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We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

  • [SCRIPT] Zcript (Admin tools)

    /!\ If you take it from Git or if you just want to help me improve the script, there's now on Git two branch for the project : the master, which's the clean/working/stable version of the script, and a WIP branch, with all the stuff I'm working on for now. Be aware, the script in the WIP branch might not work at the moment you fork it ! Thanks !

    French version :
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    Salut tout le monde !

    Avant tout, j'aimerais remercier h0tw1r3 pour son travail prodigieux sur son script. C'était la meilleure base de travail possible pour moi ! Merci mec ! Ensuite, j'aimerais remercier Red51 qui a répondu rapidement et très clairement à toutes mes questions sur les fonctions in-game du jeu. Merci

    Je vous présente Zcript, qui est une amélioration du script h0tstuff de h0tw1r3. Toutes les commandes de h0tstuff sont incluses, j'ai juste rajouté quelques fonctions à ma sauce dedans. Ci dessous, la liste des fonctions (avec en bleu les nouvelles que j'ai ajoutés !)

    IMPORTANT : Vu que mon script est une amélioration de h0tstuff, Zcript n'est pas compatible avec ce dernier. Nous utilisons les mêmes commandes en jeu, et cela créera sans doute un conflit !

    Log (s'affiche dans la console du serveur) :
    • Toutes les commandes entrés commençant par un /
    • Tout les messages du chat datés

    Commandes :

    • /ban <nom du joueur> <ddurée en minute (-1 si permanent)> <raison>
      Plus efficace que la méthode de base du jeu, puisqu'elle permet de bannir des joueurs hors-ligne.
    • /unban <nom du joueur>
    • /setmotd <message> (admin uniquement)
    • /setwelcome <message> (admin uniquement)
    • /yell <message> (admin uniquement)
    • /last [nom du joueur]
    • /whisper <joueur cible> <message>
    • /help (toutes les commandes sont listés dans le menu /help)
    • /ahelp
    • /kill <ID du joueur ou nom du joueur> (admin uniquement)
    • /tp <ID du joueur ou nom du joueur> (admin uniquement)
    • /tp2 <ID du joueur ou nom du joueur> (admin uniquement)
    • /pos (retourne la position du joueur selon trois axes X,Y,Z)
    • /kick <ID du joueur> <raison> (admin uniquement)

    System notifications lors des actions sur le serveurs :

    • player connect (Un joueur se connecte)
    • player spawn (Un joueur rejoint le monde, spawn)
    • player disconnect (Un joueur quitte la partie)
    • player died (Un joueur meurt)
    • player banned (Un joueur est banni)
    • player killed by admin (Un joueur est tué par un admin, résultat de la commande /kill)

    Autres :

    • Ajoute devant chaque message du chat le nom du joueur
    • Colore les messages des joueurs
    • Ajoute la date/heure devant les messages du chat

    Vous pouvez le télécharger directement ici : mediafire.com/?sn1sjncgdq5i4sm
    Ou le prendre depuis mon GitHub : mediafire.com/?bnntuswxsbqcd4q

    N'hésitez pas à poster vos suggestions. Pour les rapports de bug, merci de me les envoyer par message privés, ou sur GitHub.

    J'ajouterais de nouvelles fonctions bientôt, un système de gestion de groupe probablement, et d'autres choses, dès que le wiki sera publié !

    Enjoy !!

    Hi there !

    First of all, a big big thanks to h0tw1r3 for his incredible work on his script ! This has been an awesome work-base ! Cheers dude ! Then, a huge thanks to Red51 who answered my questions about the in-game functions, thanks :D

    I'm presenting you Zcript, which is an improvement of h0tw1r3's h0tstuff. All of the command of h0tstuff are packed in, I've just added a few new ones. Here's the list of the functions (with in blue the new ones).

    IMPORTANT : As this is an improvement of the Hotstuff Script, Zcript isn't compatible with HotScript. Indeed, I'm using the same /help command, so, it might create some kind if conflict !

    Logging (to console) :
    • All commands entered / attempted
    • All chat messages with date
    Commands :
    • /ban <player> <duration in minutes (-1 permanent)> <reason>
      Extends built-in by allowing offline players to be banned.
    • /unban <player>
    • /setmotd <message> (admin only)
    • /setwelcome <message> (admin only)
    • /yell <message> (admin only)
    • /last [player]
    • /whisper <to> <message>
    • /help (list the different help you can have : ahelp, zhelp, soon ghelp)
    • /ahelp (all command for admin)
    • /zhelp (all command for regular player
    • /kill <playerID or name> (admin only)
    • /tp <playerID or name> (admin only)
    • /tp2 <playerID or name> (admin only)
    • /pos (return the position of a player with 3 axis : X,Y,Z)
    • /kick <player ID> <reason> (admin only)

    System notifications :
    • player connect (player is connecting)
    • player spawn (player joined the world)
    • player disconnect (player disconnected)
    • player died
    • player banned
    • player killed by admin

    Other :
    • Prefix chat message with player names
    • Colorise messages / chat
    • Date / time prefix for chat and most messages

    No more MediaFire : now, direct download from the LordFoobar global RW repo : github.com/RisingWorld/admin-tools/archive/master.zip

    Updated GitHub (now on the RisingWorld GitHub by LordFoobar : github.com/RisingWorld/admin-tools

    Feel free to post evry suggestion in this post.

    For bug reports, please send me a private message, or send it on GitHub.

    I will work on adding more functions soon, some kind of a group management system probably, and more functions as soon as the wiki will be released !

    Enjoy :thumbsup:
    Take a look at Zcript : [SCRIPT] Zcript

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  • I think group features is what a lot of people want but other then that i have no idea...I do have one more idea somehow disable hitting other players like have an option for PVP Protection. Sometimes people
    will just grief and spawn and kill players at spawn none stop until you kick or ban them.

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  • Salut ! :D

    Merci ça fait plaisir à entendre, je suis content que le script fonctionne bien et te soit utile ! j'ai pas prévu d'arrêter pour le moment :D mais en semaine je passe tout mon temps à coder sur un PC au boulot, du coup le soir j'ai pas spécialement envie de coder, faudra attendre le week end pour des mises à jours :)
    Take a look at Zcript : [SCRIPT] Zcript
  • Problem with the teleporting all though it proves to be a handy tool it does seem to conflict with the game. For example if the game glitches out on servers and you are trying to teleport and you realize there are copies of that player you are teleporting to it will teleport to that copy all the time. So either its a bug in the code or a bug in the game code that should be looked at either way. Also I was wondering if it was possible to add a restart function for the server yet because when being an admin on someone else server and it gets buggy or glitched and the owner isn't around it would be nice to restart it.
  • Hi

    First of all, you seem to say that the TP function does work on your server ? I haven't tested the script for a long time (too much work right now :/) but as far as I know, the in-game function I'm using in the script (setPlayerPosition(x,y,z) was bugged at the time I wrote the script. Red told me it would be soon fixed, but I'm not sure it have been yet ? You can confirm me that it is now working ?

    What did you mean by copy of a player ? I don't get it ? There's theorically only one player associated with a name OR/AND an ID, and so only one set of coordinates for each player ? I hardly see how the DB could have 2 entrance for the same given player ? :/

    I'm not sure I could to it with build-in function, but please, feel free to speak with your server's owner, I'd be glad to help you setting up something to deal with this :) (I'm working on S&N Administration ;) )

    Take a look at Zcript : [SCRIPT] Zcript
  • What I meant was if the server is glitched out because it hasn't been restarted in a few days. People will spawn and there would be copies of those players so 1 person will be at there house and the copy at spawn or where ever on the map. So when I type in goto personnamehere I always seem to go to the copy and not the actual player. I have not tried the tp playernamehere command however isn't it similar?