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    I do note that someone added a car to rising world as a plugin shown it is possible.

    Red51 has recommended that modders wait till beta as every update will break the mod..... but depending on what is involved with fixing the mod I am still prepared to fix my mods each time an update breaks it.

    I still have to see what I can do.....

    The models for the axe and pickaxe and other models are in j3o format which leads me to believe they were created using jMonkeyEngine which is an open source game engine made especially for Java game developers.

    I should be able to make the model for a neolithic axe for example as seen below but the question will be adding it to rising world.

    At the very least I should be able to create a texture pack for the prehistoric axes until modding is supported....most likely when Rising World goes beta.

    Will not know any of these answers until I test it with a new model.

    With this mod there would be a fair bit of work with re-texturing and so on so and my plan would be to make a start on it with developing and testing the mod as single player only. There will be updates with the base game along the way and I can then make changes to the mod as the base game gets updated.

    At this stage there is enough modding ability to make some changes and test them along the way ...... giving the animals new appearances will be time consuming and I see textures for other critters that have not as yet made it into the game and these would also need to be changed if the do appear.

    This means that when modding is fully supported I have much of the mod already done and can work on what needs to be done to make it workable on MP servers.

    As I make progress on the mod I will add previews in the modding section of the forum so people can see changes to how ores look, prehistoric grass and trees and vegetation, some changes to the clouds and snow, different appearance for the rock.... and the list goes on.

    I have begun creating a huge mod for the game starting with re-texturing the look of the game.

    The mod will be still be based on Earth however it is not the Earth we know it as.
    to begin with I will have 10 to 30 different night skies which will be randomly selected when I import modded files into the game.
    This means that I will never know what the skies will look like until night falls.

    Below is a small example of a fairly quick mod for the night sky that comes with the game.

    The fruit will be completely different due to changes in environmental conditions on Earth and there will be at least 5 different types of fruit and other vegetation you may see when you start a new game.

    The mod will still have bears, wild boar, sheep, pigs,etc....... well sort of.

    If you look at the picture below you will see what I am hoping will replace either the boar or the pig. They will look truly terrifying when you meet them.

    You may have guessed it by now but my mod for Rising World will be based in prehistoric times where food is different and the animals will have a completely new look.

    This is the general theme for the mod to have a Prehistoric Rising World and I am still in pre-development mode where I am looking at exactly what changes I can make when creating a prehistoric world.

    - When starting the game you need to decide which direction to go using your compass.
    Throw a 6 sided dice....throw again if you rolled a 5 or a 6
    Otherwise for the following dice rolls
    1 Head North
    2 Head East
    3 Head South
    4 Head West

    Continued the post from post 46 and as I had thrown a 2 in the dice roll I headed East. However I then found a bear directly in my path and then moved north a bit before returning east.

    Ended the day by a pond as the sun can normally tell when to head for the nearest sound of water when you see the sky begin to turn red. I turn my character around until I can hear the water in the right headphone and then turn right to make straight for the water.

    After 3 minutes of light the previous day and then a full day of searching for food I ended up with the following to survive on when setting up my new camp and farming.

    1 iron ingot
    8 cotton
    15 apple tree logs
    32 wool

    Gathered food
    11 tomatoes
    1 strawberry
    5 potatoes... had 7 but ate 2 during the day
    10 apples

    4 apple sapling

    1 carrot seedling
    2 strawberry seedlings
    12 tomato seedlings
    8 potato seedlings
    12 cotton seedlings
    2 sugar-beet seedling
    4 watermelon seeds

    Note that I would have gathered a lot more food but when throwing the dice I had been getting a lot of odd dice results instead of even results. With one apple tree I discovered 5 apples were rotten just on that one tree.

    Even with rolling the dice and throwing half the food away I still have enough to survive on while setting up crops.

    You have interesting challenge rules ... I wonder on how difficult it would be for @red51 to implement your "dice rolling" aspect in the game (of course in the background only, not on the screen). This might offer a kind of hard core survival mode. 8)

    It would give the game a more dynamic feel as you would never know if when you were picking apples from a tree if you would find 6 ripe apples as we get at the moment or 1 ripe apple and 5 rotten apples.

    With the rotten apples you could throw them on the ground and then press F on them and discover worms in them which you could use for fishing....hopefully fishing will eventually make it into the game. You could not fish until you gathered rotten fruit from trees and then picked the worms from that fruit to put on your fishing line.

    So many potential ideas that could be added on to what is currently in the game.

    Sometimes when you start a game for the first time you will find that the sun is already setting and within a few minutes night has fallen as shown below.

    In a case like this I do over-ride a few rules such as you can only cut down fruit trees. I am clearly in a forest and there is not likely to be fruit trees here.

    So in this case with night settled in so quickly I would cut down the nearest tree for lumber , create the shelter made of sticks and go to sleep.

    As we only had a few minutes of daylight when going into the game, I then give myself a full day to collect food and seeds and eventually hopefully end up at a water hole at nightfall......and if not then sleep once more and then make camp at the first waterhole I do find the following day.

    Hopefully when you travel north, south , east or west you will start finding fruit trees....however if you are clearly not finding fruit trees by mid-day then by all means cut another tree keeping in mind if you cut down an oak tree then all other trees you cut must be oak.

    Using a dice roll I have created further rules to give even more challenges to playing Rising World.

    - When i come across a sheep I would previously have taken the wool from the sheep. Now I roll a dice and if the result is even then I can take the wool....however an odd dice roll means the wool is not yet ready to be shawn.

    - In areas where you spawn where there are fruit trees, the only trees you can chop down for wood are fruit trees. Other trees are off limit. If there are no fruit trees then choose a tree to chop down and only select cut wood for that type of tree.... eg oak not fir.

    - for all food, cotton etc I can use the sickle to collect the seeds but if the dice result is odd then any food just picked up with the seeds must be thrown away as rotten food.

    - When you chop down a fruit tree, roll a dice and if even collect the sapling. If the dice is odd, you never found the sapling.

    - I have also placed a limit on how far I travel...... in theory I spend the first day collecting food and as many seeds or saplings as possible.
    - When night falls if I am next to a water source them my camp will be based there.
    - If I am not next to a water source, sleep in the shelter, wake up the next morning and collect more food and seed but when the first water source is found this is where the camp will be setup.

    By doing this you have only a limited time to setup camp.
    If you end up in an area where there is no food you will need to rely on the seeds or saplings you have picked up.
    Saplings are important as you may not be able to grow seeds if you have a problem getting iron ore.
    if luck is against you and you keep on throwing odd dice results you may have only a few seeds or saplings to rely on
    There is no limit on how much food you get as long as you only collect food when you have an even dice roll

    Below is a picture of a camp setup where I only had a short time to find water. Normally I would just pass this area looking for dense forests with lots of bears to setup camp in. This way the direction I travel is determined by dice throw and the location of my camp determined by when I find lakes when night falls or the next day.

    The pond here is luckily near mountains where I should be able to find ore near the surface. Remember fire lit torches are not available so you can only search rock areas where sunlight shows you where the ore is. No deep mining allowed.

    Don't use the small hatch on the back of the smelter, but the bigger one on the right side of this small hatch, which means if you stand in front of the smelter, the correct hatch is on the left side of the smelter.

    Thanks for that.... i did not realize that there were 2 hatches........
    Now I know where to add the fuel..... the hatch closer to ground level.

    Before heading off to bed ....currently 1:18am....... I spent another day in Rising World and grabbed a little more food. Discovered tungsten and copper ore on the surface rock next to a mine and eventually found iron ore deposits which I grabbed.

    Went back to my temporary camp and built the smelter ....and experienced a problem with the smelter I keep on getting.

    After adding the iron ore to the smelter, I tried to open up the small hatch to add the fuel but I do not get the normal icon to open up the hatch as shown below. Been having this problem pretty often in the last month or so.

    I have been using this seed Best Forest seed 001 for almost a week now and today by choosing to head north I have ended up in a new area from the area mentioned at the top of this page.

    I made the most of daylight collecting seed and food and did discover some coal which I grabbed however for the last number of hours did not find any ore.

    Despite finding a lot of food on the ground or in trees, a lot of it turned out to be rotten and had to be thrown away.

    One of the complaints I heard from someone about the game was that it was too easy to get food....... by adding this spoiled food option determined by dice throw you end up with less food in your inventory. Based on this game I was on average throwing out 66% of the food I came across which puts more of a challenge into survival.

    In the last hour I had ended up thirsty and hungry and was nowhere near water. Despite coming across many tomato plants I only had 4 in my inventory that were not spoiled . Finished off the tomatoes and quenched my thirst and hunger but need to find either water or more food like tomatoes to get water from.

    I normally like to setup camp in a big forest surrounded by trees and wild animals.

    Where I am at the moment is a small forest area but not big enough to setup camp. However there is ore on the surface rocks so I will setup temporary camp here while I grab the ore.

    I almost made a mistake and forgot the rules i have setup..... I almost created a fire torch forgetting that my only source of light at night is my solar powered flashlight.

    I have come across 3 apple trees and instead of having 18 apples to add to the inventory I only have 6 apples which are ripe and worth eating and the rest were thrown away.

    As it is night time I have not been able to cut the apple trees down either so no saplings in my inventory as yet.

    Now that I can separate spoiled food and throw it out I have applied the spoiled food treatment to all food I pick up.

    In the last 20 minutes I walked through an area where there was a lot of food.
    Was able to pick seeds but in 75% of the time the food was spoiled and was thrown away.

    This is what foraging is about....looking for food that can be eaten and discarding the food that is rotten or not worth gathering.

    Came across an apple tree which gave 6 apples..... however rolling the dice 6 times I then found that only 2 of those 6 apples were good and the others had to be thrown away. 2 even numbers, 4 odd numbers.

    As long as I am heading north, south , east or west as I chose to head at the start of the game, I do not bother with picking the food off the ground or pick the fruit in the trees if the food is off.

    As long as I continue in the direction I have being going I should not be back that way to try and pick good food deemed bad the first time round.

    If however I have setup camp and am foraging for food in the area, then I will pick up the food off the ground or from trees and throw away the spoiled rotten food onto the ground.

    In the picture below I came across an apple tree full of apples however on inspection only 2 apples were ok to pick and the rest of them were rotten and were thrown away onto the ground.

    With the rule about adding spoiled fruit to the game, this is working well. I have picked up tomatoes along the way but then I came across a cherry tree and an apple tree close to each other and for each of these the dice rolled an odd number so the fruit was off and could not be picked.

    I headed north as this was the direction I had chosen and this would mean that I could not circle back accidentally and try to pick that tree again.

    The one problem with the fruit is that you cannot throw away 2 pieces of spoiled apples for example if you have 10 apples in your inventory.

    So for the time being if you come across an apple tree , throw a dice and do not pick the tree if the dice roll is odd as the fruit is deemed spoiled.

    Following the rules in the last 2 posts Rising World does become more difficult which helps while we wait for the next updates of Rising World.
    After playing a few hours I did make some more changes.

    - Ores..... I have changed chance of finding ore to maximum as you will only be able to mine ore on the surface or close to the entrance of mines where you have sunlight showing you the ore in the rock.

    - to start the game arm yourself with the following to add to your axes in the inventory.
    item flashlight 1
    item sickle 1
    item compass 1

    - I have ruled out using a map for the time being. My idea for the map is that I can use a map in the future when I eventually create a paper press but there will be rules to implement that will make the map harder to use.

    - In the meantime I have gone in armed with a compass. When I was a kid in Africa I made my way through the bush using a compass and am recreating this in the game

    - Collecting seeds only during the day time. At night while holding the torch in my left hand I can pick food with my right hand.....however not collect seeds. This will reduce number of seeds in your inventory.

    - To further limit seeds I am testing a limit on how many seeds I can hold in my inventory. Instead of ending up with an oversupply of seeds eg 50 I may limit number of seeds i can carry to 10 of each food type. Any amount over 10 will be thrown away.

    - when planting seeds I may also implement the possibility of failed crops. One way to do that is when I have tilled the land, each time I am about to sow a seed I roll a dice..... if the dice rolls an even number I plant that seed.... if it is an odd number then I throw the seed away and go to the next of the 10 seeds. If you have bad luck and only throw 2 even numbers then you only grow 2 plants out of 10 possible. After planting you can collect more seed if any in the area and try to sew this seed if you get an even roll of the dice.

    -another source of food is when you come across an apple tree for example. At the moment it is assumed that all fruit is ripe and can be eaten. I have added rules to my game-play where when I come across a fruit tree I roll a dice..... if the dice is even then the fruit is ripe and can be picked. However, if the dice roll is odd then the fruit is smelly , not edible and way past a state of being eaten. In the case where the fruit is spoiled with an odd roll of the dice, I pick the tree of apples.....if I pick 6 apples these need to be thrown away and not kept in your inventory. I pick the bad apples from the tree and throw them away so you dot go back to the tree 5 minutes later and then find the apples are suddenly ripe.

    You could make it a little more realistic by assuming that a fruit tree you come across may have both edible as well as spoiled fruit on the tree. To handle this, if you pick 6 apples for example then roll a dice 6 times and throw away 2 apples if you have 2 odd numbers in the dice rolls.

    By restricting light to a portable flashlight and having no means of creating fire, at night time I am also unable to do anything else except walking around and exploring.

    - no farming
    - no cutting down trees
    - no mining deep below the surface

    - By doing this I am pretending that it is actually much darker than what I see on the screen and therefore impossible to cut down trees, find food, etc

    With mining you would have to hold the pick axe and the torch at the same time which would be impossible.

    Therefore to find ores you will need to find the ore at ground level.
    To do this select an area as a quarry and dig holes looking for ore below the ground
    Dig in an area as far as you can see without a torch.

    With the option for animals I decided that bears should always be there and the others decided by dice with a limit of only 6 or less animals being in the game.

    To play this seed in extreme mode, I have started a new game with the option of finding ore in minimal amounts. I then went through the animals list and as I hovered the mouse over each animal I threw a dice..... if the dice came up even I kept the animal.... if the dice was odd I removed the animal.

    Once in the game I checked the cabin and then using the ~ key I accessed the console command and gave myself 2 items

    - a sickle
    - a flashlight

    To add to the realism this game I am using a flashlight instead of lighting a fire torch. In this scenario I am assuming that my flash light is powered by the sun so recharge during the day and I do not have resources to light a torch. Will decide if this means I cannot have a camp fire either.

    Making changes like this increases the randomness and game-play of this seed.