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  • Hello all! I'm obviously a new player and am somewhat confused as to how to preview the Multiplayer servers to find which one fits the best. I've tried visiting a couple of servers and I've also looked at the Server Presentation thread, however; there isn't a lot of info yet!
    I'm an ex-Landmark player who isn't the best builder but someone who really enjoys trying. I love gathering and learning how to use the building tools. I've 'settled' on a server and started building, however; I'm not sure it's the best place for me. I realize that certain things will not be allowed in Creative mode etc. because there is a need to protect other ppl's properties. I'm mature, play a lot and I like to help other ppl if I'm able. Optimally, I'd love to join ppl with similar qualities. I'm in Canada and connected to a USA server without any problems. Again, I don't know how to determine which servers are best even for connecting.
    Any help or advice would be appreciated! TYVM! So far, I'm loving RW but feel I'm lacking contact with other ppl.

  • TYVM for the reply, Deirdre! It seems many of the ones I see have 'red bars' so that will limit me somewhat. I didn't know the value next to that was the ping, so that helps, also.
    I noticed that there was one player on 2 different servers .... I assumed we could have only one character or only one claim on one server, so does this mean we are able to join more than one server and claim a spot on both? That would definitely help with the decision of where I'd like to make my 'permanent' home.
    Again, ty for replying. I've seen some of your tutorials so I know you're an experienced Rising World player. :)

  • yes you can try as many servers as you want, you have the same avatar in all of them but you can play in all of them without a problem too :)

  • Quote from Minotorious

    yes you can try as many servers as you want, you have the same avatar in all of them but you can play in all of them without a problem too

    That's good to know Minotorious! That information just made the Multiplayer option so much more valuable to me. TYVM! :)

  • To add to what I previously wrote in a hurry.

    Depending on which server you play in different rules apply (since all the servers are privately owned). In some servers you can only have one claim and build with the possibility to extend it after you have built enough. In other servers you can buy new extensions or even new plots of land for in game currency earned through a server specific system.

    In general multiplayer is the most important part of the game in my opinion. You interact with others and exchange ideas, building techniques, see what others have built, etc. So yes I do recommend playing in multiplayer.

    A few servers based on type and listed alphabetically:

    for creative:
    Artisan's Realm
    Deutschland Spielt Rising World 2

    for survival:

    for survival/economy:
    Freaks R US Reborn

  • With your clarifications, I understand the server system much better, so tyvm for that. ^^ I also think that the multiplayer is the most enjoyable and I look forward to sharing ideas and knowledge (when I get some! hehe) with others here. I visited the Artisan's Realm, where you're an Admin and I think that may be what I'm looking for, so will start building there for now.
    Thanks again for the information - I do appreciate you taking the time to answer.

  • Yep, Artisan's is a great server. It is very chill, with limitless opportunities and workableness. <-- is that even a word? ?(

    "If all the world was apple pie, And all the sea were ink. And all the trees were bread and cheese, What would we have to drink?" ?(

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