• Giant TNT would be awesome!

    It would be like the origional TNT(3 sticks of TNT) but more sticks of TNT would make the Giant TNT up!

    It would explode bigger(of course) and it would be awesome to add a more realistic explosion effect. Like, fire within the smoke after the explosion! And with the Giant TNT, when it explodes on dirt, It would make a mini mushroom cloud!

  • My only issue with TNT is that it completely destroys anything in its blast radius including ore. If I could recover rocks, ores, dirt, and sand from an explosion then yeah, gigantic TNT would be cool. Sulfur also needs to be easier to find. It used to be available on the surface of Earth before miners had to go deep so it would make sense if it eventually spawns on the surface. ... I guess I'll just wait for the new pickaxes to come along for faster mining.

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