[Plugin] iConomy 1.6.0 (Geld-Plugin mit GUI) | (Money Plugin with GUI)

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    ENGLISH STATEMENT / Englische Beschreibung: (GOOGLE)

    Welche Kommandos / Commands:

    (New) Config

    Hinweis für Entwickler: | Note for developers:

    EDIT: Multisprache ist verfügbar!
    EDIT: Multi-language is available!

    Für Weiter Wünsche, stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung!
    For further requests, I am happy to help!

    Viel Spaß damit!
    Have fun!

    EDIT 11.04.2018


    Weitere Plugins, die es benötigt um zu Funktionieren: | More plugins needed to work:


    [NEU | NEW] ConfigManager 1.0.2

    Info 1.2.0: Please reinstall plugin completely! | Bitte Plugin neu installieren!

    WICHTIG: Da das Plugin leider zu groß für das Forum geworden ist, muss der Download nun über unseren eigenen Server erfolgen.

    IMPORTANT: Since the plugin has unfortunately become too big for the forum, the download must now take place via our own server.

    DOWNLOAD: HERE (with "javadoc.zip")

    Entwicklung iConomy 2.0: Trello

  • hört sich ja ganz toll an. Grad für den Survival Bereich oder wenn ein Server viel auf Handel setzt.
    Bin mal auf die erste Version gespannt sowie das Feedback 8o
    Ähnliche ansetze gab es ja schon für LUA

  • Hey thanks.. I might have to try this. There needs to be something in the game to create a need to approach other players and cooperate besides who can dig to the middle of the earth first. I am not a programmer though I tell myself I need to learn. At least your iconomy is upto date. Now just need a script so you can rob other players if they are carrying money in their pockets to satiate the PVP players.

    German Google 8o

    Hey danke .. Ich muss das vielleicht versuchen. Es muss etwas im Spiel sein, um die Notwendigkeit zu schaffen, sich anderen Spielern zu nähern und mit anderen zu kooperieren, die zuerst in die Mitte der Welt graben können. Ich bin kein Programmierer, obwohl ich mir sage, dass ich lernen muss. Zumindest dein Iconomy ist aktuell. Jetzt brauchen Sie nur ein Skript, damit Sie andere Spieler ausrauben können, wenn sie Geld in ihren Taschen haben, um die PVP-Spieler zu sättigen.

  • Installed and works.. I love it

    Question:you use names not UID so exploit players can steal wallets by changing names? Also the commands are in the readme.txt and not those shown above. it economy not money just for anybody else that uses it .. in the source file read the readme for commands

  • Hi @angriff,

    You can enter the player name in the commands, but even if the player changes his name, he still gets his Money.
    The entered name is then changed to the UID. In the commands, I have to use player name, because the other player who wants to send money does not know what his UID is called.

    The iConomy database stores only UID. No player name.

    I'm looking for the UID in the world database.
    There is always the current player name with his UID. When a player enters the server and he has changed his name, the name is also changed in the World Database.
    You can also send money to offline players.

  • Many thanks for your effort! I'll wait for an English version. :)

    Hey this is in english. All the commands are in english ... not sure about the source code notes, I did not look at them.

    /ebalance - checkwallet balance.<br>
    /eprice - checkprice of item held.<br>
    /ebuy <amount>- buy item held. <amount> is optional. If no amount is specified, onewill be bought.<br>
    /esell<amount> - sell stack held. <amount> is optional. If no amount isspecified, whole stack will be sold.<br>
    /egivecoins<playername> <amount> - give specified player coins. All commandoptions required.<br>
    /economy set<amount> - set price of item held. <amount> is required.<br>
    /economy export -export pricelist table to csv file in plugin folder.<br>
    /economy import -import pricelist.csv from plugin folder.<br>

    This must have been built on the old economy from the other thread as the above english commands for that plugin work with this one.


  • Perfect if it uses the UID then bad actors cannot steal the money.. Great Work.. now we need a script for having to pay to pick up out of a special box or set selected area so we can have a true market. If you want to buy and dont have one, you cant right now. You can only duplicate something in your hand. But for a market type economy if we can select an area in that area to pick up you must pay would simulate the market and allow you to get things that you dont have or have not crafted yet. You know sell your corn and buy a sword. :thumbsup:

  • Hey I wanted to add that this Plugin is on my server and it appears to provide english responses or in numbers. So it is completely usable on english only services but possibly not the code or it's notes for developers. The ability to manage money appears to be usable on both language servers. If you just want to move fake money between players it will work.

    It is not tied to things on the server like Economy plug-in is so it is meaningless unless you want to have prizes or money hoarded for items, rights or privileges from the Admins. You could charge for setting up a protection area for example or for a type of sword. I don't know how they would earn money unless Admins gave them money for certain events or actions or other players exchange it with them for the same.

    I can see a sign on the server that says Admin services fees :D

    It is running on my server if you wish to take a look. (Angriff's Lair You should start with $1000 (ICD) iconomy dollars.

    Commands above work in english text and I dont see any special German Characters.

    • /money- Zeigt das Geld auf der Bank / Cash | Shows the money of the bank and cash
    • /money help - Zeigt die Kommandos | Show the Commands
    • /money send <cash> <Player> <amounth> - Sendet Cash an Player | Send cash to player
    • /money send <bank> <Player> <amounth> - Sendet Geld von der Bank an eine andere | Send money from your bank to an other

    • /money getbankmin - Zeigt den Mindestbetrag auf deiner Bank | Shows the minimum amount on the bank


    • /money get <Player>
      Zeigt das Geld einer anderen Person | Shows the Money of an other player
    • /money set <cash|bank> <Player> <amounth>
      Überschreibt den Betrag in der Datenbank | Change the amounth in the database
    • /money add <cash|bank> <Player> <amounth>
      Gibt jemanden Geld, ohne selbst zu zahlen | Gives someone money without paying
    • /money take <cash|bank> <Player> <amounth>
      Zieht jemanden Geld ab (man erhält aber nichts) | Takes someone's money off (you get nothing)

    • /money setbankmin <Player> <amounth>
      Setzt den Mindestbetrag auf der Bank | Sets the minimum amount on the bank

    • /money setbankmin <true|false>
      Aktiviert Mindestbetrag auf der Bank | Activates minimum amount on the bank
  • A new update is available (1.0.1) | Ein neues Update ist verfügbar (1.0.1)


    CHANGELOG 1.0.1:
    Edit Method:
    enoughCash(long UID)
    enoughBank(long UID)

    features: | Funktionen:
    Multisprache | Multi-language - German & English!
    :!: PLEASE INSTALL THE SprachAPI PLUGIN! | Bitte das Plugin "SprachAPI" installieren! :!:

  • New version will not work on my server. I reverted back to previous version.

    What is not working? Did you have an Error Message?

    I Need an Error Log.

    You must install die Plugin "SprachAPI" for the Multi-language!

    If you did everything right, your iConomy-folder looks like this:

    The "locale" folder is automatically created by the "SprachAPI"!

  • Well no errors it just did not respond at all to any chat command instructions as in did not tell me my balance. I do not know if the Sprach API is installed probably not if it is not automatic. I would be nice if you just created a zip file that did all that together, name the file folder and all. But I learned that you needed to do that from another thread for a plugin I installed that did not work.

    I will try determine how to install the API that you mentioned and get back with you later today. The API for languages seems complicated but I will fiddle through it when I get back 8|

  • The API for languages seems complicated

    You do not have to program anything with the SprachAPI. This has already done my program. Only the API must be on the server, otherwise it can not find the source code.
    My iConomy first checks to see if the "SprachAPI.jar" is on the server before executing any commands so that there are no errors.

  • The Spach API instructions are not clear. Does it go in the locale file or does it go into its own plugin directory and your program creates the locale directory ?( ?

    If it is it's own is the SprachAPI or Sprach-API

  • Ok now I have it installed on the server and it will not let me log into my own server. It says kicked from server authentication procedure. I look at the directory and it is set up ok. I installed Sprach-API in its own directory with a - between like the name. I got errors for nearly 3 to 5 minutes and had to do two restarts of my server.

    It renamed the Sprach-API jar back to it original with the double parenthasis and readded (1). I thought it was just a duplicate file on my computer. Once I restarted after that it is now working. With English Help screen.

    IT IS WORKING IS THE FINAL REPORT. I think the restart was needed as my paid server renames databases so there must have been some resetting while that was being done. When I could not get on for longer than usual instead of unloading the files I decided to just do a restart and that seemed to fix it.

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