage of the beams, the window frames, among others. I however want Red51 to add in those 'stepping stones' for roadway type stuff.

  • Welcome, I as well am new. I'm so addicted to the game and about 50% watching videos too trying to learn. After looking at these screenshots from (link) talented people, I know I will promise to never show any of mine again :D That Castle just totally blew me away!

    Have fun!

  • New too and have to agree on all counts. I too was shocked when Landmark announced impending closure and was feeling lost wondering where to go. Thank heaven I found this wonderful game!!! I'm in the very early stages as I've only been playing a couple of days but what I see on the forum shows huge potential already. I love exploring and gathering as well as crafting and building so this game is just perfect for me. Thank you so much Developers. :)

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