Rising World: The Hermithood

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • 4 new episodes to share with you guys & gals hope your up for some more Rising World this weekend as rush hour begins soon ;) big round of applause to our developer @red51 for the excitement pouring in from all angles recently 8o Don't forget to back up your worlds! I know I will be and not making the same mistake as last year. Anyways back to episode sharing :thumbsup:

    Episode 157 - Ocean Or Bust? Last episode we headed out west into the great unknown to find ourselves an ocean to map out the continent. In this episode we may have just found it or is it a bust?

    Episode 158 - Lake Shamrock Well I guess it was a bust but it leaves me with a very good idea. You ever hear of the Loch Ness Monster? Well Lake Shamrock will be a quaint little fishing town plagued by Leprechauns =O:rolleyes: . In this episode we follow the banks of what we mistook for an ocean and the lake looks like a cross between a head of broccoli and a clover patch which was where I got the idea for the name.

    Episode 159 - Dusty Trails Last Episode we founded Lake Shamrock, today we begin rush hour. With the announcement of a new update coming out between Monday & Wednesday of next week we need to get a highway placed before it's too late. In this episode we create a long Dusty trail of dirt all the way out to Lake Shamrock so we could begin the smoothing and placing of asphalt. What this does is prevent the locally explored chunks from corrupting within a 25 chunk radius of all placed blocks.

    "Episode 160 - Clearing The Highway" In this episode we clear all the vegetation from the highway leading from Lake Shamrock all the way to the Crossroads Bridge (We still have to finish that.) It's a long one but towards the end of the episode we visit our shops to discuss Lake Shamrock with the owners and Harold has something very interesting to say while Benny & Jasmine quarrel over whom the CEO of the Shamrock Casino should be. Afterall can't have the good without the bad ^^

    Now for tomorrow... I'm getting tired as the game keeps crashing over entity data that doesn't make a lick of sense to me and multiple attempts at recording where I keep failing to realize the mic isn't turned on because oh that montage didn't work out so well. So I'm going to give this one more round for tomorrow but it's going to be a bit talky as we set some more lore in place while building a highway.

  • As I get ready to upload tomorrow's episode of Rising World I can't help but remember hey I need to share ;) So today was episode 161.

    Episode 161 - Stories & Lore: In this episode we continue doing some work on the highway but as we do this we discuss some idea's for Lake Shamrock. The scandals and how the leprechauns play a part and why they do. It seems kind of strange to me to lay such a ground work out but it'll be worth it. Meanwhile we try smoothing the road out in creative unsuccessfully and end up switching to a rake as we lay asphalt along the way to lock the chunks. I love stories they are what makes everyone of us special for each one of us we all have our own life story to tell that is never the same in detail as another. We grow up on stories, myths and fairy tales well me I never did give up. I still believe in them :saint:

  • Hi there ladies and gents how are you guys all doing today? 8o I myself am feeling great and well got a couple episodes to share with you. I love watching your content and I hope you like watching mine just as much as I do yours. <3 We Rising guys, we rising! :thumbsup: #BetterTogether Oh Yeah ^^ So what's new on The Hermithood front? well episodes 162 & 163 let's give you a brief run down and then I'll share some screenshots:

    Episode 162 - "Didi Visit's Lake Shamrock!" Wow this was fun, initially I invited her over to help me smoothing the roads but I decided to take her to the Lake. These roads are quite the chore and I can't find anyone that wants to help apart from Didi. Most days it's just me talking to you as we do the ol' 1,2 place & smooth; place and smooth. Which we'll be doing more of later today. Well here's episode 162 and I hope you enjoy!

    Episode 163 - "Diner & Vault 001" I've got a feeling this game is heading down a post apocalyptic path, which may explain the reason for both modern and stone age equipment. As this may be the case I do hope this doesn't turn into yet another zombie game. Since buying this game I couldn't help but notice a lack of NCR, BOS, or other big Fallout Factions as they would be perfect for this game. So I decided why not build some vaults? You know add some lore to them, perhaps build Dry Wells, New Vegas and more? Maybe it all just fell apart and this is what's left of humanity? So building a diner alongside the highway with an elevator down to a vault where I will likely move the world spawn to seems like a wonderful idea.

  • Good morning everyone. For the record my update video will not be out till tomorrow today's episode of Rising World is about me speculating about what may possibly be coming and I am calling it the "Survival Update" because of the road map as set by the developer on both steam and as discussed in previews updates. I've gone through and read every single update thread and from what I've gathered I built this episode upon and backed up my world for later today.

    Episode 164 - Survival Prep

    Will You Survive?

  • Hello Guys & Gals so yesterday the update Alpha for Rising World dropped and it was wonderful <3 Almost exactly as I predicted in episode 164 with the exception of fishing and boats those were quite the surprise and pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie! Oh my 8o I told you to run, I told you to hide you're going to freeze; you're going to die :whistling:8| Well not exactly but it was kind of dramatic. In today's episode of Rising World it doesn't quite count as Episode 165 because it's an update. In this video we go over every single detail of the changelog both in and outside of the game as well as here on the forums. I read through the entire documentation including all the bug fixes, work you through the interface changes and how to revert them and so much more. When @red51 said bomb, med-kit and assault rifle the first thing that came to mind was definitely this is going to be a post apocalyptic game. Makes literal sense as well given the materials you get from early game and the progression.

    *Can we please get some Fallout weapons? Mini-Nukes, Assault Rifles, Super Mutants & More? :thumbsup:

  • Good morning ladies & gentlemen, for today's episode of Rising World there's been a bit of FPS problems that I just can't seem to put my finger on. After a comment from one of my recent subscribers I decided to run a test recording with Action from Mirillis versus OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to decide which seems to run a bit smoother. Also we spent some time to gather some food & start a garden down at our little shack near Lake Shamrock as we even found a polar bear outside of his biome? Now the Pro's & Con's of OBS versus Action, Action is a one time fee program that will one day include video editing. You can pause your video, make bookmarks, use a drawing board and it is extremely light weight even for office computers. Now OBS is a free program but it also has none of these features, true you can record with it bit it also will chew your CPU up if not installed on an external drive or other. What I ask of you is to watch this video and to let me know which program do you think runs smoother OBS or Action? Never mind the pro's & cons just judge the footage by how smooth it appears to be. I know the FPS is all over the place and I believe this update may have come with a memory leak as I have cleaned my cache, cookies, and all java data before recording this video.

    Oh and here's some really nice screenshots I captured recently they are gorgeous and capture the pure beauty of nature in Rising World:

  • Okay guys so today I launched a new series on the channel for Rising World that will be more of a tutorial series than an LP. I am kind of new to this but I do know my way around the creative tool bar quite well and want to help others understand how to use it and other features within the game itself.

    Now for Episode One:

    I teach you about the Terrain control how to left click and right click, how to use the grid to your advantage, paint and smooth your terrain. We use the F5 function going through numbers 1-3 in this episode and hopefully this could help someone out there.

  • Okay now for the LP so far in our last episode we did a subscriber special because we hit 190 subscribers and it made me extremely happy to have gotten so close to 200 subscribers :thumbsup: Oh yeah that made my day. So after this and through the week I recorded several other videos including episodes 168 thru 170 let's review and share those

    Episode 168 - A Better Staircase:

    I couldn't think much on what to do for this episode and the scaffolding was driving me bonkers as I kept getting stuck on it, which made for a lousy staircase design. Looked alright, but was more of a problem than a solution so we took it down and built a proper staircase to the roof of our hut.

    Episode 169 - Building A Pumpkin Farm:

    Okay so it looked a lot better in my head than it did in game. Pumpkins grow on a vine in real life and also grow better when planted along a slope. In Rising World however these pumpkins just float :whistling: In addition to this we get started on a barn for storing the pumpkins, seeds & our horse in but never quite finish it. Perhaps in another episode we'll montage this..

    Episode 170 - Plotting The Docks:

    Well not really as much for plotting the docks as it was for gathering supplies and searching for locations to set up a quarry and a lumber yard. We ran short on supplies in the last episode and rather than gallop 300 miles back to the Fort I decided we needed to set up another location for stone & lumber. In addition to this we do some fishing and plot out where the drive-in fishing docks will be. This will be where trucks will back in to launch their boats into the water using a trailer.

    Hope you all enjoy, have yourselves a wonderful day.

  • Hello Ladies & Gentlemen I thought I shared this media with you but I guess I didn't sorry about that. Anyways with my Twitter account temporarily shutdown :( (yeah still don't know why) I might as well start sharing my content over here and on steam daily while keeping hope alive. So today let's start with episodes 171-175 yeah 5 days worth coming right up :whistling: again sorry for the delay this won't happen again.

    Episode 171 - Mapping The Suburbs (Recorded On Sunday)
    In this episode we hop into montage mode around Lake Shamrock to map out some of the suburban region around the lake so we could begin doing some building in the area.

    Episode 172 - Building A Mineshaft (Recorded On Monday)
    In order to do any building we're going to need a lot of material and preferably not a giant hole under the town. After All if physics are ever introduced I would rather the town remain standing than collapse in a massive earthquake.

    Episode 173 - Western Mining Mill Concept (Recorded On Tuesday)
    Strange how when this game first came out it was called Concept right? Well after looking at some images online of mining mills I found a few that had elevators sticking out the roof so I built the framework of one of these and could use your feedback. Exactly how do you build a crane in Rising World?

    Episode 174- A Very Long Day (Recorded On Thursday)
    So Microsoft decided it would be a good night to send out an update to Windows 8.1 Pro, as I went to bed I set my computer to update & shutdown. Woke up at 4AM with a very bad feeling in my gut wasn't able to record anything till the following day (Thursday) as I spent all day Wednesday installing Windows and all the apps. So in this episode we mellow out and go for a walk and talk about what went wrong and why I felt so worn out.

    Episode 175 - Building A Horse Corral (Recorded On Thursday)
    So todays episode of Rising World (Friday) we build a corral for putting all the local horses in so they can have a place to call home. We even get a pig that wanders inside! Any name suggestions?

  • Good morning ladies & gentlemen hope you are having a wonderful day as much as I am. Today I just started recording tomorrow's episodes and I also got another tutorial video coming up for tomorrow as well as we explore the F5 function in Rising World and how we can use it. Last time we went over the 1 thru 3 subfunctions of F5, tomorrow we will be going over the subfunctions of F5 numbers 4 and 5. Now as for tomorrow's LP episode we will be doing a highway montage, this needs done so I know if it's going to overlap with any building projects at Lake Shamrock. For today's episode of Rising World...

    Episode 176 - The Missing Ocean: I discovered a way to view the regions of the world much like Amidst does for Minecraft. In doing so I discovered an ocean south of Lake Shamrock alongside a rather large lake and an exceptionally large hole in the earth that is so deep you can see hell almost. These strange anomalies seem to be south of Lake Shamrock, with a savannah running alongside it. Problem is we can't seem to find it and I really wanted to show this off to you today. This upset me so I'm going back to finish off the roads and we'll lok some other time when I am less aggravated.

    Here are a couple nice screenshots we took along the way:

  • Good morning ladies & gentlemen got two new videos today that I wanted to swing by and share with you. Also my Twitter account is back up and running so that's a great thing as well. Not sure what happened there but let's get back on track with today's episodes shall we?

    Episode 177 - Highway Montage & Journey
    In this episode we do a quick montage working on the highway for about an hour that I compressed down to roughly 10 minutes and then proceed to go on a journey into the savannah where we find some gorgeous landscapes and screenshots worth the time and effort. See below for the screenshots.

    Rising World Tutorials Episode 2 - F5 Subfunctions (4 And 5) -
    In this episode we go over the Subfunction 4 (Area) which appears to be similar to the Subfunction 1 where you can add terrain at variable levels. Also we go over the Subfunction 5 (Water and how to place water, remove water and fix underwater glitches. As for circular water I'm not sure if it's coded into the game or if it can be done. Ask @dagoline for advice there as I have absolutely no clue.


  • Okay guys and gals not sure exactly where I left off but I got a lot of videos to share with you since my views for this seem to be plummeting. I ended up leaving season 4 behind because of possible world corruption and I have reason to believe that the NPC's added were the cause of all this. Before I started spawning NPC Dummies into my world it was stable as well was my FPS but eventually things started to get very bad and the world began to disappear beneath my feet as we decided it was a good idea to go adventuring out and build a log cabin around the 26,500 mark west. I made it home and found out that not even F10 could stitch the world back together so I had no choice but to end season 4. I still have the world in case Red comes up with a patch in the future though that may not be likely, so I blueprinted what I could. Unfortunately the JIW Shopping Plaza can not be blueprinted in full due to the limitations placed on blueprint scale in width. :(

    So welcome to Season 5 and I apologize for not sharing sooner.

    Episode 1 - The Never Ending LP

    I got this idea from a movie I loved as a kid called the neverending story with a big fluffy dog you could fly and rescue a princess.

    Episode 2 - All The Tools

    We craft all the basic tools needed to start over from scratch again and even go fishing :)

    Episode 3 - Starting Pointe' Lookout

    Back when I played Fallout 3 there was a lighthouse I found rather interesting let us see if we can build something similar here in RW.

    Episode 4 - Is It A Castle?

    We gather some material and begin construction on the lighthouse though it does come out looking a bit awkward.

    Episode 5 - Caving & Rooks

    In this episode we go do some caving together and some more work on the lighthouse though even now it reminds me of a chess piece.

    Episode 6 - Maps & Shafts

    In this episode we spend some time gathering the material to build a map and build a rather long shaft on the lighthouse that I'm not to sure about. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Episode 7 - Staircase Design

    Today we try to build a staircase leading up to the second floor of the light house but it's too dark in here to see much. So tomorrow we're going to make a mining helmet and some tier 2 tools so we can work faster and see better.

  • Hello everyone :) today I got one brand new episode for you and well one from friday, been a bit busy but always glad to share.

    Episode 8 - Tier II Tools

    In this episode we craft all the tier ii tools that we can within this episode and have some fun while we do so. We need to recoup what we lost so let's do this :thumbsup:

    Episode 9 - Drills & Saws

    In this episode we build a chainsaw and a mining drill then go on a speedrun chopping down trees for a little added fun, hope you enjoy 8o

  • Wow it's been a long time since I posted over here and with me going to see a neurosurgeon here soon I may have to take a break from YouTube and creating content. Let's not hope it comes to that. Anyways I've got a lot of Season 5 episodes for you so let me start by saying that I'm sorry for not keeping you updated once again. So here's what I'm going to so I'm just going to post all the missing episodes all the way up to today and tomorrow when I get back from my MRI I'll share tomorrow's episode, deal? Okay let's do this...

    Rising World Season 5 Intro Version 1.2

    Episodes 10-16

    Episodes 17-23

    Story so far and plans for tomorrow... We left off on the lighthouse and began working on a house for SmiloSabercat a brand new subscriber that has been very interactive within a lot of my videos. I am very thankful for this and wish things were like this more often. You see I love reading comments because it lifts my spirits up to know that someone else is watching but also willing to engage in an overall conversation. Didi, dagoline and many others do this when mentioned. It's just that making all these videos I see the views are there but there's never really an audience to talk with and it makes me feel down and depressed like no one really wants to watch me play the game anymore. Then when I make a vlog saying I am going to end Rising World the whole broom closet opens up and out pours all the support? Where is this support when I make Rising World content daily, it's a bit lonely if you ask me. So come out of that closet say hi, say something but please don't make me feel like a blade of grass in the wind.

  • Has it really been that long since I shared a video over here? 8| Wow I guess time does fly when you are having fun. Hi I create a variety of content but Rising World is the main feature on my channel and won't be leaving anytime soon. What @red51 has created is a timeless classic that will keep my imagination flowing for days on end. I record episodes of Rising world and release them Monday through Friday at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time - US (Pennsylvania) So instead of posting 23 back to back episodes on here to catch up here today I want to first off share my latest video with you.

    Rising World Episode 47 Exploring The World - In this episode we take a break from building to venture out 1500 blocks in each cardinal direction (North, South, East and West) to prepare to fill in a complete square for all of my subscribers. You see I am building a world where for every subscriber I can see that is subscribed to me via the "YouTube - Subscriber List" they each get a home. Every home will be unique and have a sign out front thanking them for subscribing. At the moment I am building Smilosabercat's home and we took a break to go scouting.

    Now for the rest of the episodes to catch you up to speed please take a look at the Season 5 playlist found here -

    As for PC Specs I don't exactly have the best PC in the world at the moment. Best Buy lied to me when I first bought the computer in 2015 which is an Asus M11BB series PC with a 8670D graphics card and an integrated quad core AMD APU 6700 HDD with Radeon Processor. Not the best for playing Rising World so expect some lag I record in 720P and encode in 1080P on edit then compress the video using handbrake due to rural internet providers and the 5 MBps upload cap. Love where I live and don't plan on moving to a city in the near future, the cars alone would drive me bonkers. :whistling:


  • Hello once again and a very good afternoon, morning, and or evening to wherever you may live in this beautiful world. Today I got a couple videos to share even some screenshots :thumbsup: it's a week that's going to be full of montages on Rising World with the exception of today's episode. I tore an abdominal muscle and it kind of put a slight damper in my enthusiasm, to put things short it hurts to move much. ;( But that's okay because our character can still move :rolleyes: Yep two videos for you episodes 48 & 49 of season 5 let's get started... :thumbup:

    Episode 48 - Montage Week Part 1: In this episode we ramp up progress on Smilosabercat's home in montage mode by adding in the rest of the support beams to square off the roof, do some work in the kitchen, some walls and even the ceilings a bit.

    Episode 49 - Custom Coat Closet: Smilo gave me an idea for a coat closet in the kitchen since I hurt myself we take the time to build this one together instead of speeding progress up.


  • Wow it's been a very long time since I've shared much on here and that's mostly because my health problems have gotten worse and I got too tired by the end of the day. In the latest episode of 94 Didi & I had some PVP fun and she's building a home for me on her world so I gave her a hand.

    Now apart from this we are also very, very close to finishing up Smilo's home after all these episodes and it's been a lot of fun! I learned quite a bit from building with planks and beams especially how every time you exit and load the game @red51 there's a bug where the planks and beams don't stay on their correct grid upon game reload. Despite this SmiloSabercat's house has turned out very amazing! I am very proud of this just need a away to disable the terrain from blueprinting because I fear it could cause world corruption from moving chunks from one world to another.

    Here's some screenshots of the home even made a custom bear rug one could sit upon and feel like a kid once again! :saint:

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