Daniel Boone - Adventures in Rising World

  • The area in the last couple of posts was missing a supply of food so I moved on....

    I have now found an even better seed which starts me out about 50 feet away from a small lake which has a cabin right next to it. The cabin has a wooden chest in it and when I looked in the chest it had an axe in it....... not much use as I already have one.

    So I used the same seed and created a new game......this time instead of an axe the chest had a sickle in it...... excellent.

    Having found a sickle changes the gameplay as I now do not need to create a smelter and find iron and so on ......while travelling across the land to find a camp I can collect food and seeds using the sickle so that by the time I reach the forest with a nice lake to setup camp I will have a huge number of food and seed.

    By the time I reached the area shown in the picture below my inventory was full. I had removed the chest from the first cabin so now I have my area for the cabin I put all my food and seed in the chest.

    At this stage I have perhaps several weeks of food but for this survival challenge I now need to create a farm. Problem is no stone or caves nearby and if I wander too far I will meet a bear or wild boar without weapons.

    So to get a farm going I need to create my own mine by digging into the ground and looking for stone and then iron ore and get to the stage where I can create a hoe.

    Once I have that I can then start planting crops.

    Now in case it takes a while to find iron and eventually have the crops growing, I made sure along the way that I picked up apple tree saplings so as soon as I cleared away the tall grass using the sickle I have planted the 3 apple saplings so that I have them growing while looking for iron.

    To try the seed I am now using from now on copy and paste the following into Rising World as is (case sensitive)

    Best Forest seed 001

    I have also added a lot more detail about this seed here

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  • When moving through the forest to this area I hear a wild boar near by and stopped to work out which direction the sound was coming from.... I use headphones for this game.

    I worked out that while I was moving across the slope of a hill the wild boar was somewhere above me....possibly at the top of the hill. Without weapons I needed to keep away from the boar so made sure I did not go any further up the hill.

    By moving slowly, listening for wild boar or bears and moving away from their sound you can hopefully stay out of their way and stay alive.

    I find scanning the forest around you every 10 steps or so will allow you to see them moving in the forest ahead long before they see you.

    Use your senses of sight and hearing to find them before they find you.

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  • The following is one of the reasons I love Rising World.

    I was scouting the area looking for a place to start a mine well away from the camp.
    I then suddenly come across an abandoned cabin not too far from camp.

    As I begin moving towards the cabin I hear a sound of something moving through the grass and it is nearby.

    I stop and listen and all of a sudden I hear a wild boar snorting to the left and front of me.

    I then see the wild boar some distance away to the right and further down the hill.
    Yellow arrow in the picture below shows where the wild boar was last spotted moving away.

    However even though the boar is far away and the cabin is right in front of me there is a problem.
    If the boar is down on the right why am I hearing grass moving and a boar snorting close by on the left and front direction.

    I check my headphones.....yes...left headphone is over the left ear.

    Then it dawns on me...... a second boar......its mate!

    It reminds me of the first Jurassic Park movie where the one character in the movie was distracted by a Velociraptor that he could see ahead and as he takes aim with his gun he then sees a 2nd Velociraptor only a few feet away from him on his left.

    A Velociraptor Trap. Game over!

    So my problem is I have a cabin only meters away from me but somewhere between me and the cabin is a wild boar perhaps just on the other side of this little ridge. Will he charge me if he hears me or only when he sees me?

    And me without any weapons !!!!

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  • So what do I do?

    There is a pond just a few feet behind me...... I can quickly run forward...grab the boars attention and then dash back through the pond and hopefully drown the boar when it cant clamber out of the water. Problem is boars are nasty and there is a very high chance I will get injured from those razor sharp tusks.

    I then notice on the left of the pond is a fairly big hill. I go up the hill and it allows me to look about 30 feet directly down towards the cabin from a higher elevation.

    Looking at the cabin I hear the boar directly in front of me as it snorts and what sounds like stomping noises.
    The boar is somewhere between me and the cabin.....but where?

    As I watch the cabin I then see the boar.....and I have highlighted it in the picture below with a yellow arrow.

    The dark brown shape the yellow arrow is pointing to is the boar....It is inside the cabin!

    Now I have a problem. What do I do?

    I can sneak up to the cabin and hope the boar is trapped inside and cant get out to bore me.... maybe I can kill it with my pick axe.
    The boar got inside the cabin so there is no reason at all why it can't rush out of the cabin and charge me with it's tusks.

    The problem is while I am doing this the first boar may see me and charge me from behind!

    Oh this has just suddenly got very complicated and there may not even be a chest in the cabin at all.

    What do I do?

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  • Before making a decision I do sneak over to the cabin in a way that the cabin will block my being seen by the first boar.
    The picture below shows that there is indeed a chest inside the cabin and the chest may hold something I really want.

    I could sneak right up to the cabin and perhaps open the chest while standing outside the cabin.

    However that will not work as I need to be standing in front of the chest which means opening the chest inside the cabin with a wild boar just 10 feet away!

    If I decide to kill the boar it may charge me when it sees me.
    At the moment it has not seen me from my vantage point above it.

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  • After 2 hours I went back into the game with a strategy of how to get into the chest. Night was falling and there was no way I was going to take on the boar with light falling fast.

    Had dinner back in the camp and then slept when darkness arrived.

    Dawn arrived and I made my way back while using the sickle to clear a path through back to the cabin. The distance was far enough that with the dense trees and shrub around it was too easy to get lost.

    Arrived back in the same place as the picture in post #24 and though I could hear the boar it was no longer in the cabin.

    I then spotted it eating leaves on the further side of the cabin.... but more importantly outside the cabin.

    Crept down to near the chest and used my axe to make a hole in the cabin wall and crept in. I looked at the boar and it was looking right at me with beady black eyes and a cruel snarled mouth as shown in the picture below.

    I then asked myself whether I should turn my back on the boar and open the chest knowing that I had no idea what the parameters were of the game where the animals would charge. On the side of the cabin where the boar was outside there was a hole three planks wide and the boar could get in within seconds and kill me quickly.

    I decided to open the chest and look inside.

    Exactly what I was hoping to find...... there were some pieces of coal, some wood and a map!

    I gathered them all up, including the empty chest and got out of there without taking another look at the boar.

    So my options were to either attack the animal first and possibly get seriously injured.....or wait until the next day and see if the boar left the cabin on its own.

    It seems the 2nd option was the right one and both the boar as well as myself live to fight again another day.

    With Rising World different scenarios will happen and you need to decide quickly at times how to best survive the situation.
    A bear could suddenly charge you..... do you turn and run and more than likely be injured or stay and fight and more than likely be mauled to death.

    If you see a moose trapped among trees and unable to get out do you walk away or try to free the poor animal?

    You can use your axe to cut down the trees one at a time..... but if you accidentally hit the moose it will attack you once you free it.

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  • So my next task is to get farming of crops under way so I can have the crops growing long before I run out of food.
    For this I need a hoe...... which requires an anvil as well as iron ore deposits and a smelter.

    The problem is that there is only one mine in the area... towards the edge of the forest...... and the mine has a wild boar near it.

    There is one area of stone between my camp and the abandoned cabin which is about 30 feet wide and is rocky ground and not a mine itself.
    Possibly a good area to mine down into and see if I can find iron...... there is no iron or other ore on the surface of the rock so it might just be stone underneath.

    However, as shown in the picture below, at about 20 to 30 feet below the ground, my axe struck the stone and opened up a hole. Used the axe to widen the hole and using a torch I checked the hole.

    A vertical shaft leading down to a possible cave system........ and on the sides of the shaft I can see iron ore deposits ready for picking.

    So.... even if you have no mines where you set camp..... find a rock outcrop nearby and dig down through the ground below it and you may discover a hidden mine or cave.

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  • A small number of seeds have been planted and you can see the crop field in the distance.
    When I say a small number of seeds I mean the 36 tomato seeds I picked up along the way to finding this area to setup camp.

    Farms use light to assist with growing quality crops.
    I have no idea if that is implemented in this game but for realistic purposes I have added light to the crop fields to aid growth.

    Plus the hopeful benefit that extra light around camp will keep wild and dangerous animals away.

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  • To play this seed in extreme mode, I have started a new game with the option of finding ore in minimal amounts. I then went through the animals list and as I hovered the mouse over each animal I threw a dice..... if the dice came up even I kept the animal.... if the dice was odd I removed the animal.

    Once in the game I checked the cabin and then using the ~ key I accessed the console command and gave myself 2 items

    - a sickle
    - a flashlight

    To add to the realism this game I am using a flashlight instead of lighting a fire torch. In this scenario I am assuming that my flash light is powered by the sun so recharge during the day and I do not have resources to light a torch. Will decide if this means I cannot have a camp fire either.

    Making changes like this increases the randomness and game-play of this seed.

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  • By restricting light to a portable flashlight and having no means of creating fire, at night time I am also unable to do anything else except walking around and exploring.

    - no farming
    - no cutting down trees
    - no mining deep below the surface

    - By doing this I am pretending that it is actually much darker than what I see on the screen and therefore impossible to cut down trees, find food, etc

    With mining you would have to hold the pick axe and the torch at the same time which would be impossible.

    Therefore to find ores you will need to find the ore at ground level.
    To do this select an area as a quarry and dig holes looking for ore below the ground
    Dig in an area as far as you can see without a torch.

    With the option for animals I decided that bears should always be there and the others decided by dice with a limit of only 6 or less animals being in the game.

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  • Following the rules in the last 2 posts Rising World does become more difficult which helps while we wait for the next updates of Rising World.
    After playing a few hours I did make some more changes.

    - Ores..... I have changed chance of finding ore to maximum as you will only be able to mine ore on the surface or close to the entrance of mines where you have sunlight showing you the ore in the rock.

    - to start the game arm yourself with the following to add to your axes in the inventory.
    item flashlight 1
    item sickle 1
    item compass 1

    - I have ruled out using a map for the time being. My idea for the map is that I can use a map in the future when I eventually create a paper press but there will be rules to implement that will make the map harder to use.

    - In the meantime I have gone in armed with a compass. When I was a kid in Africa I made my way through the bush using a compass and am recreating this in the game

    - Collecting seeds only during the day time. At night while holding the torch in my left hand I can pick food with my right hand.....however not collect seeds. This will reduce number of seeds in your inventory.

    - To further limit seeds I am testing a limit on how many seeds I can hold in my inventory. Instead of ending up with an oversupply of seeds eg 50 I may limit number of seeds i can carry to 10 of each food type. Any amount over 10 will be thrown away.

    - when planting seeds I may also implement the possibility of failed crops. One way to do that is when I have tilled the land, each time I am about to sow a seed I roll a dice..... if the dice rolls an even number I plant that seed.... if it is an odd number then I throw the seed away and go to the next of the 10 seeds. If you have bad luck and only throw 2 even numbers then you only grow 2 plants out of 10 possible. After planting you can collect more seed if any in the area and try to sew this seed if you get an even roll of the dice.

    -another source of food is when you come across an apple tree for example. At the moment it is assumed that all fruit is ripe and can be eaten. I have added rules to my game-play where when I come across a fruit tree I roll a dice..... if the dice is even then the fruit is ripe and can be picked. However, if the dice roll is odd then the fruit is smelly , not edible and way past a state of being eaten. In the case where the fruit is spoiled with an odd roll of the dice, I pick the tree of apples.....if I pick 6 apples these need to be thrown away and not kept in your inventory. I pick the bad apples from the tree and throw them away so you dot go back to the tree 5 minutes later and then find the apples are suddenly ripe.

    You could make it a little more realistic by assuming that a fruit tree you come across may have both edible as well as spoiled fruit on the tree. To handle this, if you pick 6 apples for example then roll a dice 6 times and throw away 2 apples if you have 2 odd numbers in the dice rolls.

    Modded Rising World 2024

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  • The one problem with the fruit is that you cannot throw away 2 pieces of spoiled apples for example if you have 10 apples in your inventory.

    So for the time being if you come across an apple tree , throw a dice and do not pick the tree if the dice roll is odd as the fruit is deemed spoiled.

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  • As you have a compass from the beginning, choose a direction....north,south, east or west...... and generally head in that direction until you come across a place to camp.

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  • With the rule about adding spoiled fruit to the game, this is working well. I have picked up tomatoes along the way but then I came across a cherry tree and an apple tree close to each other and for each of these the dice rolled an odd number so the fruit was off and could not be picked.

    I headed north as this was the direction I had chosen and this would mean that I could not circle back accidentally and try to pick that tree again.

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  • you can, move the stack over an empty slot and use the mousewheel :)

    Hey.....thanks for that....... I did not know you could do that........ tried it and it works well.

    Now I can pick some of the fruit off the tree and throw away the fruit that has gone off.

    Modded Rising World 2024

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  • Now that I can separate spoiled food and throw it out I have applied the spoiled food treatment to all food I pick up.

    In the last 20 minutes I walked through an area where there was a lot of food.
    Was able to pick seeds but in 75% of the time the food was spoiled and was thrown away.

    This is what foraging is about....looking for food that can be eaten and discarding the food that is rotten or not worth gathering.

    Came across an apple tree which gave 6 apples..... however rolling the dice 6 times I then found that only 2 of those 6 apples were good and the others had to be thrown away. 2 even numbers, 4 odd numbers.

    As long as I am heading north, south , east or west as I chose to head at the start of the game, I do not bother with picking the food off the ground or pick the fruit in the trees if the food is off.

    As long as I continue in the direction I have being going I should not be back that way to try and pick good food deemed bad the first time round.

    If however I have setup camp and am foraging for food in the area, then I will pick up the food off the ground or from trees and throw away the spoiled rotten food onto the ground.

    In the picture below I came across an apple tree full of apples however on inspection only 2 apples were ok to pick and the rest of them were rotten and were thrown away onto the ground.

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  • I have come across 3 apple trees and instead of having 18 apples to add to the inventory I only have 6 apples which are ripe and worth eating and the rest were thrown away.

    As it is night time I have not been able to cut the apple trees down either so no saplings in my inventory as yet.

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  • I have been using this seed Best Forest seed 001 for almost a week now and today by choosing to head north I have ended up in a new area from the area mentioned at the top of this page.

    I made the most of daylight collecting seed and food and did discover some coal which I grabbed however for the last number of hours did not find any ore.

    Despite finding a lot of food on the ground or in trees, a lot of it turned out to be rotten and had to be thrown away.

    One of the complaints I heard from someone about the game was that it was too easy to get food....... by adding this spoiled food option determined by dice throw you end up with less food in your inventory. Based on this game I was on average throwing out 66% of the food I came across which puts more of a challenge into survival.

    In the last hour I had ended up thirsty and hungry and was nowhere near water. Despite coming across many tomato plants I only had 4 in my inventory that were not spoiled . Finished off the tomatoes and quenched my thirst and hunger but need to find either water or more food like tomatoes to get water from.

    I normally like to setup camp in a big forest surrounded by trees and wild animals.

    Where I am at the moment is a small forest area but not big enough to setup camp. However there is ore on the surface rocks so I will setup temporary camp here while I grab the ore.

    I almost made a mistake and forgot the rules i have setup..... I almost created a fire torch forgetting that my only source of light at night is my solar powered flashlight.

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