[BUG] user cannot interact with world objects

  • we have a player on our server(also presents in single player) that cannot interact with world objects. she can mine without problem, but cannot pick up flowers, cut trees etc(gave her a chainsaw, i can hear it spool up, tree stays standing) if i cut down the tree she can pick up the pieces so her interact key is functional and correctly mapped. when mousing over flowers etc, her cursor never changes to a hand

  • Hey there, there is no such bug in the game atm so she is probably just doing something wrong with the keys.

    Is she holding the left/right click or the interaction key down for long enough for the actions/animations to complete? If the animation doesn't complete nothing will happen.

    Are you maybe using area protection and she is not added to the area she is in? In that case it would make sense that she wouldn't be able to interact with anything.

    Do you have any group permissions set up on your server? Does the group she is in have permissions to do all these actions?

    It would be much easier if she posted and explained what exactly she is pressing/doing so if you wouldn't mind telling her to either post here or find me on Discord to talk :)

    In case it is possible a short video recording of what she is doing would make things much clearer :)

  • those were all my thoughts as well. based on conversations and observation, not holding down any other keys, i witnessed her using a chainsaw on a tree for 30+seconds with no result(heard it spool up/push forward)
    we do have area protection on, but same effect in an area that she is owner of as well as an unprotected area in both she can mine/place objects, but cannot pick up
    have tried her in multiple groups on the server, all of which are allowed those interactions, no change
    i had her reset all her controls to default, no change
    reinstall, no change
    i will have her try to get in contact with you next time i see her

  • Maybe the setting graphics_instancing in the config.properties file (in her game directory) is set to false? Originally this setting was introduced for (very) old graphics cards which don't support geometry instancing. But since collision detection was changed with the latest update, there is an issue now which prevents it from working properly if instancing is disabled.

    We will fix this issue in the future, however, make sure graphics_instancing is set to true (it's anyway recommendable to keep this setting enabled) :)

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