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    • Jingle Bell Jam - Artisan's Realm Server

      Jingle Bell Jam - Artisan's Realm server
      Friday Oct 15th at 7pm EST
      Saturday Oct 16th at 3pm EST

      Hello Everyone in Rising World, its party time again! We have started getting the party site together and already have a bunch of entries started. We will have 3 contests you can do to win awesome prizes! You can do a building, a sculpture, or play a song in our piano playing competition. Or do one of each! And dont forget! All of Rising World is invited, regardless of what server you play on, to come enjoy the party! Come and be a part of the live stream, meet some friends, hear some piano tunes and vote for your favorite person to win!

      And now for the rules:

      General rules:
      This contest is open to any Artisan's Realm player

      To claim a spot contact an admin to have them set you up.

      You may have 1 entry in each category.

      Forum blueprints are allowed to be used.

      Admins and builders can help you do anything your current rank doesn't allow you to do.

      After your site is obviously being built on, you may remove the green light by your sign (this makes it easy to identify from the air)

      Building rules:
      Build spot is 40w x 60d x 70h You can have more height later if you need it.

      You may decorate the front fence and the stairs, but do not place anything in the snow in front of your spot. And stay off the long grass in between builds.

      Do not dig down below street level. You can bury stuff underground but replace the dirt to street level at least. (like lights, sunken plants, props etc)

      Terrain can be modified as long as it blends nicely with the surrounding landscape, barriers and cannot affect your neighbor.

      No more than 6 smoke emitters (too much lag)

      No more than 25 posters. (too much lag)

      The sculpture must fit in a 24 block wide circle and be no more than 70 blocks high

      Nothing can overhang the edge by more than 2 blocks (tree branches, arms etc)

      No posters or smoke (saved these for the big builds)

      Piano Contest-
      To enter have an admin place a sign at the stage to put you on "the sign up sheet"

      You must be present when it is your turn or you will be skipped. You may still play at the end after the last player's slot.

      Player with the highest score (over both days) wins a prize.

      (More details on how this will work to be posted later)

      Hope to see everyone there, and when you port into the server there is a sign to direct you to the party location. Open your chat window (T) and type in this command:

      /tp 24

      Spots are filling up so come on by if you would like to claim a spot. Its going to be beautiful!
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    • Building spots are all gone! It's crazy how fast they went! We even had to expand the site twice to fit more! There are still 7 sculpture spots left though, so come build something cute if you are a member of our server, or just come say hi and check it out of you are from another server! Especially for the party with livestream :D Everyone is welcome. And now to see if I can figure out Jingle Bells on the keyboard for the piano contest.....(never going to happen) ;(
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