Plugin exception -> java.lang.NullPointerExeption

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  • Hello,

    The following error occurs on my server (see below).
    The message runs in the chat constantly and i have to restart the server to be able to use (write/read) the chat again,
    Is there a solution for this problem? Thx.

    Greetings, Fabienne

    [TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /
    REMOVE: - 35 -
    [TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /
    2019/05/05 12:41 PM G.g
    INFO: Delete Client ID: 35
    [EndAuthSession] 224537345
    [TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /
    [TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /

    at de.pbplugins.icListenerGuiInfo.lambda$onPlayerConnect$0(
    at pluginapi.PluginTimerManager.update(SourceFile:73)
    at pluginapi.PluginManager.update(SourceFile:303)
    at server.Main.update(SourceFile:286)
    at commons.JIWApplication.update(SourceFile:324)

    ##Exception: null
    ##Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

  • you may have a bad plugin. 1 that interferes with another. check your plugins. If you installed any lately try disabling them 1 at a time till you find the problem starting with the last you installed. you can add a .1 behind the .jar on the .jar files to disable them and restart the server to reset them. I know it is a bother but the only way I know how to troubleshoot the problem. You will probably have to shut the server down to disable the plugins then restart it.

  • Yes, this problem comes from my iConomy. I look at this problem. It comes anyway soon a new update for iConomy.

    And already I have the cause: The plugin tried to close a GUI by timer. But this player has just gone offline. The plugin did not find the player.

    Will be fixed in the next update!

  • Hi Patrick,

    Problem is not solved yet.

    1. In the log file (see attachment) are the following messages:

    CLIENT 20 CHANGE STATE: Connected -> Disconnecting
    CLIENT 20 CHANGE STATE: Disconnecting -> Disconnected
    REMOVE: - 20 -
    [TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /
    [TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /
    2019/05/07 01:46 PM G.g
    INFO: [TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /
    Delete Client ID: 20
    [EndAuthSession] 365204712
    [TcpSessionHandler ChannelInactive] /
    ccat: newstatus 50 (50)

    2. Also a Connection reset by peer message:
    ============================================== Connection reset by peer
    at Method)
    at io.netty.buffer.PooledUnsafeDirectByteBuf.setBytes(
    at io.netty.buffer.AbstractByteBuf.writeBytes(
    at io.netty.util.concurrent.SingleThreadEventExecutor$
    at io.netty.util.concurrent.DefaultThreadFactory$

  • Hi,

    1. is normal. It comes from the Game.

    2. That is not an Error of iConomy. That is an Error of the Game. I got the same Error. But only @red51 can do something.

    Tip: Disable the debugging of ActiveSign. It looks like it's working normally.

    When the debug is on, it takes much longer for ActiveSign to process everything.

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