Banners and Flags

Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky
  • I know this was already an idea posted along with other ideas, but I want to isolate it and expand upon it.

    My idea is simple, have a customizable surface (portrait orientation for banners, landscape for flags).
    I know you can do this with photoshop,, GIMP, Krita, etc. and then the in game posters, but you can't blueprint posters. Something like this could probably be copied via blueprints. Also this is the biggest advantage over posters.

    In my opinion, Medieval Engineers did a good job and so did Minecraft. But when I see those, I see potential. Maybe have some features comparable to games as old as Tony Hawk American Wasteland's Create-A-Graphic (I loved it btw) or as new as For Honor's Emblem Designer. I haven't really played the latter, but the first you are able to move symbols around and change their color, size, and alpha, as well as flip on both axes. This feature would be great in a banner/flag creator.

    When I say symbols, I mean symbols. Like vector graphics. Nothing with shading or gradients.

    I don't think there should be custom symbols unless they too are blueprintable, since that's the main reason of having banners and flags. I mean you could have it where if i were to blueprint a flag with a custom symbol on the same server or world, it would work fine, but if i were to blueprint it to a different server or world, the flag would just show up as an empty image. Like the red IMAGE MISSING dds file under Misc.

  • I agree. There was a discussion about adding in national flags with different flag pole & banner styles that Red51 was interested in adding, yet some nations have copyrights on their flags so you can't really use them in the game. It be sweet to fly a default Canadian flag in various styles, or at least be given various shapes & pieces of them so we can do them ourselves.

    Yes, looking at both Minecraft's banner system, as well as Medieval Engineer's banner system would be the way to go about it.

    You know those flags and banners during festivals? Consider these:…//photos/banner-types.jpg

    Or the kingdom banner types of various sorts:

    YOu also have those hanging flag-banner types with the triangle tip (long way pointed towards ground), or the inverted triangle going into the flag creating pointing corners.

    Yeah, I agree Xalzia that various flags & banner types should be looked into. Even being given vectors, shapes, and such so we can create our own art, something that can be seen in detail if you go Google up some 'Forza Horizon' related car paint jobs.

  • There are still difficult to customize some shapes in minecraft game.

    The ovel and circle shapes is difficult to make for game, now there are few online tools which is available online ( such as or minecraft circle generator ).

    In this you say so many detailed things but can't include difficulties which we face in games(please write on that also).

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