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    Agreed.Plus,some people are irresponsible,they dont back up their data or they mess with the server too much,the world crushes and months of work is gone.Happened before 3 times.Singleplayer it is!!

    Yeah. But I also play multi-player sometimes just to see what people are up.
    I joined a server seen it has been running for a long time seems pretty decent
    I don't think it can take a lot of people as listed without an issue.
    Usually as the guy said about 7-10 are running on it. Once you go over that starts to lag.

    The LUA scripts somewhat have issues glitches in permission especially with an old bug with Smelter permissions, area protection glitches, falling through worlds with (TP, or walking), animal regeneration is so slow & invisible animals on respawn, invisible blocks in general. I maybe a bit outdated in my knowledge of what you can set in configuration file but I wish a few of these were able to be set in server configuration file.
    I already discussed this awhile ago Roofs, Doors, Automation, Tool Suggestions, NPCs, Servers, Brick Suggestions but

    Server Options for Config
    1. Turn up animal regeneration (at least on server I play on the animals take like 24 hrs to respawn even with low volume players you can't find animals within 1000s of blocks)
    2. I wish area protection was a part of the game (protecting your land claimed, expiration date of last login, self healing unclaimed land based on original seed.)
    3. Limit a bit of lag. I don't know if plants or number of entities is causing lag seems random try to reduce whatever is causing lag.

    If area protection was part of game perhaps that would reduce glitches, video optimization in general seems like one user can lag all the people which I am sure will be last thing devs do.

    Uhhh. The wait.. I know it will be awesome when it hits but.. Uhhh, the wait.

    So what is everyone else doing to pass the time since the next update? Any new games?

    Not much I been playing this on multiplayer. I occasionally play "MTG" Marvel heroes 2015, Fallout New vegas, Nobunaga ambition, Dark Arisen, total war, pillars

    I think you misunderstood :) Or I perhaps should have given some precision; the link was mostly about the NASA research, which stipulates that a fall may be fatal at ~17.5 m/s vertically (see page 36, or Figure 10 of the PDF) I had included a link to the StackExchange question to cite my source of finding, and because despite the obvious errors (as you pointed out), some answers and comments are still pertinent.

    For convenience, here is a direct link to the PDF.

    Thanks for clarifying

    LordFoobar according to that 7m - 12 m --
    12 m - 40 foot drop is death? That guy chosen best answer in your "fall to be fatal" link is conflating MPS Meters per Second with actual Meters in distance. Which is confusing

    I was interested in that topic by your link, I am not criticizing you but I was wondering if the forum people you linked to know what they are talking about.
    I think they do not have any clue about in relationship to different surfaces like falling in water.

    The world record holder divers 177 feet (54 mm) drop just google it don't need someone guessing they do it more than once no great injury.
    Here is 172 feet almost same. The injury is to knees apparently if not taped.

    I don't know how many meters per second but seemed to indicate I read was 120 miles per hour (193 km)

    When I tried I do calculations on my own guessing of his weight being 170 lbs (77kg).
    Speed at impact:32.53 m/s
    or 117.12 km/h
    Time until impact: 3.32 s

    So that link with the BEST Answer is off by at least a factor of two for even a guy not injured and he's say they die after 12 m/s in any surface? This diver is going 32 m/s without injury.
    A diver can do that because he displaces water as fast as possible other wise he die from the landing, it's not distance its how how you end up pushing the water out of your way when landing. Unlike ground if you can push water out of the way fast you don't die if you belly flop it you DIE.
    An average person like me I get hurt getting out of bed which grand total of 1 foot so that's a lot of difference between us.

    Seems most games if the water is more than height of character, they let you live.
    So if you land in shallow you could just cut damage taken so in our case
    3 blocks high is human avatar
    1 block 25% damage reduced
    2 blocks 50% damage reduced
    3 blocks 75% damage reduced
    4 blocks 100% damage reduced.
    Would be pretty simple to do that

    Well putting it like that, it makes more sense than what I was suggesting. Thanks for the insight, Yak. We'll still have a lot to do even with static water. Can't wait!

    Thanks Jakemo, I am glad I make sense to someone LOL but whatever Red's team does I am sure it be fine. Since we had trees back in 2015 also hade a gravity issue too which they roll or balance trees such a way to never stop moving. I call them dancing trees but I haven't seen those for a while. I see those screenshots of water not moving but still looks good.

    So I know that the first water update will be static, but when we do finally get dynamic, will it be infinite? Or will water drain out of wherever its at and dry up completely? The option for both in creative mode would be wonderful. Mostly for making waterfalls and such. But a seperate "block" for infinite water and water that drains would be amazing.

    I doubt Red would do two options especially immediately. I imagine he's going to just make a flow animation if it's falling down and when the world renders it would already have water flow and falling but not draining else
    everything would end up in Hell. They would likely add in motion animations for water falling down but I doubt it drain out. Even minecraft doesn't do a self leveling liquid system.

    The reason is you crash or lag servers lets say I had an ocean biome then someone dug hole to hell then the entire ocean would fill up the caverns in hell. it end up lagged even make people on surface utterly mad say your building a castle on a lake then some jerk tries to empty it with a hole to hell. So for that reason along with difficulty in distance objects also being affected, I don't think the developers will do that.I think the water will flow infinitely down but not drain. So I doubt dry up completely or draining out is going to occur.

    I am thinking this change in gravity with water will be more difficult than minecraft because it's not a simple block checking only it includes voxels terrain involved as well. So in my mind it's harder than looking at one block below you have to look at voxels, also models, and blocks. Developers will end up making a judgement call or rule for when the voxel is gone or partly gone what to do.

    I would probably make it a simple rule and create entire grid under water blocks in 3d space turn them into blocks ignore voxel size or shape but look if it doesn't have full terrain filled in the water proceeds down else no. It's not simple as my description because you have to make judgement calls on all these things. Whether to use physics finite mass other times creating false physics / water infinity. Also when can it flow to next section like the hole in the voxel.

    For example minecraft does not behave at all like liquid having a distance of spreading liquid is limited. Like lava and water I think 5 / 7 blocks away getting thinner yet it contentiously flows yet not really. Endless supply of water in 3 block radius as long as you drain the middle block having water on at least two sides. Yet finite lava?

    So crazy rules yet at same time Minecraft in non vanilla has a problem with lava flowing lag since if you remove lava blocks through the center of nether you can easily mine center of nether world causes an animation of each lava block calculating constant flowing lava on each block is not good. Perhaps the minecraft should only have only looked for air below lava blocks once during world creation once that's done don't bother looking at blocks only look at the player tools because he is only one changing blocks after render. Everyone knows minecraft has many mistakes especial in how logic and now those are Microsoft bugs to get more optimized and better API. I don't want to compare this nice game outright with minecraft because this is a much better building game and started with a better graphics more logical API platform IMO. Minecraft was the first to market so it has a large MOD community, not that expensive around launch I paid like $15 in 2008 now almost double, and also gives Minecraft always gave free updates even though I bought over eight years ago which makes minecraft popular.

    Alot of players like myself play single player. Why? Because alot of servers either allow you to do nothing on them or allow you to do to much. Also you can not count on them. Back in 2014-2015, For example I went to one server and they said your not allowed to use any blue prints. Next world they had a projects going on yet the zoning tools to pick an area the LUA script wasn't that good. Some people simply delete your areas your building on or they want to control what you build or where which is fine but at least put up signs or name server something that is happening there. Language differences. Other servers are PvP which I imagine few are interested in a Melee only PvP game with no boundaries. Also some servers had nice things but you feel like you don't want to build with them or around them since they created it. Then you end up playing with people which aren't really playing with you might as well play single player your world won't be deleted and your blueprints can be used freely.

    * Water block
    * Swimming

    Is there other things in this water update any new objects or textures?
    Assuming water edge texture or sand

    Will the water render in new worlds, existing world or must it be placed?
    Assuming new worlds or only placed this time.

    Looks beautiful :thumbsup:

    This doesn't have the water paddle yet on outside but I made an area for that as soon as I know more about the streams depth extra.
    I am hoping Red will eventually add "water paddles / water turbines" for power/decorations into the game, all I can do for now.
    Anyways it can be a farm/factory house in mean time.

    If someone makes a paddle blueprint for where the HOLE in the side of the house is at now example: like the Real life image
    That would be great if you want to make a blue print for WATER PADDLE simply comment with link to your thread, I don't mind even a screen shot attachment.

    Also didn't know how to make a pulley on opposite side of the water mill if your good at manipulating or creating those objects that would be great too.

    Roofs, Doors, Automation, Tool Suggestions, NPCs, Servers, Brick Suggestions
    Image ... Includes items inside it hope you guys enjoy.

    Thanks red, perhaps I did that sounds more likely since I was in creative mode switching between dirt / stone with the wheel maybe I accidentally did that, now that you mentioned that is new keyboard layout since I could imagine me switching flicking my mouse <wheel button> to switch <textures> then by hitting <left shift> instead of <Tab> thinking I was in chat mode, during my game play. Before I saw this thread I didn't even know about different fly speeds. I could imagine you using different speeds for swimming under water same as slow fly speed changing speed as you submerged under water.

    Assumed things already so just mentioning in case not suggested:
    Animal Breeding - with a max limit on entities in area
    Animal Ropes or Stick or Food - to push animals into fenced or cages
    Weather - Rain / Thunder Storm / Fog / Snow / Seasons (*Started with some weather effects in 5/30/2018 along with biomes prior)
    Transportation - Of any method for inventory and Player (*Mounts added 5/30/18 assume much more to come)
    Skins - Easy change for custom Avatar + animals + weapons + blocks
    Model - 3D Female version of Avatar

    Some more Mechanized or Moving Items: Perhaps do nothing at first just decorative. Here are a few IMAGE suggestions, Later could be used for game progression.
    I have no idea what RED will decide on of course it could be few options at first or almost nothing for a long time but here is a few ideas in form of visual examples.
    (ancient Greek/modern) Steam Engine --> Generate power, Trains, Boats, Factories.

    (modern) Elevator / (ancient) pulley, conveyor belts --> Used for moving platforms or moving material from below the earth or sideways

    (ancient/modern) Watermill, --> Used for general power(saw/cloth) / water pumps (Archimedes screw) /making food(grind wheat).

    (ancient/modern) Windmill. --> Used for general power/water pumps/making food.

    Horse (*Added 5/30/18 along with other mounts) --> So many options with --> A new Animal in wild, breeding, food, Transportation of goods, Crop Tilling, Mill, Elevator
    Thanks for the latest Grinder Red!

    NPC - workers or serfs (* Added 3/22/18 However Just placeholders as of yet) --> Has even more potential then horses since same animation as player / with different skins. People would love them since you could customize skins like your main avatar. If pathing can be figured out lots more otherwise even if static locations. You can have them use machines, operate trains, pull carts, harvest then replant crops, sell items, defend your base, dig, move or lift things.

    I mount his head, if he existed.
    We have a sick humor in US :thumbup:
    I am sure someone could mod the bunny eventually once the AI for animals is in place.
    If the game uses some standard 3d Modeling formats.

    After re-picking up objects (chests extra) it looses all the items inside.

    The other bug probably was reported before but it's with Furnace. If you try to take out items out of Furnace and your inventory is full it doesn't give you a warning "Inventory is Full" It took me a few seconds to figure that out.

    Probably also known "Blue Print" shows grass through a placed item, You can't rotate blue prints, you can't cut grass since blue print block object is on top. The grass (vegetation) touching a placed blue print should be auto trimmed.