Using tents.

  • I just got Rising World a few days ago and have been playing it. I have a nice base area and I'm starting to explore farther away from it, but one thing that trips me up is finding my way back home without using console commands to teleport or checking coordinates. I have a compass, but my problem is that if I camp for the night it moves my spawn point.

    I've read on the Wiki and other sources that using a tent or shelter is only supposed to set a "temporary" spawn point that reverts back to your previous one when you remove the tent. I've tested this under multiple different circumstances (the first ones being accidental) and it never works. My compass always points to where the tent was, even after it's removed.

    Is this a glitch, or am I doing something wrong?

  • not sure about the spawn point but the only "safe" way to find your way back to your place if you don't want to use commands is setting up lines of torches as you explore pointing towards your base

  • Thank you, I've actually found plenty of ways to blaze trails (raking a path works pretty well, so far, and so does making spires of hellstone). But the specific ability listed in the wiki of tents/shelters to default back to your previous spawn point after being removed is what I'm asking about.

  • The old torch way. :D
    Afaik I know you'll spawn at the nearest bed. But you need to sleep in it. After removing it , bed spawn is gone.
    Think you will spawn at the starter place again.
    I'm only using beds, never tried it with s tent.
    If your compass shows old tent place, maybe you need to restart the game.

  • The nearest bed has nothing to do with it, it's the bed you last slept in. But the Wiki advertises a feature for tents/shelters (which count as beds), where when you remove one it will default back to the last actual bed you slept in. It's not doing that.

    To be very clear: I don't need general help from people who don't know anything about tents or advice about what they do instead. This is basic troubleshooting. I'm trying to determine if that is a bug (which means I need to make a bug report), a mistake on the wiki (which needs to be corrected), or if I'm doing something wrong (which means I need to correct my own actions). Either way, I need to pin down why this is happening and what action needs to be taken. If you don't know anything about tents because you don't use them, that's fine, I have no use for them either unless/until this is sorted, and I have my own workarounds.

    Does anybody know anything about this feature? Has anybody successfully made use of it?

  • As a general (unwanted) advice, it is better not to rely on the wiki: it is very old and unmaintained; I believe -- but I can be wrong -- it is non-official (or no longer "official").

    The programme is in alpha and, in addition to the rather probable presence of bugs, features can change, which also makes any documentation easily and quickly obsolete. The most reliable source of information are the change logs (here).

    One could also suggest that advices from a forum user with almost 3000 posts, years of contributions and discussions (and not an English native speaker, as many of us, me included) may have some relevance and it is probably better try to find the positive aspects of them, before bashing them so harshly.

    About the specific point, the last time I used the sleep-point+compass feature (which is months ago), I found it reliable, but honestly I do not remember many details of it.

  • Here is how it works. When you sleep in your bed it sets that as the spawn and directional point on your compass. When you place a tent/shelter and sleep in it, your spawn is kinda reset. The reason I say kinda is because your compass will then point to your tent/shelter. But, when you want to return to your bed's location, just remove the tent/shelter, and the compass will once again point to your bed. I hope that helps. :)

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  • Hmm... I just tested this ^^^^ and it doesn't seem to work! I was positive I saw that info somewhere on these forums... perhaps it was a suggestion. X/

    "If all the world was apple pie, And all the sea were ink. And all the trees were bread and cheese, What would we have to drink?" ?(

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