Rising World: The Hermithood

  • Hey guys welcome back to a new episode of Rising world! You can hear the cows, you can hear the chickens :whistling: Well today we clear out a canyon for farming crops and chickens?? No trees, trees and crops maybe we can farm chickens in a future update for now though they can run wild :) Hope you are enjoying these episodes as much as I am in playing the game. Sharing this content with you makes me happy enough. I'm glad to be playing Rising World again and this time I won't abandon it like I did before. We're here to stay <3 Without further ado here's today's episode:

  • Hey guys and gals it's been a long week for me and I'm editing the rest of the videos for this week. Lots of requests and new subscribers are helping to shape these videos for the better. I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and hope I don't fall asleep as I edit these last few videos for the week. Anyways let's skip the rest of the introduction and share with you with what's new! :thumbsup: In today's episode of Rising world I was listening to Waterfalls by TLC and this title came to mind. :whistling: Yeah we failed at making a waterfall... but on the plus side our garden is now lush with fruits, veggies and a whole lot more! Hope you enjoy:

  • I've been recording some Fallout 4 most of the morning so let me share the latest video of Rising World with you. Sorry for the tardiness. Okay so in today's episode we go exploring to find new crops, hunting and even get to see a giraffe in the distance! This is so totally awesome :thumbsup: I love this game and hope your enjoying the show as well. Without further ado here's the episode, hope you enjoy :)

  • Hi there everyone, good morning! :) Before I forget here's today's episode of Fallout 4, whoops I mean Rising World :whistling: yeah I derped up. Anyways a short explanation of this video is we start the episode off with a failed barbeque and begin some design plans for the dwarven architecture I plan on doing during this series. Here's that video:

    Also if your curious about that fallout 4 series here's an episode from 9AM today EST of course just in case you're interested. Perhaps at a later date we can try and rebuild FO4 in Rising World that should be very interesting and will likely require a build team. Without further ado here's a link to today's episode of Fallout 4! <3


  • Hey guys welcome back! Hope your enjoying these episodes of Rising World as much as I am in recording them. Just started recording next weeks videos and there's been a slight change of plans instead of going dwarven on Monday of next week you'll see a whole new concept. In today's episode of Rising World we do a montage of me digging a tunnel through the mountain to the garden gulch. So without further ado here's a link to that video and to @red51 I really love your game and looking forward to future developments!


  • Hey there everyone, you ever wonder what a person's reactions are to an update? Well here it is me, discussing today's update and reacting to some of the changes, reading every element of it, asking questions and boy do I love this game! <3 Thank you so much @red51 even though I've got a million questions running through my mind I've got to go record some Clover Tale for tomorrow. Love you guys so much and hope you enjoy! :thumbsup:

  • And Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to a brand new episode of Rising World! I've got a lot of cool videos of RW lined up for you this week and today we go caving! So I've got this idea and I would like to ask you guys can you leave me some questions for a Q&A caving episode, please? I'll do a Q&A caving episode once a week where you guys ask me any question you want and I will answer that question in the video. Sounds good I hope. Well enough of my gabbing for right now, here's the episode hope you enjoy it!

  • Hey guys and gals welcome to another episode of Rising World! As you may or may not know I record videos a week in advance because I have so many LP's going on at the same time so as not to overencumber myself with day to day recording. Any ways I've got a new episode for you today and I apologize for the delay in posting. Every other Tuesday I see a doctor at 10AM (GMT-0500) so that may get in the way of me sharing these episodes. Now on to the video!

    In today's episode of Rising World we build some Clefts and some pathways to them. Hope you enjoy :thumbsup: and thank you for watching :)

  • New Video up for today as I just finished fallout 4 for next week! Getting started on next weeks episodes of Rising World wanted to swing by here to share today's episode of RW that I have dubbed Of Rock & Stone we go mining, we build mostly in montage mode hope you enjoy the video as much as I have in recording it. Have a great day everyone and I wish you the best of luck :) Don't forget your mining helmets! :thumbup:

  • Today we take a break from mining and building to make some more interesting stuff n' things. We make a paper press and a grinder so we can look into what they are used for. One of which can help us craft a map, some posters and many more! Hope you guys enjoy watching these as I do in creating them. Being a content creator makes me happy so in return I hope they make you the same as well. Without further ado here's today's episode:

  • I can show you the world, shining, shimmering endless ;) Hello everyone, guys and gals of all walks of life! <3 Today I bring you a brand new episode of Rising World where we take our map, some stuff n' things and go exploring! The stars are shining like great white jewels in the sky, the cows are... annoying as always ^^ It's a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy this as much as I have in creating it.

  • Sorry about the late post guys, I'm a bit out of it today. Anyways here's another episode of Rising World for today where we do some interior design of our cleft home. Hope you enjoy maybe next week we can do a Q & A caving?? I need questions for it though. So swing by leave me some questions and I'll be sure to answer them in next weeks Q & A! :thumbup:

  • Sorry for the late delay in the posting of both Wednesday's and today's Rising World videos for those of you that like to watch them. I haven't been feeling to well and as a result videos for next week might be staggered and possibly a bit out of character. Nonetheless you guys deserve to know what's been going on. Yesterday I managed to get 2 episodes of Fallout New Vegas recorded for next week and today now that I'm back from the dentist I'll work on some RW for next week. For yesterday and today's Rising World here's what's happening:

    Yesterday: We went into montage mode and did some extensive building to complete the first layer around the base of "Scorpio Gulch" the official name for the mining gulch that I just thought of today. Here's that video.

    Today's video to commemorate the first player model we create a smooth courtyard in Scorpio Gulch with a statue of the original player model to sit atop. Hope you enjoy these videos as much as I enjoyed creating them. See you tomorrow :)


  • Hey guys I derped up again. Got so wrapped up in recording episodes for next week I practically forgot about today's share :rolleyes: well here it is. Today we begin the construction of the 2nd layer in montage mode with some rather interesting music. If you think this is interesting just wait till next week 8o Booy do I got some surprises in store for you :thumbsup:<3 till monday hope you enjoy a late night share from yours truly Arcane!

  • Hey Guys and gals welcome back to a brand new fresh crisp day. Wow that sun is bright and the air outside is crisp with the smell of spring ;) Today in Rising World I finally after these past few years put together my review of Rising World. I love this game as I am sure many of you do as well so without further ado here's the video:

    Feedback would be much appreciated if you've got the time, thank you.

  • Sorry guys and yet again I been recording since about 8 or 9 am EST and it's now around 6:30 PM and I completely forgot about sharing this video with you.

    In this episode we begin to do some major work on our base which will likely consume the next few if not next weeks videos as well. We're almost there close to the top ridge where we can flatten and build some ramparts and towers to overlook the passage to the plains biome. We'll delete the mountains block by block and raise a fortress big enough to reach the clouds in some spots. When the mountains are gone a massive city will remain in it's place. 8o

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