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  • Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to write my first plugin, It's literally just a framework at the moment. I added my jar file to a created directory "plugins" in the server root and then typed in reloadplugins into the in-game console.

    I got a message saying that it had failed (or something along those lines) and then on the server log I got tons of errors (as in repeatedly until I restarted the server).

    From that can anyone see what I was doing wrong? I Appreciate you may need more info!

  • The "plugin" is simply:

    With of course the yml file

  • Yeah looking inside my jar file I can also see the api jar files, which I'm sure is not right!

    To get my code to compile (using NetBeans) I right clicked on my project name, selected properties, went to the libraries option and added the PluginAPI jar with the add JAR/folder option.

    Which allow me to compile, as without it moans about the imports not working (i.e. net.risingworld.api.... )

    To create my jar I right clicked on my project and selected "build"

    It's been a while since I wrote any code, and I'm new to NetBeans (old Eclipse guy here).

    This is my attempt at almost a "hello world" plugin.

  • Brilliant, thanks Minotorious, I'll give that a shot. I was trying to be "organized" and keeping everything together.

    I assume that by including the api in my source folder there was a conflict as to which class files to use, as in "my" copy of the api classes or the actual api classes on the server?

    Edit: OK I've moved the api jar and recompiled, my new jar no longer contains the api classes :)

    It's getting late so I will upload this and test it on the server tomorrow, and I'll post an update on how it goes.

  • Agh! Still no joy. :(

    So here is my MedievalRealms plugin folder which contains my MedievalRealms.jar plugin file show in the following server tree.

    Here is my YML file called plugin.yml which lies in the resources folder within my packages src

    name: MedievalRealms
    main: org.yahwho.medievalrealms.MedievalRealms
    version: 1.0.0
    author: Yahwho
    team: Medieval Realms
    description: "Medieval Realms Server Plugin"
    license: MIT

    Here is my java file

    I've also attached my compiled MedievalRealms.jar file.

    On my desktop I've extracted my MedievalRealms.jar file alongside an extracted copy of ConnectToTS.jar

    I've gone though all the files and structure and it look as far as I can tell identical?

    But when I start my server with MedievalRealms.jar inside my servers root/plugins/MedievalRealms/ directory diddly squat happens?

    If I type in reloadplugins in my in game console I get: WARNING: ERROR OCCURRED WHILST RELOADING THE PLUGINS!

    Okay, so as a test, I removed my plugins folder and restarted server and typed in reloadplugins again, same thing happens WARNING: ERROR OCCURRED WHILST RELOADING THE PLUGINS! along with the (looping) error that I get in the log

    note: I have not tried installing any 3rd party plugin incl. the ConnectToTS.jar one

    I'm trying this now - yep that doesn't do anything either entering /ts into chat comes up with "unknown command"

    The file ConnectToTS.jar lies in this directory D:\Rising World\server_0.9.2.1\plugins\ConnetToTS\

  • Hmm... I tried the plugin, but I wasn't able to reproduce this error 8| The plugin code looks fine btw. The error seems to be happening inside the game, although I'm not sure if it really causes this issue (or if this error just occurs because the plugin reload went wrong)... can you maybe post the whole server log here? :)

  • Restart didn't help (worth a shot).

    What I find odd is that I do not see something like:

    D:\Rising World\server_0.9.2.1\scripts

    In the log, I expect I should see something like:

    D:\Rising World\server_0.9.2.1\plugins


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