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  • Hi Red51 or anyone that may know
    I noticed in one of the post Deidre mentioned the "size command" to make wood even smaller, my question is how do i use this command ? For example i made a woodbeam the smallest in diameter then when i enter size 1 1 10 it becomes the size of a brick and in full length instead of making it smaller. I have searched the forum in variest wording but could only find the one.
    P.S. Thank you again for helping me solve the Play with friend, my brother and I love it now even more.
    Please help

  • Well if you enter 1 1 10 that means 1 block length in X, 1 block length in Z, and 10 block lengths in Y.

    if you want to make something small you need to go for 0.1 0.1 0.5 for example

  • open console (not a chat command) and type sets N (n= the numeric value you set).
    e.g. sets 1 will change the default resizing option to 1, which is the most granular. In other words, when you resize, it will be SLOW but accurate down to 1, providing many more size options (to resize for a perfect fit).
    sets 5 will work for most applications I find, and much faster to resize. This change will keep your setting until you relog, were the sets setr setl and setp commands reset back to default values.

    sets = set size (resizing)
    setp = set precision (when moving)
    setl = set length (when adjusting length)
    setr = set rotation (when rotating)

    hope this helps :)

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