new forest biomes

  • The spruce forest biome, especially when near a large lake, is my absolute favorite places to settle down and explore. But it would be nice if there could also be a "Redwood Forest" biome which redwood like those in California or giant sequoia. I imagine something of this size would take about 40 hits with a log and yield a similar number of logs :-D

    Also, as some have noticed, the spruce trees cannot be re-grown to the full height they are found naturally. i wish this would change.

    Long term, I would hope procedural generated trees eventually replace models. Or perhaps someone can write a plugin to place such trees in the game. As lovely as the game is already, you can kinda tell that there are only 1 or 2 models of each tree type rotated at a random angle.

  • Yep, this would be really cool! This biome should be very rare and also these trees should be hard to mass-produce (rarely giving more than 1 sapling) or could take a long time to grow. I also hope that someday trees will plop down acorns around the tree, which can be picked up or left alone. If they are picked up they can be roasted above a fire or in a stove for a snack, or just eaten raw. Or you could plant them in your tree farm. If they are left alone there will be a chance that they will grow into another tree. But for the time being, I am just looking forward to the playermodels update!

    "If all the world was apple pie, And all the sea were ink. And all the trees were bread and cheese, What would we have to drink?" ?(

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