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    In the vanilla game you can from a distance away easily see the bright colors from apple and lemon trees as well as the green of watermelons, carrots and so on.

    With the Prehistoric mod these are all now harder to see from a distance and you will need to be close up if you want to see the food is there. This makes it harder to find food.......

    Example..... in the picture below you are near an apple tree.

    The colors of the environment has now been finalized..... the bright colors you will see in the mod will be some of the dinosaurs themselves.

    The grass shown in the last number of pictures did not look natural so it has been modded to have a more natural look.

    The desert sand has also had a makeover.

    Now comes some bad news. You always knew the areas of the game where wild boar might be lurking and about to charge you if you go into the long grass. If you had no weapons you always knew to stay out of the long grass with the yellow flowers on top.

    Well the bad news is that the long grass with the yellow flower on top no longer exists in the mod so you may wander into long grass not knowing if you are in danger from a boar or not.

    I have done this to try and create a possible scenario where you walk into the long grass and have one or more raptors following you..... as seen in Jurassic World,

    In the Prehistoric Rising World mod it will be a little harder to find water.

    The picture below shows a pig making its way down toward a dry river bed. However the pig knows that there is water there which is why it is heading there.

    Rather than have the blue water as seen in the unmodded game I am making the water more transparent and muddy in appearance.

    When you look down at a valley from a mountain slope looking for water..... you may see a few of these river beds as shown below. However not all of them will have water.

    It's really not that complicated, basically it just requires a few lines of code. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :) I can provide some example code if you want ;)

    Hi Red.....

    As I have just started work on my Prehistoric Rising World mod and I was wondering if you could show the code for using strawberries and corn to make Candy and then consume it.

    I could use the example code for things i have planned myself.

    I have started work on the first Prehistoric Item which is being created with the Project Name "Fire".

    When you start out in the mod you will want to build a cave to shelter in from the rain and any predators..... Sabre Tooth Tigers are ferocious and you don't want to be attacked by one this early.

    To build the cave you will need to build a digging tool.

    Because you don't have any way to dig a cave in stone yet..... you will need to create a small cave in the dirt at the beginning.This first digging tool will be created from bark from nearby trees.

    When night falls you will find yourself in darkness. The various dinosaurs in the mod will have their sounds. Can you imagine sitting in a small cave in the ground and hear a T-Rex or a Velociraptor nearby.

    Your cave has no door?
    The Dinosaurs will see you easily?

    Well you are going to have to build a simple door using leaves and twigs from nearby trees.

    You have no caveman clothes?
    When night falls you will freeze to death.

    Better start working out how to discover fire.......

    After that you can work out what to do about clothing. Fur seems to be the answer but how to kill an animal without weapons of any kind but a digging tool.

    While I work on the models for the different dinosaurs I want to see in the mod, I am working on an idea for creating a new way of playing Rising World where you no longer use modern day tools and weapons and are limited to..... well.... prehistoric tools and weapons.

    I am first looking at whether I can access the crafting area so I can add the news tools for example and specify how to craft them.

    For example, making a lamp for use in a cave would require a stone with a hollowed depression in it within which you would place animal fat. A wick would also need to be created by creating cordage from the bark you have stripped from the side of a tree.

    Hopefully I may find access to the data which specifies what resources you find when you kill a cow for example..... I want animal fat to be one resource found.

    Perhaps even cotton soaked in animal fat would be a good wick to use.

    Of course...all of this will depend on whether I am able to mod that part of the game needed for crafting prehistoric tools and weapons.

    If I can't craft new items there is an alternative method I can try.

    Going through the forest testing the new colors and I happen across a black bear which is somewhere in front of me in the picture below.

    While other trees in the mod are dry the trees in the forest are a rich green color.

    A small change to the colors ......

    Food is even more harder to find..... in the picture below you will see food growing nearby. Can you spot it?
    I am also testing the replacement of the rocky mountain ranges with something new.

    If you rely on finding ores on mountain slopes it has just got harder with this mod.