[Plugin] iConomy 1.6.0 (Geld-Plugin mit GUI) | (Money Plugin with GUI)

  • Hi, i am new to this not sure if i ask to much but it is possible to get something similar to medievalrealms server with iConomy 2.0 where you actualy have physical gold coins not only digits in your inventory?

    1. You never ask to munch. ;)

    2. It's a good idea, but I don't know enough about models and customer items.

    3. This takes the place in the Invenar that not everyone wants.

    I'll think about it.;)

  • Thank you very much, for most of us who likes to role play the physical gold coins will bring alot to the table, trading gold coins for other stuff its what i even imaginated when i first bought the game, seeing the gold coin for the first time on the server medievalrealms in my hand and in my inventory it felt like something that should be in the basic game, it felt natural to the game.

    For nr 2, maybe there is someone in the community who want to get involved and help with the model of a gold coin and custom items, if there is someone please consider it.

    For nr 3, not sure whats the max limit to stack an item, let say its 250 then we can stack gold coins aswell up to 250 when you hit this number we can have a sack of gold coins, thats 1 slot of 1 sack of coins that have 250 gold coins inside and you dont have to use 1 coin for 1 slot.

  • Just an ideea that came in my mind today when i crafted the Crown :P

    It is possible to use the model and the texture of the Crown to make it into a gold coin and make it a custom item?

    Cut a round part of the crown add some edges to it, make it look a used/old add the texture to it and done?



    at de.pbplugins.icListenerGuiInfo.lambda$onPlayerConnect$0(icListenerGuiInfo.java:111)

    at pluginapi.PluginTimerManager.update(SourceFile:73)

    at pluginapi.PluginManager.update(SourceFile:303)

    at server.Main.update(SourceFile:286)

    at commons.JIWApplication.update(SourceFile:324)

    at com.jme3.system.NullContext.run(NullContext.java:133)

    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    ##Exception: null

    ##Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

    any ideas?

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, I can no longer access the old iConomy. :(

    But I'm in the process of writing a new iConomy.

    I've just sent you the old iConomy here. That comes from the time when it worked with AktiveSign.

    Maybe this will work.

    Please do not forget to use the "SprachAPI" plugin.

    As soon as the new API for the new version is there, I will definitely re-create this plugin.

  • Im trying to get a test usershop set up. I know the plugin works fine since the balance is shown at top. Im stuck at creating signs and I suppose linking them to chests. Can anyone explain simply how this needs to work please?

    have you installed aktive signs?

    if im not mistaken its [UserShop] first line capitalization must be correct as well.

  • There a link on page 7 i think, i got he iconomy plugin working after 4 hours of playing around but still can't get the ActiveSign to work, it crashes the server

  • English:

    Hello everyone,

    I know that the old iConomy and the old AktiveSign are not stable. So I will rewrite both.

    I've been in the process of re-writing it for weeks.

    iConomy is almost ready. New API and much more stable than the old one.

    I ask for patience. If there is a new version, the download links will also be updated.


    Hallo alle Zusammen,

    ich weiß, dass das alte iConomy und das alte AktiveSign nicht stabil läuft. Deswegen werde ich beide neu schreiben.

    Ich bin schon seit Wochen dabei, es neu zu scheiben.

    iConomy ist fast fertig. Neue API und wesendlich stabieler als das alte.

    Ich bitte um Gedult. Wenn es eine neue Version gibt, werden auch die Download-Links aktualisier

  • PatrickOtt

    Changed the title of the thread from “[Plugin] iConomy 1.5.2 (Geld-Plugin mit GUI) | (Money Plugin with GUI)” to “[Plugin] iConomy 1.5.2 (Geld-Plugin mit GUI) | (Money Plugin with GUI) - 1.6.0 in Work”.
  • That's great we are very happy to add any help if you need it. Thanks for all your hard work

  • Status Update: Erstes Javadoc

    Wie ja alle wissen, wird iConomy neu geschrieben.

    Hier ist schon mal das erste Javadoc.

    Die jar-Datei wird auch bald verfügbar sein.

    Link unten.

    Edit: Javadoc wird immer wieder aktualisiert, da noch nicht alles geschrieben ist.


    Status update: First Javadoc

    As everyone knows, iConomy is being rewritten.

    Here is the first Javadoc.

    The jar file will also be available soon.

    LINK: https://javadoc.sandboxgamer.de/Java/iConomy/

    Edit: javadoc is constantly being updated as not everything is written yet.

  • PatrickOtt

    Changed the title of the thread from “[Plugin] iConomy 1.5.2 (Geld-Plugin mit GUI) | (Money Plugin with GUI) - 1.6.0 in Work” to “[Plugin] iConomy 1.6.0 (Geld-Plugin mit GUI) | (Money Plugin with GUI)”.
  • Update 1.6.0


    Hallo Leute,

    es ist geschafft. iConomy ist komplett neu geschrieben worden! Alle Änderungen und den Download findet ihr im 1. Beitrag.

    Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß damit!

    WICHTIG: Die API ist komplett neu geschrieben. Alle alten Plugins, müssen erst angepasst werden. Dieses iConomy ist wesentlich robuster, als das alte.

    HINWEIS ZUR INSTALLATION: Bitte daran Denken, dass ab soft auch das Plugin ConfigManager (mindestens Version 1.0.2) gebraucht wird!


    Hi Guys,

    it's done. iConomy has been completely rewritten! All changes and the download can be found in the first post.

    I wish you much fun with it!

    IMPORTANT: The API has been completely rewritten. All old plugins have to be adjusted first. This iConomy is much more robust than the old one.

    NOTE ON THE INSTALLATION: Please remember that the ConfigManager plugin (at least version 1.0.2) is also required from soft!

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