Rising World: The Hermithood

  • Hello again :) I've been a bit busy creating tomorrow's episode of Rising world but without further ado guys Happy 4th of July. I really hope you enjoy this video as I have put a lot of time into getting ready for it. With the help of Didi Christensen this would of taken a lot longer. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart <3

    In episode 111 we set up some horse races around the safari nature reserve, a grand open area for people to come by and relax and enjoy the show with plenty of refreshments to go around. Hope you enjoy :thumbsup:

  • Good morning world :) One moment I need coffee before I share... :thumbsup: (yawns a few times ) I dink I can, I dink I can lol Okay guys so over these past few days I've been rather busy trying to get ahead of this weeks videos, unfortunately that includes Rising World as well. With a lot of appointments this week time had to be stretched over this weekend to get most of this weeks videos done. Now they aren't all uploaded or edited yet we've got custom rivers, finished Didi Christensen's house & later getting back to work on the fortress as it is time to get back to work on it.

    Episode 112 -
    Here in episode 112 we head over to Didi Christens world to build her a custom pond.

    Episode 113 -
    We got a new mic! And we start the construction of the front porch of Didi's house 8) So far it looks great :thumbup: if you like it :)

    Now Episode 114 doesn't unlock until 12PM EST so I'll come back here in a couple hours to update you with the latest video. Again thank you all for your support it means a lot to me. It's time for my morning walk so I can stop yawning. bye for now ^^

  • Hello again everyone I just released today's 12 O'clock PM video early because I will be leaving to go over my Dad's here in a bit. My sister is home from Cambodia and it's time to spend some time with her. Uploading tomorrow's video right after this post. Hope you enjoy! :):thumbsup:

    In this video we put the roof on Diane's house (Didi Christensen) be sure to check out her channel as well. She creates a variety of content and is relatively new to YouTube, share the love <3 we all could use some now and again.

    Didi Christesen's Channel:

  • Hello again guys & gals :) With my sister being home from Cambodia for the month I've been a bit preoccupied spending time with her, my niece & the family to take notice that I haven't shared much content as of lately. So today I want to catch you up to speed on the past 3 episodes before the 12 O'Clock episode comes out.

    Episode 116 - We have figured out how to use F7 to delete objects, constructions & more! In this episode we put this to some use by removing the houses alongside the mountain edge so I could work on a custom river to flow right along side it.

    (sneak peak)

    Episode 117 - Me & Didi Christensen are clearing the northern road of vegetation & having a blast of fun with the local wildlife. Couldn't bring the horses with us as there is no way to heal them at this time.

    Episode 118 - We pick up where we left off last episode with Didi clearing the roads with a terrible echo plaguing our mics today. So we stay quiet for the majority of it but still manage to have a great adventure.

  • Now for Episode 119 - This episode unlocks at 12PM Eastern Standard Time (US) today. Use this to see what time that is in your area https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
    In this episode we head back to the fortress to get back to work on it. I've got some fresh ideas & a lot of montages planned for this. We need to get this project going along before the next terrain update. Not sure when that is but I got a feeling in my gut we need to get this moving along. Hope you enjoy.

  • Whoops hey guys & gals getting ready to upload tomorrow's videos thought I should swing by here and share the most recent:

    Episode 120: Blocky Gardens- We do a little montage tearing out a section of the mountain to add in a blacky lawn with a tree & some flowers. Did you know you could plant on these? How cool is that?

    Episode 121: Caverns Of Hell - I fell through the world today while mining for stone and ended up on an adventure in the deep gathering other ores. Then we stumble upon a rather large cavern leading into the abyss and a super cool dungeon!

  • Hello guys and gals it's been a while it sure has and did I fall way behind on sharing. Apart from my computer being hacked & attacked I managed to recover and get back up and recording a day later but here we are :) so let's share :thumbsup:

    Episode 122- In this episode we do a brief montage fixing the the pathing to the fortress entrance & a red themed garden of fruit & spices to the side of the path in montage mode.

    Episode 123- Instead of building a house for a gardener we decided to turn it into a guard tower.

    Episode 124 - There's a bunch of debris inside the soon to be guard tower let's clean this up together in montage mode :)

    Episode 125 -The Day after we were attacked we were recovering from both a hacker & a virus that locked me out of my computer. So Didi Christensen came by to help with the decor around the fortress. She is such a great friend <3

    Episode 126 - Today in Rising World the house is being framed? Well essentially yes, we are over at the fortress framing in a house so that we could build a few more to add onto to the fortress and connect the two canyons. I'll provide some screenshots after all this..

    Episode 127 - Today in Rising World we head on over to Dagoline's server to have some fun and even go to the underworld to see a very familiar sight.. Dagoline always impress's me with her magical building skills.

    @dagoline found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTgMfKf0F-jSAtZ4-ZtudQ subscribe to her today! :saint:8o
    Didi Christensen - Found here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs73ptyE8qntkduGkYEq06w subscribe to her today! :saint:8o

    Both of these women are awesome gamers and I feel the need to go Woohoo! :thumbsup:<3

  • Did I say I was done yet? ^^ Nope today's episode just released! So what happened in episode 128? Well upon leaping off a very steep drop we dragged our way to bed where our good friend @dagoline carted us off for miles to her world whilst nursing us back to health. This is where we set some plans in motion to build the Outskirts of Vizima inside of Rising World including the Village :thumbsup: The version I would build this from would be from The Witcher: Enhanced Edition as I have never had the opportunity to play Witcher 3.

    Watch me play The Witcher here:

  • As I get ready to record tomorrow's episode of Rising World I take a step back to look at the recent videos not shared as of recently. There's episodes 129 & 130 was some fun and let's go ahead and share those now...

    Episode 129- Today in Rising World we make all the basic tools required for us to build this Witcher themed project & go on a really awesome tour with Dagoline to some area's we haven't been to yet.

    Episode 130 - I feel a bit sad this day, so on Rising World we head back to our world to start construction on the second gulch in order to connect the two together. Between the two will be a row of 6 or seven houses with a tower on either side and a bridge to span the two.

    Today we talk more about that sadness together in episode 131 for tomorrow' episode of Rising World. :( I feel lonely, unhappy & depressed.

  • Hey guys and gals sorry for the extreme delay in sharing my content I was feeling out of it, not burnt but just out of it. Started a new medication my head went into cloud 9 and just sort of got stuck there so I never got around to sharing anything. Today I want to make up for that. Let's start by saying that I am sorry. My Dad was in the hospital recently and it just made matters worse and I just didn't feel the "me" anymore. So I got 9 episodes for you episodes 131-139 which episode 139 just released today. I only just switched the scheduled time of release to 9AM EST on Tuesday this week. Spent the weekend with my Dad and didn't record over the weekend as to me family matters. Here's the videos:

    Episode 131 - In episode 131 I began to feel a bit depressed and out of it so we built a wire frame house at the fort.

    Episode 132 - @dagoline has very kindly provided me with a copy of her world. In this episode we talk about my thoughts surrounding the modding community in Rising World as we traverse the Mysterious road south of our castle.

    Episode 133 - We continue on our adventure in the world of @dagoline and discover many cool structures, castles & custom villages.

    Episode 134 - As we continue our adventure in discovery we find Jack Frost & many awesome icy wonders!

    Episode 135 - As we continue our adventure across @dagoline s world we stumble across a rather interesting biome an Oasis that comes with camels!

    Episode 136 - Dagoline's world is very magical so today we teach our horse the ways of Shadow from Skyrim so that she may climb the highest mountains and navigate the treacherous dips & swallows of the mountains deep all the while finding beautiful land and forest all around us.

    Episode 137 - The Horse Whisperer? Hmm.. Our horse knows her by now let her guide us the rest of the way home for she knows the way better than I. Baby is such a beautiful faithful horse!

    Episode 138 - We head back to my world to update the subscriber sign as we reached 178 subscribers! We have a lot of houses to build to thank each and every one of them and one for each of them. So let's start by first updating the subscriber sign.

    Finally.. Today in Episode 139 we repair the JIW Shopping Plaza from the irregular blueprint job. For some reason or another when the blueprint was made it deleted the entirety of the backside of the building including the warehouse dock. Today we begin to correct that mistake.

  • Hi guys & gals can you believe we have reached 140 episodes so far? Despite the sudden drop in subscribers I keep on making content because it makes me happy and hopefully you as well. Dagoline has left quite an impression on me & I would like to ramp up some progress on my own single player world. Today in episode 140 I wanted to begin working on the florist shop since we never touched that place before nor finished it. Got side tracked more than once but today as I get ready to record episode 141 I wanted swing by here and share what we've done so far.

    We discovered the secrets of the PNB plugin using commands and can now spawn in virtually any texture with the exception of stained glass. Head to the desert to gather sand and find a pyramid that's so empty I can't wait to tear it down and possible rebuild one even bigger on the surface later on ;) . Well here's the episode hope you enjoy!

  • Hi there everyone guys & gals of all ages and backgrounds :) So far it's been a rather enjoyable let's play. A little creative here, some survival mode there but the entire aspect of my LP is to build a world centered around today, yesterday and maybe even add some futuristic later on. Yesterday I recorded episode 150! That's a big number and we talk about the long road ahead giving a tour of what we have done so far and why it is taking so long to get projects done. I wish I could afford a server I really do so I'm going to try and give up tobacco once again. Here is episode 150 and I really hope you enjoy:

    I been recording videos since April 17, 2015, been on YouTube since 2011. Played Minecraft for so many years that now we have data packs which uses the games own source code, I plan on trying to make my own to learn Java from it. as I do eventually port these same data packs to Rising World with some modifications. Sure it will be hard and I learn best from hands on side by side with a person rather than videos or hand written tutorials. As I grew up with multiple learning disabilities there may be some class's I could take though it would slow my channel down. If I take the classes there will only be two LP's 7 days a week which I enjoy most; Rising World & Force Of Nature. Here's a link to the Force Of Nature playlist. All the support matters and helps me create better quality content for you to enjoy. Have a nice day :saint:


  • Good morning ladies & gentlemen :) it's a bright sunny scorcher outside and don't forget to where your sunblock and hydrate! Anyways today in Rising World well yesterday I recorded an episode for today where we begin construction of the Crossroads Bridge. Nowhere on earth or google could I find a single image of an actual bridge ever constructed in such a way as we are about to build. This bridge will connect 4 major highways with a custom river flowing through the bottom of it. This river will stretch off into a Y forming a 3 rivers at one point all flowing eventually into an ocean, well when ever we find it. Meanwhile we've got a lot of highway construction ahead of us to set the plots for farms, housing, cities & more. As we get further into the world we will take intervals and build a few houses, apartments hmm.. next week maybe? how about an apartment complex beside our JIW Shopping Plaza? Don't forget the dumpsters ;) Alright guys here's today's episode of Rising World Episode 151 - The Crossroads Bridge:

    Let's not forget some lovely screenshots!

    Lot's more screenshots and videos to come <3

  • Good morning, afternoon, or evening to each and every one of you. Today I bring bad news and going to record a vlog about the changes in just a few minutes. First off I wanted to come by here and release the Season 4 Intermission. Now don't get me wrong Rising World will always be the core of my channel I just need a few weeks away from the game to refresh. We got camels, donkeys, horses, dungeons & even dummy npc's in these past few updates and I am not complaining here. Good coding takes time just like learning Java (in my case) is like taking your first steps; it's hard. Season 4 wasn't supposed to go into intermission till episode 200 but with the ctr, impressions & watch time taking a sky dive from 40+ views sometimes more to the single digits I have no choice but to do this.

    In this video I head on over to Didi Christensen's world where I look upon the beautiful pond I built for her in creative mode. This is what we want to do to our rivers but the grind is real and can not be done in creative 100%. To reach river bottom & leave the bumps & bruises in the rock it requires a rake and lot's of people to help grind it out. So we take a tour of Didi's world to see what she has done so far. Everyone you never know, we need a new intro soon so we may come back sooner and set out on an adventure looking for a snow biome or a beach. Do these biomes have a unique spawn?

  • Hello guys and gals tomorrow you may be in for a bit of a surprise with a double feature of Rising World Episode 157 scheduled for 9AM EST and Episode 158 scheduled for 3PM EST. Right now your probably wondering well what happened to Episode 156 and when did you start recording again? Well Episode 156 took off earlier today at 3PM EST where we left our home and decided to go West. Why West? Well to find water preferably a beach so that we may begin mapping the edges of our continent and all the way home. Creating markers for future cities, landscaping, farming and so much more. Season 4 went into Intermission then came back with a breath of fresh air. As stated before this world and season will be the longest running show I have ever created on YouTube.

    Episode 156 - Going West "Wanna Be A Cowboy"

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