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    i think a cross server auction house would be cool as well

    This would take a lot of work, as you'd have to add in something to the code where it can communicate between servers. Though, I believe the code for communication between servers is already in some other plugin? Maybe they can shed more light on this. :thinking:

    to be more performance friendly...if the coin is spawned(forged) its an item that can be swapped for another item(1 coin trade 1 apple). database would only be needed to know whats in the chest and at what prices.

    This could work. Really, you'd have to play around with it and see what works best for your use-case, etc. Maybe even make it configurable, if you intend to publish the Plugin. :thumbup:

    Getting the transactions to work between them, and saving data shouldn't be too much of an issue. One way this can be done, is use Databases to Save Transactions, as well as use Databases to also handle transactions. However, using a Database to handle transactions might not be so performance friendly in the long run, unless you have it programmed so once the transaction has been handled, that entry gets cleared out of the database.

    I'd like to add something to this.

    The RW forums are really not the place to discuss politics - granted, this is an off-topic subforum, still. You'll always have one person over here saying one thing, the other saying the other thing. That can end up in an endless fight unless someone (a Moderator) intervenes.

    red51 Honestly, these posts - they won't get you (or any other developers &/or moderators as well) in very much trouble at all, so long as you don't participate in the posts... by participate, I mean post responses to the posts. A simple lock, or move, delete, etc. is almost always justified because that's just simply trying to defuse a potential, if not already on-going, situation. Now, things are different over there in Germany, vs here in the United States, but still - you won't get in as much trouble as you think. Which, with that said, I say: take your own advice, and 'only stay neutral'. You've done okay so far.

    ArcticuKitsu I wouldn't say you are a moronic fool. And honestly, almost all political forums are going to be corrupt - you can't fix that. Being completely honest, I don't participate in political forums, because I personally believe that's just a waste of my time. However, I'm not going to tell you to do one thing or another - you do what you feel you need to do.

    And for everyone: Just remember! - Actions (& words, etc.) have consequences; good & bad.

    Greetings, rodneymillerpca!

    I can do this for you. I won't require payment. However, it may take a little while (few weeks to a month), because I have IRL stuff, & lots of other projects going on as well.

    As well, I would post the plugin once it is finished, and from there you can download it and add it to your server. Of course, I can open a test server so you can come view it. (It won't be published until it is ready for use by the general public, however.)

    Let me know what you think of this, and maybe we can work something out.

    Gopher Did you send me a group request on steam? after reading this post I left that group request that you sent me just in case it wasn't from you?

    Yes Groovaholic, I did send the group request to you.

    Thank you Gopher for letting me know about my account, I hope this will be solved soon, I am waiting for an answer from the steam help....

    Helie, change your password, as well.

    There's a hacker on the loose. One very well known Community Member's account has been compromised. Here is a chat log from the compromised account, speaking with the hacker:

    [7:31 PM]



    [7:31 PM]


    Hey [REDACTED]!

    [7:33 PM]


    how are you ?

    [7:34 PM]


    I'm doing well, how about you?

    [7:40 PM]



    can u help me ?

    [7:40 PM]


    Sure whatsup?

    What do you need help with?

    [7:42 PM]


    can u please vote for my friend's team ?

    [7:42 PM]



    [7:43 PM]



    on the top click TEAMS

    find team SAMURAI GANG there

    click on vote button

    [7:43 PM]


    Ahahahahaha. LMFAO! What kind of bullshit is this?!

    But in all seriousness, leave my friend alone, you stupid fuck. I know you're from [REDACTED], and using VPNs across multiple places in [REDACTED] & surrounding areas. You hacked into my account and did crap with it some months ago, I have the proof. Stop your stupid bullshit "Vote for my team" crap. Go get some mental help, this is sickening.

    Hmm, too much of a coward to respond to being caught, eh?

    i have area protection setup and working, someone a griefer managed to destroy a bunch of stuff. then i was gewtting some weird crm orm stuff popping up in the logs hasnt happen since i restarted the server. just not sure what to make of it. issue is at the bottom.2021-12-08-04-52-44.log

    The player that did it is a known griefer & potential hacker. I recognize the IP address & SteamID64 from when I had my server going.

    Hi all! I have started a server on the New Version.
    You can join it VIA IP at:

    I couldn't find anywhere to post this in regards to the new version, so I posted it here for now. If red51 knows where to put this, I will move it there : D

    Have fun all, and we hope to see you @ Gopherland!
    (A little side note: the server is WIP, I'm actively doing stuff to it, so if you wish to help or suggest, feel free to!)

    (& there's also a PVP Gopherland for those interested!,

    Howdy Red! Thanks for the quick response! : D
    I've managed to change the directory, but no RW server files actually get downloaded in to them. I have copy pasted stuff from my SteamCMD, which shows the files were downloaded, but... they aren't?:

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Come join us on Timberfrost! Our server features the latest and greatest in Area Protection, and more! We also strive to make sure our admins are fair and do not abuse their power. Additionally, we also have a zero tolerance policy for griefers. We also welcome suggestions for plugins and much more, so feel free to leave some feedback!

    IP Address:
    Port: 4255

    Looks kinda like what happened was the server started, and a player tried to connect whilst it was still coming online.