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    Ja, öfter ne Info wäre schön. Aber wie man es macht ists falsch

    Red schreibt update kommt im Mai. Dann wird es evtl doch noch verschoben auf Juni und schon ist jeder enttäuscht.

    Red gibt ja immer wieder kleine Bonbons raus, was als nächstes kommt, wann etwa, etc.

    Ist halt nicht einfach. Nicht jeder hat die reife genug Geduld aufzubringen ;)

    Und bevor red seine kostbare Zeit einsetzt vielleicht - Ankündigungen zu schreiben bin ich dafür er arbeitet am nächsten update und es kommt wenns fertig ist :P

    Mir ist aufgefallen, dass dieses durch Wände leuchten reduziert werden kann indem man mehrere lagen z. B. Planks einfügt. Es kommt nicht auf die dicke an, sondern die Anzahl der Elemente.

    Damit kann man verhindern dass das b Licht durch Wände scheint.

    Aber n Lichtschalter wäre sehr schön

    I agree more vegetation would be great. Red stated more is ready but since such update would likely cause problems with old worlds he prefers to wait until more content is ready si he doesn't have to damage our worlds too often

    Wallpaper can be done with posters. On a server might cause problems but single should be okay.
    Otherwise also pnb can help here

    Turning posters... I think you have to do this before uploading. Then just import it.

    Ingame you could put it in a frame, blueprint it and then try turning that way. Not sure but it ut might wirk

    I write this in English as i hope to reach the feedback of most players.
    i also hope i express myself well enough :)

    Ok, so we already have i. E. Chairs ingame. We can sit on them. That's an already working mechanic.

    I would like though to design my own chair. I can do that with pnb but sitting on it doesn't work as the game doesn't recognize it as a chair.
    I could of course place a regular chair and make pnb overlap the original one. But that's just a workaround.

    My suggestion is to have a ghost shape of a chair that is giving the frame for it. When using pnb we would have to build the chair within this premade frame. Only stuff that is placed within the borders of this frame will be recognized as chair.

    When done we would have to "finish" or masterpiece somehow, so the game transfers everything that was properly placed within the frame into an object (chair).

    The frame would prevent we build a carshaped object and call it chair. And it would ensure the game won't have any collision or interaction problems.

    Once the masterpiece is labeled as finished we couldn't treat it as pnb anymore but only as the object that we originally chose.

    Chairs are just an example of course. Could be also doors, grill, etc.

    Naja. Momentan gibt's nix wirklich einzigartiges.

    Sollte es mal soweit sein muss man beim Umzug halt prios setzen.

    Aber aktuell sind viele Steine das wertvollste das ich mir vorstellen kann.
    Und mit nem blueprint würde ich nur einmal ne Kiste füllen und dann mehrmals hinstellen. Das ist quasi creative.

    Admibs die selbst creative spielen können sich den Inhalt der Kisten selbst zaubern, ohne blueprint.

    Das vervielfältigen sehe ich bei deinem Vorschlag am kritischsten.

    Damit würde man aber das bisschen survival in rw umgehen.

    Gebäude zu blueprinten ist auf Servern eh nicht immer möglich. Aber wenn man Kisten mit Inhalt so kopieren könnte, wären die Server die das erlauben auch nur creative mit Umweg.

    Ich finde es ganz schön sich für Sachen erarbeiten zu müssen.
    Und wenn man umzieht auch alles mitzunehmen. Im Zweifelsfall halt mehrmals laufen oder Prioritäten setzen.

    Aber mehr Taschen und Rucksäcke wären toll

    I didn't want to offend you. I'm sorry if that sounded like this.

    Game time is connected as by time you know the problems in a game.

    But im not sure what i see on your picture. My only guess now is that perspective is playing tricks on you before placing it.

    My attempt to understand the problem would be to check the perimeters, attach in different angles to see if its a problem only on this angle.
    Also to use another pnb type,

    Hard to explain though.

    Good luck with it. I hope you find a solution

    Could you post a video?

    I have never encountered such behavior and have 600+hours in this game.

    With my last described method it surely works. Pnb have no hitbox then and will move to the place you direct it to.

    Make sure you don't have the enter key (modular building) activated.

    If this is done a simple right click will put the pnb in place. It will not move by itself. Or at least never heard of it before, neither happened to me.

    Probably you miss click somehow or hit right ctrl again or have modular building on. Something that way i guess

    I assume stand alone, not via steam?

    Don't be so rude. The dev has already offered that he would exchange the key to steam version under some conditions.

    Who knows.. Maybe its your hamster that didn't run fast enough in its wheel? :)

    If you want a fix, provide more info