Rising World: The Hermithood

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    • Hello again :) I've been a bit busy creating tomorrow's episode of Rising world but without further ado guys Happy 4th of July. I really hope you enjoy this video as I have put a lot of time into getting ready for it. With the help of Didi Christensen this would of taken a lot longer. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart <3

      In episode 111 we set up some horse races around the safari nature reserve, a grand open area for people to come by and relax and enjoy the show with plenty of refreshments to go around. Hope you enjoy :thumbsup:
    • Good morning world :) One moment I need coffee before I share... :thumbsup: (yawns a few times ) I dink I can, I dink I can lol Okay guys so over these past few days I've been rather busy trying to get ahead of this weeks videos, unfortunately that includes Rising World as well. With a lot of appointments this week time had to be stretched over this weekend to get most of this weeks videos done. Now they aren't all uploaded or edited yet we've got custom rivers, finished Didi Christensen's house & later getting back to work on the fortress as it is time to get back to work on it.

      Episode 112 -
      Here in episode 112 we head over to Didi Christens world to build her a custom pond.

      Episode 113 -
      We got a new mic! And we start the construction of the front porch of Didi's house 8) So far it looks great :thumbup: if you like it :)

      Now Episode 114 doesn't unlock until 12PM EST so I'll come back here in a couple hours to update you with the latest video. Again thank you all for your support it means a lot to me. It's time for my morning walk so I can stop yawning. bye for now ^^
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      Hello again everyone I just released today's 12 O'clock PM video early because I will be leaving to go over my Dad's here in a bit. My sister is home from Cambodia and it's time to spend some time with her. Uploading tomorrow's video right after this post. Hope you enjoy! :) :thumbsup:

      In this video we put the roof on Diane's house (Didi Christensen) be sure to check out her channel as well. She creates a variety of content and is relatively new to YouTube, share the love <3 we all could use some now and again.

      Didi Christesen's Channel:
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      Hello again guys & gals :) With my sister being home from Cambodia for the month I've been a bit preoccupied spending time with her, my niece & the family to take notice that I haven't shared much content as of lately. So today I want to catch you up to speed on the past 3 episodes before the 12 O'Clock episode comes out.

      Episode 116 - We have figured out how to use F7 to delete objects, constructions & more! In this episode we put this to some use by removing the houses alongside the mountain edge so I could work on a custom river to flow right along side it.

      (sneak peak)

      Episode 117 - Me & Didi Christensen are clearing the northern road of vegetation & having a blast of fun with the local wildlife. Couldn't bring the horses with us as there is no way to heal them at this time.

      Episode 118 - We pick up where we left off last episode with Didi clearing the roads with a terrible echo plaguing our mics today. So we stay quiet for the majority of it but still manage to have a great adventure.

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      Now for Episode 119 - This episode unlocks at 12PM Eastern Standard Time (US) today. Use this to see what time that is in your area timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
      In this episode we head back to the fortress to get back to work on it. I've got some fresh ideas & a lot of montages planned for this. We need to get this project going along before the next terrain update. Not sure when that is but I got a feeling in my gut we need to get this moving along. Hope you enjoy.