Permissions help

  • For some reason unbeknownst to me, I cannot set certain permissions in my admin group, like: keepinventory: true

    I edit the admin group properly careful to use proper syntax. Restart the server, log back in, and discover these permission are not being set (verify by ESC, check checking permissions, they will not set).

    Below is a copy of my admin group permission if anyone can enlighten me as to why this is not working:
    group: Admin
    chatnamecolor: 0xFF0000
    chatprefix: (Admin)
    chatprefixcolor: 0xFF0000
    shownametag: true
    showadmintag: true
    nametagcolor: 0xFF0000
    nametagprefix: (Admin)
    nametagprefixcolor: 0xFF0000
    fly: true
    pvp: true
    pve: true
    keepinventory: true
    debuglight: true
    nohungerthirst: true
    - *
    - makeadmin
    - revokeadmin
    - shutdown
    enabled: true
    maxupload: 100
    dimension: 512
    - *
    use: true
    create: true

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  • can you post the actual permission file since indentation is important for it to work and I cannot see it here :)

    but i think quite a few people have had problems in the past with the keepinventory: true permission, maybe @red51 could check if something is bugged with it on his side of things :/

  • If you're an actual admin on your server (i.e. if your UID was added to the file next to the "admins" field), the server overrides your permissions by default. In this case you could try to open the file in your server directory and set settings_admins_allpermissions to false, then save the file and restart the server. If you now assign you to the "admin" group, does the issue still persist?

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