Painting Blocks or Construction Elements

  • Another vote for a paint tool, again. A tool that will allow us to paint any block wall, or plank and beam to any color using a color picker (hexadecimal selector). Perhaps we would first have to have a "null" texture (represented by plain gray, maybe) then apply "paint color" over that.

    So we'd select that null texture block, or color ID for a beam or plank, build our wall or whatever. Then select the Paint tool, and in that GUI we'd select a custom color from a hexadecimal tool (many simple ones on the web). Or failing that, typing in a hex number. We'd then point our Paint tool at the null colored wall and click to apply color. We might repaint, too, if we want to change the color.

    I'd also wish for paint to be applied only to the side we touch, but that may be impossible. Even so I'd welcome all-over painting!

    Alternatively, selecting a Null colored block or element in the crafting bench or inventory and having a way to color it there with a custom color, would work just as well. OR, doing in the console by perhaps typing:

    item woodbeam qty. ID# (color as a hex code)

    Extrapolating from that, maybe you could also have some sort of command center where you could input all the properties, item type, material or custom color ID, size dimensions and orientation X Y Z, AND then save that custom object to reuse.

    I'm dreaming, so I might as well dream big. :D

  • Why would this be to hard? So far first place i saw that in a voxel world was Empyrion then they adapted it to 7 days to die, its kind of the bog standard now in most voxel games of this type to have blocks build focus on shapes. Then have a paint tool to apply textures, Most tools give the option of one face or the whole block, as a play it is far easier to change the look of things with a tool than to have to build each block the right texture and shape. I hope they figure a way out around this as for a game that building is its main drawing point, that a Texture tool is kind of a must. One of those bog standard features in Voxel block building games for today.

  • We have the ability to change the texture of the materials we are working with by the command console:

    Typing in: item woodbeam 64 204 will give you 64 wood beams of black plaster

    Or a plug-in named PnB (planks and boards) will do the same thing, allowing you to change texture of beams logs etc. Plus give you triangle shapes if you chose.

    We have the ability to change the size of the materials we are working with using the command console:
    put the item on your hot bar and type: size x y z
    This will give you an item that will be the length, width, and depth that you specify with the x y z
    need a large block? type in size 2 2 2 and you will get a block twice the size of the regular block

    We have a paint tool. And a paint plug in.

    Note that unless you are on a Creative Server, you likely can not do any of this. Survival servers focus on survival, not building. Check out the server you are interested in for the type of play they offer.

    Hold a plank in your hand and type in F1 to pull up the extended construction menu, to learn more commands.

    Read the tutorials treads here on these forums and see the many mind blowing things we can do now.

  • @Graysilk13 cool glad to know its in the console was nothing to do with what i was talking about i was talking about a texture painting tool as i described is bog standard in ever other voxel game that i have played while they did not all exist at first it is good to see that they do and are quite possible as per Captain_cornball suggesting it was not possible you have explained that it is.

    Hope to see this attached to survival as a paint brush or a texture tool as this is the suggestion forums i suggest it would be much better to have the block table only contain the blocks shapes rather than all of the paint texture options for the blocks as this is quite tedious and as stated above most other games use this feature as a basic bog standard tool in their "survival" not creative modes, i would assume in creative you full access to all blocks in a single menu what i am speaking about here is a texture tool or paint tool that in surivival that when used brings up the texture options allowing the player to select either 1 single face or all faces, size would be cool too but i think being able to paint the block and or a single face is sufficient and the norm for voxel based survival games much like W>S>A>D is the bog standard control for FPS games. Also making it a tool would be much easier than having to craft 50 different types of blocks with limited stacking space, rather than having say cobblestone block, or cement or wood or metal then using the paint tool to change its texture.

    Why would you imply that survival servers are not for building i find this a bit absurd playing this game for hours and hours in survival and while adventuring building plenty so dunno about you but this game is majorly about building then diving dungeons and exploring second otherwise it is very odd how its very much like 7 days to die or emyperion set in another universe showing Red51s creative perspective while this is also in early access it sure does appear from my time playing a building,adventure survival game..... lol survival is not focused on building thats like saying minecraft was not focused on building but survival your funny.

  • The first voxel building game was Landmark The Game, alpha 2013 and Sunset 2017. I loved that game, excellent way to learn building skills working with the dev's.

    There is a paint brush active in game now R3dskull, it is on the F4, F5, F6 tool bar, that is only active in Creative Mode. It is limited, but it is alpha. The paint/area/smooth/fill/remove tool are all the same and can be sized from a small circle or square to a large one, and controlled with a grid that can lower of raise.

    I have to find your remarks are made because you do not have a full understanding of this game yet.

    I imply that survival servers are not for creative building because I have spent several months on the survival server Serenity, which is also an economy based server: and now am playing on the Creative Server Artisans Realm.

    I also have played on my own survival server and my own creative server, so as to learn the basics of both types of play.

    You can build on a survival server of course. However, you will do it the hard way. You will dig all your own materials or buy them. You will not be able to summon any materials. You will not be able to fly. (some may allow you to now, but Red has said flying will be gone when the game launches. Instead, you have to use scaffolding and ladder to build high. You will not be able to use any of the Creative Building Tools.

    Look around you, this is not Minecraft.

    There are also 2 more styles of servers in the works. Adventure and another. Try different kinds of servers, there is no reason that you have to believe me, find out for yourself.

    Have fun.

  • I play mostly creative. I've exploited the heck out of the console. ;)

    We can "paint" with existing textures in the terrain mode, true, and we can make any in game texture in planks and beams (but no glass triangles yet!).
    But what I most want is a color picker and paint tool for all elements PnB and blocks. So that I can make any shade of color. Also, to add to that, since I am dreaming. I would love to have a "wallpaper" tool so that I scan in my own texture an apply it walls, to other shapes I build in game.

    Think of the possibilities! <3

    Looking forward to the next update. Can't wait to see the horsies or whatever it is!

  • @MommaT there is another way to make interesting wallpaper without using posters. Darn poster disappear when you blueprint your builds. I try using the metals and the tiles for example, get some pretty wallpaper that way. Gravel makes an unusual, silvery wall finishing also.

    @ViciousKanid Very true, and using carpet images works nice for poster carpeting also. But, unfortunately, all the posters disappear when you blueprint your builds. I experiment with inlaying different size and color blocks in the floors to get my own tile type design with stars and other shapes.

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