Dedicated server is not visible in Steam

  • Dedicated server is not visible in Steam

    Всем привет.Steam не видит мой сервер. Хостинг GTX ...Что означает это сообщение сервера?Я заменил IP в, server_query_ip = на публичный IP (сервер не запустился).С IP (сервер работает, но Имя сервера отсутствует в списке серверов Rising World Steam). (Гугл Переводчик.)
  • Hmm... actually your server shows up in the server browser, at least for me:

    java 2019-02-12 22-00-48-15.jpg

    Basically you can ignore the message in the log. It was an issue in early 2018 when we migrated to Steam. We also used Steams master server for server queries at that time. Unfortunately there is a serious bug in Steams server queries and Valve never fixed this issue (the Steam query server always* binds to the first public IP of the server, instead of binding to the actual IP the RW is bound to). We reported this issue to Valve with no success, so we informed the server hosters about this (since there is a "workaround" for this bug, but it has to be implemented by the server hoster) and also put the error message in the log. Unfortunately many hosters did not take any actions, so in the end, we decided to handle the server browser on our own servers again (that ultimately fixed this problem).

    The only problem is that the server will not show up in the Steam server browser (in the Steam client, under "View" -> "Servers"), since this part is still handled by Steam (and apparently it still suffers from this bug). Unfortunately you can't do anything about this, either Valve has to fix this issue on their end, or your server hoster needs to make sure that the server only has a single IP. But since the Steam server browser doesn't matter that much (almost every player uses the server browser in the game, which is not affected by this issue anymore), I would recommend to ignore it (unless you can't find your server in the ingame browser - then it's most likely another issue, just let us know in this case) ;)

    *strictly speaking, this bug always affects Linux servers, and sometimes Windows servers - so Linux servers never show up in the Steam server browser, and Windows servers sometimes show up there
  • Я окна. Да, вы можете увидеть сервер в игре. Нет в Steam. Ну, это не имеет значения. Спасибо большое, ты лучший)).

    Ich bin fenster Ja, Sie können den Server im Spiel sehen. Nein bei Steam. Монахиня, es spielt Кейн Ролле. Vielen Dank, Sie sind die Besten)).
    (Google Transl...)